How to choose a name for freelance business

So, you have in mind opening a business that will gather freelancers and their clients in one place. You have the strategy, business plan, capital, partners who are ready to invest, everything… But you don\’t have a name. You want your business name to sound good for both people who are working for it and advertising needs. So, what can you use except for basic \”freelance-workers dot com\”?

Use your own name

It sounds good and transparent for potential partners. What about \”John Willson Freelance Company\”? Maybe it lacks the spark of creativity, but it definitely sounds okay. If you have a partner, you can combine your names as Hewlett-Packard did. Also, it\’s nice if you can combine some parts of your first and last name to create the whole new word. If you have the degree, it will sound even better.

Some examples:

Jose Calavera\’s Remote Company

NiSmi (from Nicky Smith)

AMG – Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher (Aufrecht Melcher Großaspach)

Ansett Pioneer – Reg Ansett

Antonov – Oleg Antonov

Barilla Group – Pietro Barilla

Beretta – Bartolomeo Beretta

Boeing – William Boeing

Chanel – Gabrielle \”Coco\” Chanel

Dr. Oetker – August Oetker

Shure Incorporated – Sidney Shure

Use the reflection of your main sphere

Are you about to open a writing company? Consulting? Digital marketing? Call center? You can use the word which represents the main direction of your business. It can be \”Calls Care\” for call center or \”Write your life\” for writers. You can also use your name product as a part of your name. For example, paper writing services use the name My Paper Done, which represents both the name of the product they produce and the result client will receive. Also, it can be a name of instrument your employees use. \”Brushmasters\” sounds like art, isn\’t it?

Some other  examples:

The Pen Cribster

Freethinking Writers

Word Wish Writers

Words Cave


Allied Customer Support



CallPoint Care

Integrated TeleCare

CallCore Professionals

Allied Call Center

Human Fortify

Human Harmony

Human Vital


Use foreign words

It may just sound better in another language or Latin. You can use some archaic version of the word too.  Latin \”auctores\” is way different from just \”writers\”. Swedish \”ringer efter dig\” sounds like a conversation starter with your new partners despite it means just \”calls for you\”. If you think your idea sounds too dull in your own language, you always can turn to another one and create something unique.

Be careful, sometimes translated versions may sound bad in your language or the language of your partners!

Play with words and stories

Maybe you do have the story behind creating your company? You can include some key from it into its name. Virgin airlines made this, why do you can\’t?

You can break the spelling a little like it was done by WritingJobz. Kwik instead of quick, brashhh instead of a brush. Try to break and mix something to create a totally new business name!

Freelance can transform into “free to lance”.

Final words

You saw that company name can come from every direction. Just give yourself time, collect all the ideas, and then end up with what your heart needs. Don\’t be afraid to break some spelling rules!