Tips On: How To Become A Famous Author On Bitlife?

To become a famous writer in Bitlife, you will need to get a job as a writer and write for a few years while also working hard. In our gameplay, we succeeded in becoming a writer after four years, but this can be different for you, as the rate you can get renowned differs.

To prepare for a career as a famous author, you must start early. The first step is to create a character with respectable intelligence stats. At least 40 will suffice; it doesn\’t need to be perfect. You can always increase your wise stats by reading books and visiting the library.

Create your character, then age until you\’re a high school graduate while maintaining your numbers. After you graduate, you can enroll in college and earn a degree to improve your chances of finding work as a writer.

We advise applying as soon as possible for the writer position, even if it is unnecessary because you can become renowned by simply writing for a few years. The writing position is indicated by a symbol of a notepad and pen in the careers section.

Once you land the job, you will need to use the \”work harder\” option found under the \”your job\” page and gradually get older. You will eventually see the recognizable pop-up informing you that you have achieved fame as a writer. After this, you\’ll be able to use the infamous menu under \”activities\” to earn trillions of dollars by selecting options like \”write a book.\”

How To Become A Famous Author In BitLife?


To become a well-known author in BitLife, you must complete high school and apply for the Writer position (Publisher). To receive the Writer Career Achievement, you must complete the interview and work as a writer for 20 years.

You will gain notoriety along the way, and if you succeed in your mission to become a famous novelist, you may even receive the coveted ribbon. This statement sums up this article. Let\’s discover everything in depth about BitLife, a life simulation game.

1. Stats Requirement

To be a writer, you should have intelligent numbers above 85%. Besides this quality, happiness should be ordinary (you shouldn\’t be overly depressed because depression could be a serious issue), and appearance is unimportant.

You will also begin to gain popularity after working in this profession for a while because the fame bar appears after a short while.

Therefore, we suggest starting with a witty and upbeat character. You can go to the gym, study in the library, watch a movie, practice meditation, and keep these metrics up.

2. Education Qualification To Become A Writer In BitLife

You must have completed high school (or senior secondary school) to get hired as a writer. The only prerequisite is that. However, you can attend a community college, a university, or other institutions, including law schools, medical schools, and more, to pursue a higher degree.

3. Apply For The Writer Job

Last but not least, make sure your character is prepared with a strong CV and cover letter. Emphasize your writing experience, degree, and any additional qualifications you may have. Make sure to customize your application for the particular position you\’re seeking.

Your character might soon be living the writer\’s dream with a little bit of luck and a lot of effort! Good fortune!

Steps To Becoming An Author On Bitlife 2023

Once you\’re at ease, you can apply for the writer position. This position will be listed under the Writer (Publisher) opening in the game\’s Jobs section. If you succeed in the interview and work for 8 to 20 years, you will have achieved your goal of becoming a writer.

This is a significant event, and as a result, you will get more notoriety. If you don\’t see the Writer position listed, restart the program, and you should be able to see it under Jobs. If not, try one more.

  • You should start applying for writer jobs when you graduate high school.
  •  Find the Writer (Publisher) job in the game\’s Job section, apply for it, get the job, make it through the interview, and stay employed there for 20 years.
  • What if there aren\’t any Writer jobs open? Then you must rearrange the tasks that are stated there.
  • How are the jobs changed? The solution is to restart the application.
  • You will see the change in listings if you close and reopen the game.
  • Continue doing this until the writer position appears.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How do I write a best-selling book on BitLife?

To become a well-known author in BitLife, you must complete high school and apply for the Writer position (Publisher). To receive the Writer Career Achievement, you must complete the interview and work as a writer for 20 years.

Q2. How do I become famous on BitLife?

You\’ll need to maximize your appearance and apply for low-level jobs like a lounge singer, voiceover actor, Disc Jockey, puppeteer, and even social media to become renowned in BitLife.

You will eventually reach the pinnacle of any career if you put in a lot of effort each year to optimize your chances of getting promoted.

Q3. What is the highest-paying BitLife job?

Lead Actor or Singer are the two positions in BitLife with the most significant salaries. Both of these professions grant you a renowned bar, which can be used to acquire large sums of money.

Although the occupations themselves pay well, you can also use the Fame option to publish a book, star in a commercial, and model for publications.

Q4. What does Willpower do in BitLife?

In BitLife, daily events can go wrong, but Willpower is available to fix the problems. The greater the number, the more determined your character will be to refrain from bad behavior like binge drinking or adultery.

Fortunately, resisting these undesirable cravings is possible if you have a high Willpower score.

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