How Male Topless Waiters in Sydney Can Liven Up Your Party

Sydney is known the world over for its glittering harbour, sun-bathed beaches, and iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House.

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It also offers a very stimulating nightlife with its many bars and clubs. Although this is a lesser-known side of the city, it is an equally appealing aspect, especially if you are not faint of heart.

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If you are planning a party in the area, hiring the hottest male topless waiters in Sydney has to offer a guaranteed way to spice things up. Whether it is a hen party or a product launching, these hard bodies will make for a night you and your friends will not soon forget. Here are the many ways that shirtless waiters and barmen can take your party to the next level:

(Not So) Clean Fun

If it is your first encounter with a male topless waiter, do not let the night end without doing body shots with them. And to make the night unforgettable, make sure you really get in there and do it justice. Get cheeky by pouring the salt over the topless waiter’s neck.

This is just a suggestion, though, as you can do the same on any other body part you fancy. Sip the drink from a shot glass on your waiter’s abs, or you can pour the drink directly on them.

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The decision is yours, just make sure not to tickle the waiter to avoid making a mess. Then place the lemon between the waiter’s lips and grab it without using your hands. Don’t worry about getting some lip in there, as it is highly encouraged.

Other not so clean ways that a topless waiter can make your party fun is with naughty games like The Band Aid or Pin the Junk on the Hunk. They can also give lap dances for the bride, or you can do the reverse and see who among your friends gives the best lap dance to your topless waiter.

Once you have had your fill, you can take risqué photos with the best male topless waiters Sydney has to offer and have something to show your friends at the office.

Keep the Drinks and Food Flowing

Aside from spicing up your party with sexy activities, the topless male waiters can keep the drinks and food flowing for as long as you like. You can hire them for a minimum of two hours, but there is no limit as to how long you would like to extend their stay. Have your drinks and food served with cheeky banter. Feast your eyes as the best male topless waiters in Sydney prepare your tables and set up your decorations.

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To make things run smoothly, hire one topless waiter for every ten to fifteen guests. This makes sure that you are never without a drink in your hand the entire night, and each of your friends has enough time to banter with the topless waiters. And as all good things must come to an end, your topless waiters can help in tidying up the place once all the fun has been had.

Take Your Pick

The best male topless waiters Sydney has to offer are some of the most gorgeous men you will find in the state capital. Take a look at their profiles, take your pick, and prepare for an epic night you will never forget.

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