How To Become A Judge In Bitlife? [Updated 2023]

Are you prepared to pursue a career in the legal field? BitLife is the only place to look! Although being a judge may appear difficult, with the appropriate measures you can quickly go to the bench.

This article contains all the advice you need to know to become a judge in BitLife, from working hard in school to obtaining experience in the legal industry. Why then wait? Begin today on your path to maintaining justice and making a difference in the online world!

Requirements To Become A Judge In BitLife

Of course, you don\’t have to undertake an LSAT prep course and sit through the exam to join a law school, like in real life. In BitLife, you need to be a highly intelligent character who has completed college before attending law school to become a lawyer. After that, in order to become a judge, you must work as a lawyer for 30 years.

Apply for the position of Magistrate as soon as you notice it; after being elevated, you will become a judge.

To become a judge in BitLife, take the following actions:

  • Attend law school;
  • Graduate from law school;
  • Work in a law firm;
  • Practice law for at least 30 years;
  • Submit an application for the judge (Magistrate)

You should enroll in law school if you wish to work as a judge. What use is a judge who is not an expert in the law? As a result, as you become older, you\’ll need to do well in school. Make sure to work hard in class and earn high grades before applying to law school. Securing part-time work can help you pay for college, so do it.

To ensure that you won\’t encounter any difficulties finding employment after college, keep studying and maintaining excellent marks. After graduating, you can select the Job Recruiter option under the Occupation heading. To attempt to land a position at any legal firm is the objective here.

You\’ll want to continue working in this position or in a legal-related sector over the next thirty years. Return to the occupation page and click Jobs after you\’ve entered your thirty years. You must now see a magistrate selection. Apply for the position of Judge, which requires a law degree as well as 30 years of professional experience.

How To Get The Judge Job?

It doesn\’t take much time to become a judge, yet it does. Additionally, it is required to finish school and earn a degree in \”Law.\” As a result, as soon as you begin learning about the law, you should strive toward gaining an education and enrolling in college.

Typically, it takes roughly four years to finish university, after which enrollment in a law school becomes possible. Other than that, there are a few requirements you must meet in order to become a Judge.

  • You should work on your Smarts Stats and attempt to keep them as high as possible if you want to become a judge.
  • Complete your undergraduate studies before being admitted to law school, where you can get your degree and practice law.
  • Next, practice law for 30 years to qualify for the judge career. Apply for the position of \”Magistrate\” when you find out it is a possibility, and after being promoted, you will become a Judge.

How To Go To Law School In BitLife?

You must complete college and declare criminal justice as your major in order to enroll in law school. After high school, you can apply to colleges, but before then, you need to be highly intelligent.


When submitting your college application, you can select the scholarship option if you already have high intelligence as a result of re-rolling or practicing.

After completing your undergraduate studies, you can apply to law school by selecting the option to further your study. In BitLife, you can always discover Law School under the education menu if you don\’t see this choice.

If you\’re wondering what positions at BitLife require a law degree, they are all related to criminal justice. However, the following positions at BitLife all call for a law degree:

  • Lawyer
  • Magistrate
  • Court Judge
  • Chief Justice
  • Resign – Browse – Become Judge

When you have 30 years of experience working in a law firm, click the \”Job\” button, go through the various job postings, and then apply for the position of the magistrate (municipal).

Your application for the post of Magistrate will be accepted if you\’ve put in a lot of effort each year at a legal company or if you have enough intelligent stats (above 85). And as soon as you land that job, you\’ll start working as a judge. You can advance further and obtain employment as a judge in court.

To advance quickly, be sure to participate in team meetings, tours while working at a legal company, and Magistrate positions.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How do I become a famous BitLife lawyer?

Ans. The main need for becoming a lawyer is intelligence. As a result, repeat the character creation process several times until your starting intelligence is at least 70%. (higher is better).

Make sure to head to the School section and select Study Harder to boost your intelligence if you want to change this when your character gets older. People in higher-level careers must be rather intelligent, and this is true in BitLife as well.

As a result, after your age 12 starts going to the library every year as you advance. To keep your relationship with your parents intact, you might also meditate, go to the movies, or do things with them.

If you are intelligent enough, you may easily obtain a scholarship; but, if you are not, you may need to seek your parents for financial assistance with your college expenses.

2. What\’s the best country to live in BitLife?

Ans. The most prosperous cities in the game are typically the political or cultural centers of their respective nations. Each of these sites has unique qualities; for instance, greater economies and higher life expectancies may be found in some places.

You can achieve fame and professional success in nations like Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. These also include Madrid, Spain, and Paris, France.

Go to the UK or France-Paris, where there is also free healthcare if you want your character to learn properly and for nothing.

Afghanistan offers choices for roadside bombs or mines, blown-up houses (they can also blow up a house next to you at any time), suicide bombers, and bullets that fly like a swarm of bees. If you want a more brutal version of the game, go there.

Go to Monaco instead if you don\’t want to pay extra for high taxes because they don\’t exist there.

3. How do I become a spy on BitLife?

Ans. The player must submit an application for the Jr. Detective position at the Police Department in order to become a detective in BitLife.

Additionally, you must be a university graduate with respectable intelligence scores in order to be hired for that position. You\’ll begin as a Junior.

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