How To Become Underboss In Bitlife? [Updated 2023]

Are you prepared to advance in the mafia? You will need to put in a lot of effort and use some cunning manoeuvres if you want to become the Underboss in Bitlife. Begin by becoming a member of the mafia and earning their confidence by being faithful and performing assignments. Next, work on developing your abilities and reputation in order to become a Capo.

After becoming a Capo, you can advance to the position of Underboss by demonstrating your worth and leadership skills. It won\’t be simple, but with tenacity and slyness, you can dominate the criminal underworld. So get dressed in your finest suit and prepare to strike. You are wanted in the mafia world!

How To Be An Underboss In The Mafia In Bitlife?

When you turn 18 years old, go to the Special Careers page and search for the Mafia or Sicilian Mafia before applying to join.

You could not be allowed entry if the notoriety threshold is high, but you can choose a mob with a low bar or insist. If it doesn\’t work, you\’ll either have to continue your criminal activities or go to jail.

When you succeed in joining the Mafia, you can advance by committing crimes, assassinations, and other crimes for the Mafia. You might be promoted to Underboss in a few years if you don\’t get caught.

You should be aware that there is a strong likelihood of getting arrested; in this case, you can restart the program or shut it down to prevent the event from being preserved.

We hope you can join the Mafia and earn all the recognitions you desire in the game after reading this advice on how to be an underboss in the Mafia in Bitlife.

How Does The Underboss Make Money? 2023


In BitLife, you must first join a gang before becoming an underboss. Depending on where your character resides and how many crimes they\’ve committed, you might join the Italian Mafia, the Irish Mob, or the Japanese Yakuza. Select Organized Crime from the Special Careers tab under profession.

You can enter any of the crime syndicates on this comprehensive list. To join a crime syndicate, your character must be at least 18 years old; thus, if you want to get in early, you must commit crimes from when you are a youngster until you are an adult.

You must commit many crimes to be admitted into a crime syndicate. Each criminal organization has a threshold for notoriety that establishes the gravity of a crime before it is accepted.

Joining a gang that has maxed up fame bars, like the Italian or Russian Mafia, will be far more complex than joining the Irish Mob or your neighborhood Triad.

Through the course of your character\’s life, commit several successful crimes. Your chances of admission will increase as you save more offenses.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. How do I join the Yakuza in BitLife?

  • Make sure you\’ve first committed a significant number of offenses.
  • Once you reach the age of 18, which is the legal requirement to join a gang, commit at least five offenses.
  • Visit Jobs > Special Careers > Organized Crime next.
  • You can pick which BitLife Mafia organization to contact from here.

Q2. What happens if your Underboss is executed?

Ans. If your Underboss is discovered, consequences include: – Equipment and specialties lose their effectiveness. Combat and investment bonuses will both lose their impact, costing you more money to build or invest, not to mention the severe disadvantages you will experience in the fight.

Q3. What does notoriety mean in BitLife?

Ans. But the more fame you have, the more respect and infamy that comes with it, which implies more salary, a higher position, and the power to make decisions. You can commit the same types of crimes in the Mafia that you can on your own, but now you can make money for the family.

Q4. What does a gun next to your name in BitLife mean?

Ans. Your new character has a criminal specialty if a gun appears next to their name. With this skill, your character will be more effective in illicit pursuits, including employment in organized crime syndicates.

Q5. What does karma mean in BitLife?

Ans. Karma plays a role in BitLife. Making excellent decisions will raise your karma while making poor decisions will diminish it. Karma makes a player live longer and handle difficult situations more easily.

A character\’s level of karma and general happiness are mentioned after death.

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