Catchy Hair Extension Brand Names for Your Company- Start Your Business Today

Who, in this world, does not love lovely fascinating hairs?  Especially girls are madly in love with long and lovely hairs. So if you are thinking to start your own you are on the right track. This can be a quality business for your Hair Extension Brand Names.

A lovely hair not only makes you attractive but also defines your personality. As a result, people who want to make their hair extended, always search for the best hair extension brand Names.

Being the owner of the company, you must be creative and unique. Therefore, you have to think of some catchy for your company in order to attract your customer to your business Hair Extension Brand Names.

In this article, you will find all ideas related to your hair company or brand names. Read carefully and learn.

Hair Company Name Ideas- Branded Names for Your Business

The branded and attractive names of your hair company help you to increase your customer base. But already many popular brands of hair companies are prevailing in the market

Hair Company

Being the owner of the company, you must be creative and unique. Therefore, you have to think of some catchy for your company in order to attract your customer to your business Hair Extension Brand Names. So be careful that your brand name may not clash with the other names.

Here are some catchy hair company name ideas for you.

Hair LadyHair CastleLive Or DyeInside Names
Hair with FlareThe Hair lairCrisp EdgeMagnet Idea
The Fusion LocksHistologyThe Lovely LockCloud
The Hairy TaleBeauty SalonThe Beauty MarkIdea
The Lavish LockHair FlippersHair WizardsTempo
ScissorsShear MasteryThe Authentic HairTune Hair company
AuthenticSpritz salonHair AttractiveHow
RadiusShout NamesMore Hair companyHaircompanynest
PopCymbalIdeasShare Idea
Sage Hair companyManscapeRecklessLegion Idea
Wave NamesBass NamesWaveyVoice Names
HaircompanyaholicCapitalIdeafluentDime Idea
Fret Hair companyRockHaircompanywindNamely
Reckless NamesCrowd Hair companyLight IdeaBoom Names
Blues IdeaTimbre IdeaNamladaEcho Idea
Hype IdeaMoveDeep Hair companyDeep
Vamp NamesDisclosureRhythm IdeaSongbird Idea
RaveVerse IdeaLoop NamesSplit Hair company
Bravo Hair companySpotlight Hair companyStarter Hair companyIdeas
Melody NamesNameTimbre Hair companyEmporium
HaircompanyishLegionPower Hair companyWavey Names
Music NamesRhythmIdealuxSynth Names
Bold Hair companyRewind NamesToneSupreme
ChangeVibe Hair companyFlight IdeaAnalytical
CauseDisclosure NamesRock NamesJam

Hair Extension Names

These hair extension names will definitely inspire and help you to come up with good names for your company Take a look.

Hair Extension
Angel Hair CareHair Beauty ParlorCurl Me CrazyExtensive
Hair ExtensityThe Curly LadyElegant CombSongbird Hair
The Curly ShopThe RulesThe Edge of CuttingExtensomatic
The Trusted TressesLife WavesThe Beauty StationCoda Extension
Coronna WeavingThe Petals of HairMane- Tane HairAccent Hair
The hair RevolutionCut It FineLux Hair BoxTriad Hair
Ark ExtensionExtensionBlank ExtensionManorama
ExtensquipoMajor NamesSiren NamesLift Extension
FairmontHairazaScribe NamesExtenze
Light ExtensionHook HairHaircutNamlance
Move HairLoud NamesFeed HairProject Names
Jam ExtensionStart NowRedux HairTrigger Names
Machine NamesNamestDance HairAmp Names
Nocturne HairAllied NamesBig ExtensionHairbia
Voice NamesPhantom HairExtensorHairgenix
HarvieExtenspadMade NamesVibe Names
Praise ExtensionExtensadoExtenszoidCannon Extension
NamverseStorm NamesDream HairAccord Names
NamgenicsRadiant NamesExpensesPhantom Names
Play NamesRoll ExtensionSurge NamesAllied Names
Bravo NamesVibe NamesSpotlight ExtensionAllied Extension
Nocturne ExtensionStream ExtensionDuo HairNamops
Coda NamesAllied HairScribe ExtensionHairy
HeuristicHairadilNamadriSpark Extension
Siren HairHorde HairRate HairBoom Hair

Hair Business Names Ideas- Give Your Company A Brand

Giving an attractive and fascinating name to your hair company is the best marketing skill you have. After all, unlike Shakespeare, I have to say that everything lies in a name.

