How Can Good Packaging Boost the Sale of Your Promotional Products

We are moving into a different digital space where consumer behavior and buying standards have changed. Now your potential consumers are looking for so much more than just the products – they want the entire experience and share it with their family and friends later. 

While companies like Brandability can help you with integrating amazing packaging for your promotional products, you ought to look at things from the customer’s perspective. We, humans, are visual beings, which means that we are attracted to visually appealing things. 

Imagine you have entered a supermarket, and you are walking down an aisle with products on it. Suddenly your eye catches something vibrant and colorful with an amazing font and an attractive display of images. Naturally, you will be intrigued to interrogate the product and have a closer look at it.

Eventually, there are higher chances that you might end up buying the product. 

The Unboxing Experience

As the number of social media users is increasing every day, they are looking for useful content to share with their family, friends, and the world in general. That said, when they buy products or avail a service they like, they want to share it with the world, which is why you can render numerous benefits by focusing on the packaging of your promotional products. 

While the term unboxing means the simple activity of taking out a product from its box or package – it is so much more than that. Customers crave the perfect unboxing experience since this is the first time they are getting in contact with the product. 

Your potential buyers are more likely to select their products and services online as e-commerce has boomed since the pandemic hit the globe in 2020. That said, many businesses have been focusing on becoming digitized by setting up their business website and displaying their products and services on their sites. 

A customer might be able to watch a video related to the product(s) and have a visual look at it on their screens before they order the product. Subsequently, the only time they (customers) can actually hold and feel their product is when the box arrives at their doorstep.

Since the customers went out of the way to pay for a product and wait until it got delivered to their doorstep, the unboxing experience matters more than anything. Therefore, businesses need to pay loads of focus on creating the best user experience for their buyers. 

Why is Packaging Important

If your company has a physical store where you can display your products, you can pay attention to the way the box looks and the way the text is displayed on it. You might want to understand the psychology of colors and which colors look more attractive to the buyers. 

On the other hand, if you are operating online and don’t have a storefront, your product will get in touch with the client(s) only after they have ordered the product. Many e-commerce companies don\’t focus on the enormous marketing opportunity they can benefit from by paying attention to the unboxing experience. 

Boost Sales & Customer Experience with Good Packaging

If you are serious about boosting your sales and customer experience, you ought to pay loads of attention to the product packaging. And we aren’t talking about the outer layout alone when it comes to the perfect unboxing experience. All touch-points matter, such as customization/ personalization, colorful paper fillers, stickers, and the taping through which the box is closed. 

It is essential to understand that the box is an extension of the product itself, which is an extension of your brand. If it is well-designed, your packaging can instantly boost the sale of your promotional products and create a loyal customer base.