How To Connect Pro Controller To Switch [Updated 2023]

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is among the most expensive \”baseline\” controllers in the current console generation, but it\’s also well-built, comfortable to use, has a great directional pad, and contains outstanding motion sensors and vibration technology. Additionally, the gamepad connects to your PC without an adapter because it uses Bluetooth.

  • If your PC has a USB-C port, connect your Pro Controller cable to it, or any USB-A to USB-C or USB-C to USB-C data cable.
  • Connect the cable\’s other end to your computer.

How To Connect A Nintendo Switch Pro Controller To Your PC (Wired) 

  • Please follow these instructions to connect a Pro Controller to a Nintendo Switch:
  • Switch on your Nintendo Switch, then select the Home option.
  • Choose the \”Controllers\” icon that you can see at the bottom of the screen.
  • Go to the \”Controllers\” menu and choose \”Change Grip/Order.\”
  • Until the lights begin to flash, press and hold the Sync button on the top of your Pro Controller.
  • Press the Sync button on the left rail of the Joy-Con controller, near to the SR button, on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Your Pro Controller won\’t show up on the screen for a while.
  • By pushing the A button on it, choose your Pro Controller.
  • You should now be able to connect your Pro Controller to your Nintendo Switch.

 All done! Windows 10 will identify the device as a \”Pro Controller.\”

How To Connect A Nintendo Switch Pro Controller To PC (Wireless) 

You\’ll need either Bluetooth built-in to your PC or a Bluetooth dongle laying around to connect the Switch Pro controller wirelessly. If you do, follow these instructions to pair your Switch Pro controller with your PC using Bluetooth.

  • From the list of choices at the bottom of the Switch Home menu, choose Controllers.
  • From the right sidebar, choose Change Grip/Order.
  • To link with your system, press and hold the Sync button on your Pro Controller for one second.

 When the set of lights on the underside of the pad begins to flicker back and forth, press and hold the button.

  • When you return to your computer, a list of Bluetooth devices that can be connected will have started to grow. Here, you\’ll see the Switch Pro controller, which is thankfully straightforward to identify with the designation \”Pro Controller.\” Select this choice.
  • If everything goes properly, you\’ll receive the message \”Your device is ready to go!\” as confirmation. You\’ll know your gamepad is connected when you see this message.

How To Set Up The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller In Steam 


You should make a few adjustments on Steam before using your Nintendo Switch Pro controller to play PC games.

  • After logging into Steam, select the Steam menu option in the window\’s upper-left corner. From the drop-down menu, choose \”Settings.\” Choose \”Controller\” from the menu that displays. By doing so, a new panel will appear on the right, from which you should select \”General Controller Settings.\”
  • Choose \”Switch Pro Configuration Support\” so that Steam can identify the type of gamepad you\’re using.
  • You will then be presented with an additional option that allows you to use the \”Nintendo Button Layout.\” This is due to the fact that Microsoft\’s placement of A, B, X, and Y on the Xbox controller differs from Nintendo\’s. The Switch Pro Controller can either reflect this or be used as Nintendo intended.
  • You can now completely personalize the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. You can adjust anything to your preferences by going back to the previous menu and choosing \”Big Picture Configuration.\”

The Pro Controller should function like an Xbox gamepad with any Steam game when configured through Steam. In the same setup screen as before, by selecting the controller under \”Detected Controllers,\” you can turn vibration on and off.

By selecting Adjust, you can manually calibrate the analog sticks if they seem out of alignment. In order to put the controller to sleep, you may also choose how long it remains connected before disconnecting.

How To Use The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller With Non-Steam Games

Utilizing your Switch controller with Steam is simple. You will need to use a different way to connect your controller to any non-Steam games or emulators, though. Whether or whether the game you are playing supports controllers will determine this.

Using the techniques listed above, you can connect your Switch controller to your computer. However, before it is compatible with the game you are playing, you may need to navigate to the controller settings and set it up while you are in-game.

In most games, this may be reached by choosing Options or Settings from the main menu. To see if your particular game is compatible with controllers on a PC, you might want to check it up online.

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