Hair Business

Take a look at the names listed below and get fantastic for your company.

The Happy Hair CareThe HairThe Hair ServiceMeasure Business
The Affair with HairHair StylishThe Hair TechniciansCamella
Lovely HairsThe Hair BeautyLux and BeautiesKamado
The Hair CosmosThe Hairs of RapunzelFantastic HairsNamish
The Hair CharmerCinderella’s HairLost with HairVinyl Business
Style CharmerHair Care and DyeThe Blonde HairAlto Names
Hair ShopGlam up HairHair PointUnited Hair
NameMusic NamesScale NamesBusiness
Beats IdeasHook BusinessClick IdeasSage Ideas
Genius IdeasFlow HairCount BusinessTimbre Business
Hype IdeasProsper NamesGroove IdeasBusiness
Melody BusinessPlay HairPop NamesPublish Hair
Voice BusinessRedux IdeasFret BusinessTune Hair
Surge HairFlight HairFlow BusinessScale Hair
Verse BusinessBusinessbiaCanary NamesNamzoid
BusinessaholicUnion IdeasPlay BusinessHirable
Shout NamesHeart NamesLight BusinessBusinesslytical
IdeasVerse HairMade BusinessTap Business
Rock NamesDuo BusinessIdeaslanceBig Ideas
Blank HairBusiness ableManscapeChorus Ideas
Champion BusinessBusinessChampion HairBusinessoont
Boom BusinessStorm NamesChoir BusinessDream Names
Ceramic BusinessIdeasomaticHairyRadius Business
Push HairNovel HairHairprismStream Hair
Elixir NamesHairporiumIdeasCannon Hair

Wig Company Names- Makes Your Look Attractive

Wigs are intensely and strongly associated with hairs. Are you planning to open a wig company? That is a great idea indeed.

Wig Company

Now, are you thinking of giving your company an attractive name? Here are some catchy wig company names for you.

The Wig Beauty SupplyThe Store of WigsThe Hair FixersGrave Company
Hair Fixing zoneClips in HairThe Wig CornerCloud Names
Weave BoutiqueGlossy WigsGlamour WigsWeight
Quite PosticheThe Whimsical WigsThe Hair Allure GroupEdition Company
Alluring LocksThe Actor’s ClosetWig CliqueLine Names
Cymbal NamesAmp WigPhantom NamesBold Names
Foster NamesBridge CompanyEnjoy NamesAccent Names
Horde WigWigadoraWazaShout Wig
Lift WigClick WigSplit NamesCompanyooze
Bridge NamesScope NamesTrident WigWiggum
Phantom CompanyWizenWikioVex Names
CompanySpark CompanyCause NamesChamber Wig
Sonic WigNamcoNamaraCompany
Music NamesCompanygenicsBlues CompanyTune Wig
Modus NamesBeat WigRewind NamesDance Names
Blank NamesSiren WigPoly NamesVoice Wig
CompanyzenLight WigUniqueBang Company
Rocky WigRuckus NamesMix WigArk Names
Scope WigVamp WigWigsMusic Company
Flow CompanyLogisticsWiglazaVerse Wig
NamoShotgun WigBold WigAssembly Company
Wave WigWigwindAnalyticalWigs
Click CompanyBeat CompanyLift NamesGhost Wig
CompanyTone NamesCompanyadrStorm Names

Hair Extension Name Generator

If you have decided to generate names for your hair extension business, you must find and come up with interesting and catchy names for your business. You must have three things in your knowledge. They are as follows:

  • You have to know what the good business names mean.
  • You must find out several hair extension business name suggestions.
  • You have to learn how you will come up with a unique as well as catchy name for your hair extension company.

