How Rendi Got His 3 Combat Fire Cape

It’s not just passion, but also hard work

For years, there has been a race to figure out just how low a combat level you actually needed to finish the Fight Caves. Now, the question has finally been answered. You can finish the minigame and get a Fire Cape fresh from Tutorial Island! Of course, you’ll need the OSRS gold to collect all the Rings of Recoil you’ll need in the endeavor. There are also some prayer restoration potions and even onions to deal with.

At any rate, here are some of the strategies Rendi used in his run to get the 3 Combat Fire Cape.

Tutorial Island Manipulation

Right from the very beginning, he only did the bare minimum to pass through the island. He even used alternate accounts to keep his XP gain minimal.

He also did the ‘One Small Favor’ quest up until he could make Guthix Rest.

Tick Eating

Tick Eating is how he got through the whole minigame at the lowest level possible. For the uninitiated, a tick is the measure of the game’s time. It’s about a sixth of a second and all actions in the game follow this measure. That includes attacks, consuming food or potions, and even crafting and fishing!

One popular method of tick manipulation is Prayer Flicking. Prayers start to deduct points only when they’re active for a full tick. By deactivating and then reactivating them before a full tick, you get the full benefits of the prayer without having to spend a single point!

Tick Eating is manipulating the calculation of damage for Ranged and Magic attacks. Since they’re calculated before the attack lands, you can replenish your health the moment you get hit. That lets you survive otherwise fatal damage.

Say you have one HP left, and a mage attacks you. Right when their spell hits you, you eat a health-restoring food. The attack will hit for that 1 point you had left, but you’ve replenished your health and so will survive the hit.

This strategy (as with all tick manipulation methods) is very click-intensive. You’re dealing with sixths of a second (give or take a few hundredths of milliseconds) here. That’s an incredibly short interval of time—and it requires focus and persistence.

With tick eating, the Ring of Suffering charged with Rings of Recoil will take effect. Though the damage is minuscule, Rendi never lost focus and made it to the end.

Shield Stalling

Now, he had a problem with the level 180 Melee enemies that pop up in some waves. Melee hits are harder to tick eat due to having no delay. Also, he only has 10 Hitpoints, while the creatures hit for 25. If he doesn’t survive the attacks, the Recoil charges won’t take effect.

He then figured out a way to tick eat melee hits by creating a delay. He flinches the enemy and then stacks two interfaces together, as those had to be closed before getting hit by the attack. That is enough to delay the attack to tick eat, giving him a method.

That still poses a problem, though, since these enemies can heal themselves. The Recoil damage is not high enough to overcome that ability. Poisoning them will give XP, which is opposite to his goal of getting the cape with the lowest level possible.

Thanks to a friend, he found a viable method. By luring and damaging another enemy along with it, he can redirect the healing to that other enemy. This way, he whittles down both with the Recoil charges ever so slowly.

The reality is that the method is more complicated. You need to be able to find a spot where you can safe spot both the Ranged and the 180 Melee enemy. Then you have to go within range of either enemy so the charges can proc, all the while keeping the ranged enemy’s health down to redirect heals. It’s an intricate dance where you have to be tick eating all that time.

Additional Strategies

For the rest of those 180 Melee healer enemies, Rendi uses a Poison Spear to deal with them. He also uses noted Rings of Recoil to recharge the Ring of Suffering. By doing so, he also recharges all the other Rings of Recoil in his inventory—even the noted ones. This lets him have an almost infinite Recoil charge loop that can get him through the minigame.

He also uses somewhat low tier healing items, to not increase the enemies’ potential damage to him. His favorite is the Fried Onion, which you can make right there in the Fight Caves. At level 76 Cooking, you won’t fail to fry them. You need to bring along a knife and a pan to do so, though.

This was a work of passion and dedication, as it was a dream of his which was conceived about 10 years ago. Each attempt of his took hours upon hours of testing and experimentation. He found out what worked and what didn’t, and competition from a friend helped him persevere.

If you want to try it yourself, you’ve got all you need to know. What’s left is to practice the methods and strategies, because for sure you won’t be able to get it on the first try. At any rate, you’ll be spending your OSRS gold buying all the supplies you need for your attempts. There’s always the option to buy OSRS gold, but are you willing to risk it? You won’t even be earning OSRS gold selling these capes.

Whether you’re trying it out or just cheering Rendi on, enjoy OSRS!