How To Become A Queen In Bitlife [Update 2023]

If you\’ve ever imagined what it might be like to be a king, BitLife makes it possible. In the life simulation game BitLife, you can become anything, including a king or queen.

You must, of course, be a resident of a monarchy-containing nation. It\’s time to go up the ranks after you\’re in the proper position. Monarchy was added to BitLife with the Royal update. Players will thus have the option of becoming King or Queen. But before taking control of their country, they must do several tasks.

First, you must ensure that you are born into a country with a monarchy in place.

Easy Ways To Become Queen In Bitlife


In BitLife, there are two methods to ascend to the throne:

1. Be Born Into The Royal Family.

2. Marry Into The Royal Family.

  • Choose a female persona to play as and begin a new life.
  • Get involved with and wed a prince or king from a royal family.
  • Create a good rapport with your royal partner and keep a good reputation.
  • Wait for your spouse to take the throne before assuming the role of queen.

1. Born Into Royalty In BitLife

  • Being born into royalty will make you the King or Queen in BitLife:
  • Begin a new life in a monarchy-ruled nation.
  • Reroll your life as necessary until you obtain a princely or princessly existence.
  • Continue to live and wait for the King or Queen to pass away.

The first approach mainly depends on luck. Rolling a random royal life is the objective. Aim for the prince, princess, count, countess, or a nation\’s equivalent, and become the king or queen when the time comes.

Monaco is our preferred destination because it\’s simple to make money there and enjoy a luxurious life. The sovereign prince and princess, who serve as the head of state, are equal to the monarch and queen in Monaco.

2. Marry into Royalty


By Marrying Into A Royal Family, You Can Ascend To The Throne In BitLife:

  • Begin a new life in a monarchy-ruled nation.
  • Ensure that your appearance stats are high.
  • The age range of up to 18 years.
  • To meet someone from the royal family, use the dating app.
  • Impress your date with your charm and stunning appearance.
  • Marry into an aristocracy.

Finding someone to date from the royal family through a dating app is the trick in this situation. Because they are royalty, they can be a little picky, so you want someone with good looks and a lot of money. If you fit those requirements, it won\’t take long for you to find someone using the app.

You\’ll eventually wed your royal partner if you don\’t ruin your relationship by being rude and disrespectful. You will, after that, be a member of the royal family. Make sure to maximize your bond with the royal you\’re attempting to marry if you\’re having problems getting married.

There is a higher likelihood that your significant other will accept your marriage proposal if you are expecting a child. Don\’t cut corners when purchasing the ring.

If you give them Citizenship, then they\’ll beg you for a marriage proposal right away. Once you\’re married, all that\’s left to do is wait for the senior members of the royal family to pass away before ascending to the throne.

How to become King or Queen in BitLife?

The Monarchies In BitLife\’s Member Nations Are:

  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Japan
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Malaysia
  • Monaco
  • Morocco
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom

You can choose to be royalty if you have BitLife\’s God Mode. Another approach is available for individuals who do not have access to G-Mode. So one rises to the position of king or queen in BitLife.

For more pertinent instructions, see our BitLife area. To see what recent challenges you might have missed, visit our BitLife challenges page. Candywriter, LLC created the smartphone game BitLife, which can be found on Google Play and the App Store.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What\’s The Best Country To live In, BitLife?

Saudi Arabia is one of the most economically stable nations in BitLife because it has no estate tax or income tax (until there is a new update, UTNU).

Q2. How Do You Marry Into Royalty In BitLife?

Here\’s what you must do to get your Bitlife avatar married into royalty.

  • Maintain a healthy weight and good looks.
  • Become wealthy and renowned.
  • Keep your fame (or increase it)
  • Hold off till Royal contact you.
  • To join the Royal family, date and eventually wed them.

Q3. How Do You Get Exiled In BitLife?

To be expelled from Bitlife as royalty, you must repeatedly carry out executions and engage in public misdeeds. Both activities may be found under Bitlife\’s royal tab, but you must first be a royal to access them.

Q4. How Do You Get Kicked Out Of BitLife?

However, to repair BitLife crashing on your phone, ensure the game is wholly updated first. You can determine whether it has received all the latest updates by visiting BitLife\’s page on the Apple or Google Play Store. You must see a button to upgrade BitLife if it hasn\’t been updated.

Q5. How Do You Yell At A Leopard In BitLife?

The following phase is to get older until your new pet Leopard starts acting up and pops up. If you choose to yell at the Leopard when this pop-up opens, you will earn the BitLife award \”Deaf Leopard.\”


It takes more than being a member of the royal family to hold the title of King or Queen. The throne will most likely already be occupied. Therefore, you must wait till it is abandoned. You will be given the throne immediately following the death of the ruler. You can begin performing your kingdom\’s responsibilities as the king or queen.

You may do many things as a king, aside from becoming famous and hanging out with famous people. You can carry out royal tasks, amend legislation, and even put someone to death. However, it would be best to exercise caution when executing. When you lack respect, killing someone can make people turn on you and put you in a difficult situation.

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