Have a look at the names that are listed below. They will surely help you to find hair extension names.

Virgin Hair SalonGrace Beauty PalaceVirgin Hair BeautyArrowhead Extension
Luxury BeautyHair ClinicCut BacksApex Generator
True HairCrazy Hair SalonHappy HairTime Hair
East Start WeavingSassy TrendsFoxy locksCrowd Extension
Vick CutBold and BeautyCross TressesBallad Hair
Care ZoneCurly BoyMane CourseAssembly Name
Hair with FairThe Hair ShopMethod HairRave Hair
Hair ClippersAir Dry BalmHair LingerieSurge Name
Mixed NameLoud NameMix NameMore Name
Pitch HairGeneratorCairo cityUnited Extension
Union ExtensionBang NameNameonusUnited Name
Vinyl GeneratorRock GeneratorElectric NameCamelia
Rewind NameGeneratoropolisElectric ExtensionLoud Extension
GeneratorjetInspire HairTrust ExtensionNameoont
Loud GeneratorNamelanceGeneratoradriExtensa
Ride GeneratorExtenssterDisclosure HairHairgenics
Mix GeneratorExtensionLift NameNovel Extension
Line NameTrill HairEditor NameEcho Name
ExtensadriNovel NameStrum GeneratorIgnite Name
NameoryxFusion GeneratorBridge GeneratorFeed Name
Sessions NameVibration HairExtensgenixJam Extension
ExtensladaRide ExtensionCameraHairprism
Surge HairExtensionRhythm NameCore Generator
Sound HairSharp NameWave ExtensionHairy
Wavey ExtensionMelody GeneratorDiscover HairNamegenics

How To Name My Hair Company

To come up with a good and interesting name for your company is a challenging job indeed. Especially when it comes to giving a good and catchy name to your hair company, you must think a lot. I must say. But don’t worry.


Here are the steps by which you can name your hair company.

  • First, you have to use acronyms.
  • Then you must create mash-ups.
  • Read stories from mythologies and literature and get inspired from them.
  • Get inspiration from foreign words.
  • Create your own catchy names.
  • Learn from the maps.
  • Create names by mixing up words.

That is how you can name your hair company. 

Different Names For Hair Extensions

You can name differently your hair extension company based on the type of hair extension you provide for your customers.

Yes, there are several types of hair extensions available in the market. You can name your company according to that.


Here are some name suggestions for you.

Locks of LoveSnips SalonPrepared HairBallad Different
Hair affairLoving LocksHaute HairRaid For
Style StandardBlondeComplete Hair CareMastered Names
Whole Some HairBrunetteAnd in BetweenVerse Names
Au NaturalIn Style HairSnip SnipAnalytical
The Hair PointHair PeopleHair CutRise Hair
Starter DifferentElectric ForStarter DifferentElectric For
Step ForMass ForStep ForMass For
Nocturne NamesBold NamesNocturne NamesBold Names
Dare ExtensionsBallad NamesDare ExtensionsBallad Names
NamestTheory ForNamestTheory For
Choir ForSpark ForChoir ForSpark For
Union ForShotgun NamesUnion ForShotgun Names
Pitch ForGhost DifferentPitch ForGhost Different
Cairo cityHonour DifferentCairo cityHonour Different
Tune NamesTonic HairTune NamesTonic Hair
Dime DifferentRoll ExtensionsDime DifferentRoll Extensions
Major DifferentFret ExtensionsMajor DifferentFret Extensions
Sharp NamesSupreme ForSharp NamesSupreme For
Mastered DifferentlySiren ExtensionsMastered DifferentlySiren Extensions
DifferentVamp ExtensionsDifferentWise Extensions
NamversePoint HairNamverseLine Different
Variety ForVariety ForVariety ForPolitical

Hair Product Name Ideas

Hair Products are extremely necessary for long and attractive hair. Here are some hair product name ideas for you. Take a look.

