Halo Infinite Not Being Cancelled For Xbox One

Halo Infinite has had absolutely everything but a bit of peace in recent weeks; After its controversial gameplay sample created all kinds of discussions on the Internet, and the title ended up being delayed until 2021.

Now a new rumor had emerged that the Xbox One version was in the process of being canceled. However, this would have already been denied by one of the most trusted voices in the sector.

The tweet that originated the rumor in addition to the response from Jason Schreier, the Bloomberg journalist :

As we can see, Jason Schreier responds to the rumors with a simple \”a lot of nonsense is being said about Halo Infinite lately \”.


However, Schreier himself comments that unlike what was stated by insider Klobrille – one of the most reliable in the Microsoft ecosystem – the problems in games of this type are usually more complex than they usually seem, but in No case ever validates the possibility that Xbox One players could be left without Halo Infinite.

We must not forget, then, that for months one of Microsoft\’s great objectives has been to form a united community in which the game system was easily interchangeable.

In fact, there is little more obvious evidence of this than Phil Spencer clarifying that selling Xbox Series X is not one of the top priorities of Microsoft\’s video game division, showing that his ideas for the new generation are possibly different from those of Sony with PS5.

We will see then how the situation evolves Halo Infinite because what seems obvious is that in Microsoft has sat like a bucket of cold water this delay. Momentarily, we have no alternative but to wait and trust that 343 Industries will end up leaving us with the best possible version of this new installment of the franchise.

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