How To Attract Migrants In Dwarf Fortress [2023]

In the simulation game Dwarf Fortress, you will need a lot of dwarves in order to expand your domain successfully. And you will be able to get many of them in a single stroke sometimes, but there will be times when you will get none. So if you want to know how to attract migrants in Dwarf Fortress, the methods are – 1. Wait until the Dwarf Migrants come, 2. Improve your Dwarf Fortress, and 3. Remember all Migrant messages.

In the game Dwarf Fortress, your primary goal is to increase or expand your domain by adding more Dwarves to your fortress. And in this article of mine, I shall tell you everything you need to know about the game Dwarf Fortress – how to get migrants.

So, should I start?

How To Remain ‘Attractive’

If Dwarf Fortress – no migrants coming is your issue with the game, then I shall like to suggest you should work on increasing your attractiveness.


To attract more dwarves to your fortress, you need to be more ‘attractive’. And here I am going to tell you how you can remain attractive. Because if you lose your attractiveness, you will see your Dwarf Fortress with no migrants.

To remain attractive, you have to lower the death count in your fortress. Because the migrants will come or leave your fortress depending on how safe they are inside there. If the death rate is high in your fortress any year, you will see very few migrants coming to your fortress in that particular year.

If there are blood losses in any season inside your fortress, then no migrants will come to you in that season.

That is why you need to make sure that your fortress is totally safe and secure if you want to remain attractive to the migrants.

How To Get More Migrants In Dwarf Fortress?

Below I am giving you a few tips that you can apply in your Dwarf Fortress to attract migrants.

  • You will see a wave of migrants arriving every season. But they will stop arriving if your fortress reaches the maximum capacity. So if you see they are not coming to you, check whether you already have 200 migrants. If yes, then try to increase the population by having children.
  • You can send a dwarf as a messenger to the Hillocks to invite more migrants. You can select a dwarf and assign him this job from the game menu. After choosing a dwarf and assigning him the job, open the world map and select any of the Hillocks and then press R. After this, you will get to see a menu where you will find a list of all Migrants along with all their skills. Now choose the dwarfs you want by looking at their skills. Finally, invite them by hitting Enter.
  • As the next step, press Esc. This will help you to get out of the menu. The dwarfs will now start the journey toward your fortress, and within a few minutes, they will arrive there.
  • You can build Dormitories, Taverns, and Temples. This also will attract migrants. When you have enough migrants inside your fortress, assign a job to each of them and expand your Fortress.

Get New Dwarfs In Dwarf Fortress

If you are asking about the methods to get new dwarfs in your Dwarf Fortress, then let me tell you that there are really very few possibilities to increase the population in your fortress. And to influence those possibilities is harder. Still, I would like to tell you a few things about getting new dwarves in your fortress.

  • New migrants will join your fortress only if the population inside the fortress is less than 200.
  • Migrants will join your fortress only once a season.
  • Will will not get any dwarf in the first winter.

Despite these facts, you have to try to attract migrants to join your realm.

To attract migrants toward your fort, you can –

  • Create more beds, meeting halls, dormitories, taverns, and many more things.
  • Get high-quality objects and design your fortress using them.
  • Try to avoid bloodshed inside your fortress. Remember, the more blood in your fortress, the fewer migrants will join you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there a way to stop migrants in Dwarf Fortress?

Yes, there is a way to block undesirable migrants. You can target them for emigration using their screen for individual preferences.

  • Choose the dwarf from the citizen list.
  • View its preferences.
  • Press E in order to expel.
  • Confirm your action.

Q2. How do you avoid cave-ins in Dwarf Fortress?

To avoid cave-ins in the game Dwarf Fortress, just add one support under the stone mass, then link it to one distant lever. 

Q3. What is the maximum room size cave in Dwarf Fortress?

The biggest room in the fortress of the game Dwarf Fortress is 60×60 tiles in size.

Final Thoughts 

So if you want to attract more migrants toward your fortress in the game Dwarf Fortress, you have to make your fortress attractive by designing it with high-quality objects, creating more beds, taverns, and dormitories, and have to make sure that there will be no bloodshed inside the fortress.

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