High potential assessment – know the potential of your employees

Behind the success of a company major role is played by the employees. The hard work of the employees brings success to the company. Employees understand their responsibility toward the organization. If employees won’t understand their responsibility then the organization will not be to survive. However, not all employees are the same, not all employees understand their responsibilities toward the organization in which they work. Potential employees are more valuable for the company rather than non-potential employees. To know the potential of the employees various high potential assessmenttests are conducted by the organization. These tests are conducted to know the potential and intellect of the employees.

Potential employees may refer to those employees who have the qualities of leadership, good relationship building, decision making, strategic thinking, planning, etc. If an employee has all these qualities then he is a potential employee of the company. To know the potential and qualities of its employees and organization can take various steps.

Following are the reasons for conducting high potential assessment tests:

  • One of the reasons for conducting high potential tests is to know the strategic thinking of the employees. How strategically an employee can think under different situations. An organization faces many ups and downs. In such ups and downs to survive strategic thinking is required. Therefore such tests are conducted to evaluate the strategic thinking of the employees.
  • Another reason to conduct these tests to know the learning ability of the employees. As innovation and advancement are increasing within the organizations. To cope with such increasing advancement and innovation employees are needed to have good learning ability. If employees won’t be able to adapt to the innovation and advancement then the survival of an organization will become difficult.
  • Employees are required to have good decision making. In an organization, many situations come that require quick and right decision making. If employees won’t be able to make quick and right decisions then the organization might have to face big losses in the form of loss of clients or profit loss etc. Therefore employees should have the ability to make quick and right decisions.
  • Employees should also be proactive. Employees should be able to plan properly how they will react under various situations. Many different situations are faced by an organization, employees should have pre-planned strategies to follow under various situations. Therefore the proactiveness of employees should be tested.
  • For the survival of the organization in a competitive environment, organizations need to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. To gain a competitive edge organization needs to be adaptive to various situations which cause turbulence the environment of the organization.
  • For the successful management in an organization, there should be a good relationship among the employees. A good relationship means good co-operation and co-ordination. Good relationships among employees will bring better results to the organization.
  • Senior-level Employees should also have leadership qualities. With good leadership qualities, senior employees shall be able to lead employees under them. Better leadership qualities of senior employees shall help in bringing good relationships among employees and better results to the organization.

All of these are the reasons for conducting high potential assessment tests.

How to conduct a high potential assessment test?

A high potential assessment can be conducted in the following way:

  • To know the leadership potential of your employees, different employees should be allowed to lead other employees. In this way, an organization can know the leadership qualities of its employees. Employees with good leadership qualities can be further given leadership opportunities.
  • An organization should put its employees under various situations where the employees will be required to think strategically and provide strategic solutions to the given situations or problems. This will help in evaluating the strategic decision making of the employees. How good the employees are in thinking strategically.
  • Potential employees also have the quality of making good and quick decisions. Therefore, if an organization wants to know its potential employees. Then such employees should be put under the situations where they all will be required to make good and quick decisions. This method will help an organization to know its potential employees.
  • As the potential employees also have the quality of making plans. The employees of an organization should be given opportunities to handle the various projects where they all will be required to make a plan before taking any action. This way a company shall be able to know its employees who can play a role in bringing success to the company.
  • An organization should also observe the relationship among employees. Which employees can make good relations with other employees. Because a good relationship among employees will create an environment of co-operation and co-ordination in an organization. And such an environment will help in the survival and success of the company.
  • As the corporate environment is dynamic. Which is subject to various changes and turbulence. To survive in such an environment an organization would require the employees who have the learning ability? To know which employees have learning ability and which do not have an organization should make various measures. The employees with good learning abilities will help in the survival and success of the organization.

All these are the steps that an organization can take to make a high potential assessment of its employees. Employees with high potential are more responsible and intelligent and know how to work to make an organization successful. Not all the employees are the same and do not have the same intellect. Only potential employees can help an organization in achieving success. An organization can the potential of its employees through various steps like knowing their leadership qualities, decision making, proactiveness, reactiveness, strategic thinking, planning, relationship building, etc. And to know whether an employee has these qualities or not an organization should put its employees under various situations. However, an organization should take proper care while putting its employees under different situations to know their potential. Employees should be put in different situations under the supervision of a senior employee.


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