How Fewnity Made CS:GO Available on Nintendo DS

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is one of the most successful games ever. Compared to other FPS franchises, the game has been the most impactful presence in the gaming world since its launch in 2012. 

Created for PC, CS:GO went through several attempts to adapt it for mobile. However, in 2021 a fan went as far as creating an exclusive version of this classic for Nintendo DS. Read on to understand how Fewnity made CS:GO available on Nintendo DS. 

CS:GO on Nintendo DS – Is It Even Possible? 

Few games in history had the biggest influence in the segment than CS:GO. From the introduction of skins, the creation of a multi-million market around these purely cosmetic items, and the wiki-style obsession from fans craving solid data from expert sites like CSGORadar, the game was a bomb. 

The growing interest from fans led to a growing interest in the development of CS:GO version for platforms other than the good old PC. While many of these attempts did not succeed, some of them stood out as winners.

One of the successful examples is a Nintendo DS version of the game created by a fan. Using the nickname \”Fewnity,\” he posted a video on YouTube in which the game appears running on a DS Lite, with controls adapted for the laptop\’s touchscreen and simple graphics that look more like the checkered models of Roblox.

What Can We Learn from Fewnity\’s Demo Video? 

The recording is only 20 seconds long, but it is possible to see the player controlling the Counter-Strike camera through the touchscreen using the stylus. 

In the demo playing session, Fewnity plays different rounds against bots. The demo goes through aspects and mechanics of the game, but the alpha version shown in this case does not feature all the equipment. Also, a multiplayer game mode is not available yet. 

The left trigger makes the weapon shoot and the d-pad is responsible for movement. The commands to jump and reload ammo are also on the bottom screen.

The map used in the video is an adapted version of the classic Dust 2. The arena is one of the most famous in the game and has even been recreated in Fortnite. The weapon model was also redone with much simpler and lighter textures, due to the DS\’s limited hardware.

In the future, Fewnity has promised to add more features to the DS version of Counter-Strike. The player also said in the video that he intends to take the game to the Nintendo 3DS. In addition to better performance, the 3DS uses a technology that simulates the effect in three dimensions and makes the images \”jump\” off the screen, even without special glasses.

Understanding Gaming Controls – Is Fewnity\’s Version of CS:GO Functional on Nintendo DS? 

In Fewnity\’s DS version of CS:GO, the bottom touchscreen serves as the main interface. Similar to the mouse-keyboard combination, the user can operate using the stylus. While it might sound hard at first sight, this intricate system with multiple controls is complex-but-functional. 

Similar to clickable text titles, Fewnity designed the game options to look straightforward, including game modes, side selection, scoreboard, main menu, weapon purchase, and other options.

The bottom touchscreen serves as the main directional output on the DS version. Hence, users must use the stylus to aim and turn around their sights on the game. As with any other aspect of this unexpected version of CS:GO, the key factor is to get used to the elements of the game.

Is Fewnity\’s Nintendo DS Version a Spark of Something Greater for CS:GO on Other Platforms?

So far, CS:GO has been a massive success on PC, but giving fans the chance to enjoy the world\’s favorite FSP game is definitely a killer. While Fewnity\’s might not lead to a million-dollar deal with massive publicity, players have access to the Nintendo DS version for free via download. 

This alpha version works on Nintendo DS through the use of console modifications. While users are moving around and playing, the game displays a few options on the side of the touch screen at the bottom. This way, users can toggle the map, switch weapons, and engage in other actions.


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