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A few days ago, I found one of my friends looking for halfling names. But I saw his struggle to find halfling names and asked me for some suggestions. But I was confused at that time and unable to suggest the best halfling names.

So, I thought to make an article with the best halfling names that are unique and creative. I researched and collected some best halfling names that you can choose without any hesitation.

Halflings, as described in the Player\’s Handbook, stand out as the shortest beings that can be easily identified in any room. These diminutive creatures resemble the archetypal hobbits of Dungeons & Dragons 5e, boasting a charmingly small stature, delicately pointed ears, and a penchant for practical fashion.

Male Halfling Names


Halfling males in the realm of Dungeons & Dragons embody a fascinating combination of remarkable traits. Known for their intelligence, wisdom, strength, and innate leadership qualities, these diminutive adventurers deserve a name that truly reflects their distinctive personalities. here is a selection of male halfling names that capture the essence of their remarkable nature.

  • Alton
  • Ander
  • Cade
  • Errich
  • Finnan
  • Garret
  • Merric

Female Halfling Names


The naming conventions for female halflings exhibit distinct characteristics that set them apart from their male counterparts. Notably, these names possess a charming and melodious quality, resonating with a musical cadence. Furthermore, when compared to male halfling names, the female variants tend to embrace a greater length, allowing for more expressive and ornate compositions. Female halfling names are listed below:

  • Seraphina
  • Asphodel
  • Hilda
  • Mazzy
  • Balbina
  • Merla

Halfling Family Names

Halfling nomenclature comprises a duality in structure. Their names are crafted from two distinct components: an initial segment bearing an individual\’s appellation, and a concluding portion denoting their lineage or family affiliation. Among the latter, we find the surnames or family names employed by halflings, serving as markers of their heritage and ancestral ties.

  • Hornblower
  • Oldfur
  • Goodbody
  • Orgulas
  • Goldsworthy

Gender Neutral Halfling Names

BelwyseKerryFieldo YgglerGrar Earthbranch
TeaganCuzal ErHiumo JayEkird Fogbuck
DrewRo WerHaka LeZer Nightace
SerafenDa InKa YbuckHanan Tentop
FayRa KhouseUljul HbblebXonri Leabluff
RaelIven ZesAll FinGovis Hillwind
  • Belwyse
  • Drew
  • Fay
  • Idrees
  • Jordyn
  • Kelsys
  • Kerry
  • Noah

Lightfoot Halfling Names

There are so many Lightfoot Halfling names. So, it is a little tough to find what are the best Lightfoot halfling names. That is why I researched and collected some best Lightfoot halfling names that are unique as well as creative.

  • Wilyas Moonflower
  • Unatina Lightglide
  • Nedda
  • Xanrich Scatterrnaker
  • Faleon Tenshadow

Cool Halfling Surnames


Halflings are warmly embraced in almost every corner of the world, owing to their unwavering loyalty, charming personalities, and tireless work ethic. With a natural gift for charisma, they bring a unique touch to any farm or homestead,

Elevating it to new heights simply through their presence. Their exceptional craftsmanship and industrious nature make them indispensable assets, enhancing the productivity and value of any community they become a part of. The cool halfling surnames are listed below:

  • Ashworthy
  • Mppnward
  • Billberry
  • Bullroarer
  • Headstrong

Funny Halfling Names

There are so many funny halfling names. But how will you know what are the best funny halfling names. So, I created a list of some funny halfling names which is the following:

Ledrey FatdreamValbul FogwillowErzu MoonrabbitEoora Twilighthill
Horton FattopIdofer LonewaterBarfer GoldshinePrukis Fastmantle
Orazana WarmfeetDavgin TallglidePanmin TeamantleMerhace Wisehollow
Norzin ClearmouseHormin WarmvaleElyver WildspiritSavira Cinderbelly
Gralie BrightbrushOraree ProudmeadowPereon TosswoodValwrick Reeddance
Jiltina MildfellowJaneon TenbraceYenmin DustcloakAriula Underdance
Xanpos ForebluffLabin RosebranchJillyse RumblemanSharnan Cinderdancer
Jorich WildfoundNeorin LaughinggroveRieon LightladeXanvias Lonemoon
Caltrix SmoothbottleFroula GrassmoonUriner ThistlefellowPanzu Nimblefound
Xozor HighsurgeFaysira RiverwaterBelret LunarearthHoros Stonebridge
  • Ultran Littleman
  • Erster Marbledew
  • Barrich Lightbraid
  • Pruola Sunberry
  • Rilienne Tallmouse

Badass Halfling Names

Some Halfling communities embrace a nomadic lifestyle as another avenue to share their unique perspectives and connect with diverse adventuring parties. While they cherish their own close-knit society, these Halflings discover fulfillment in sharing their joy with individuals from other races, fostering understanding, and forging new connections along their journey. Here are a few best Badass Halfling names:

AnbrixBeldoveBelzanaEremin Glowearth
CalfiraCalgwenCalranaGodal Brushbluff
ChenvyreEilieFayelleHalvon Mosshollow
GelyolaGrabrixIdalyseNeorin Clearfoot
KelalynKelwyseLidlieQuinlan Littleace
LidphinaMalphinaMardaRicos Lightbottle
MaroraOdifiraOdilienneTaryver Thornsurge
OrakisTherphinaRificeTetran Twilightbridge
UvitrixVaneWeloraValpos Dustcheeks
WilyseWisicaJilfira AmbershineLidfice Forebrand
  • Glowearth
  • Brushbluff
  • Tosstopple
  • Mosshollow
  • Twilightbridge

Choosing a halfling name becomes a meaningful endeavor when various factors come into play. These factors encompass aspects such as physical appearance, mannerisms, and personality, all of which contribute to the overall significance of the name. Each consideration holds its own weight, making the selection process all the more intricate and purposeful for the halfling in question.

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