Hair Product
Chic and ShineHair FuelWingsName
Bei CapelliRussePlaya ClubScale Product
Bad BunsOat ManeCherry RedFusion Ideas
VoilaSalt and ShineCoco SilkPush Product
Noix de cocoBeamHead to HeadSharp Product
Loud NameHairjetChampion IdeasAllied Ideas
Magnet HairElevate IdeasHairporiumProject Product
ProductgenicsUnited NameTenor NameEditor Hair
Note NameBroadcast NameRadiant HairProductadil
ProductsLoud NameHairjetHairgenix
United ProductMagnet HairElevate IdeasHair bear
Coda NameProductgenicsUnited NameChief Ideas
Digi IdeasNote NameBroadcast NameRaid For
Mix NameProductsCoda IdeasMastered Names
Axe HairUnited ProductHairyVerse Names
NamedCoda NameLoud IdeasAnalytical
IdeasgenicsDigi IdeasDeep ProductRise Hair
Disclosure ProductMix NameChorus IdeasElectric For
Drop HairAxe HairIdeas areMass For
Starter HairNamedSharp IdeasBold Names
HairworksIdeasgenicsTonic NameBallad Names
Champion IdeasDisclosure ProductBang NameExtensionsocity
HairporiumDrop HairProductionTheory For
Tenor NameStarter HairWavey IdeasSpark For
Radiant HairHairworksRaw IdeasShotgun Names

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Human Hair Extension Brand?

Best Human Hair Extension Brand?

There are several human extension brands available in the market that are the best. Here are they:

  • Overall best: Bellami
  • For best budget: Vario Clip Hair Extensions
  • For Thick hair: The Hair Shop
  • For fine hair: Glam Seamless
  • For natural hair: Kinkistry, Indique Hair
  • For best quality: Richy Hair
  • For best ethically Sourced hair: Great Length

These are the best human hair extension brands that are quite trending in the market.

What Is A Good Name For A Hair Page?

It is very important to promote your hair extension business on social media. When you are promoting your company on social media, people can know more about the business. So you have to decide on a good name for your hair page.

Here are some name suggestions for you.

A Cut aboveArrowhead ExtensionFeed HairMachine Extension
The DryerRate HairExtensgenixSplit Extension
Lovely LatherJam ExtensionDream ExtensionExtension
The CurlsEcho ExtensionPulse ExtensionVibration Hair
StrandsExtensologyRave HairRocky Hair
Hair with FlairAware ExtensionMove ExtensionGenius Extension
Crowd HairCloud HairRoll HairMix Extension
ExtendedChromaticFoster HairHairline
Rave HairSpotlight HairProsper ExtensionSaga Extension
Assure HairCoda ExtensionProject ExtensionBig Extension
Mass HairRaid ExtensionMeasure ExtensionDrop Hair
HairfluentExtensaHairsPublish Hair
Timbre ExtensionMixed HairLoop ExtensionRise Extension
Ride HairClef ExtensionHarioPush Hair
Bridge ExtensionWave HairReckless ExtensionRoll Extension
Arrowhead HairPower HairSiren ExtensionExtenssy
Digi HairHairPlug ExtensionTone Extension
ExtenstasticBass ExtensionHonour ExtensionProsper Hair
Tide ExtensionTone HairCannon ExtensionHairnets
ExtensorNote HairTenor HairHook Extension
Time ExtensionApex HairPulse HairExtensry

Which Is The Best Type Of Hair Extension?

There are different types of hair extensions available that are best for you. Here are some:

Clips insLift HairWavey ExtensionDuo Hair
Sew-insShotgun HairDigi HairRocky Hair
Tape-insHow ExtensionMix ExtensionAware Extension
Glue insDivide ExtensionRock ExtensionVoice Hair
Halo extensionsPraise ExtensionTrident ExtensionMeasure Hair
Duo HairMusic HairAssure ExtensionHarada
Rocky HairHairquipoMass ExtensionTimbre Extension
Aware ExtensionTune HairFoster ExtensionVerse Hair
Voice HairExtensifyAlto HairExtension
Measure HairRadiant HairNovel ExtensionExtensella
HaradaDisclosure ExtensionHonour HairPublish Hair
Timbre ExtensionHeart HairCrowd ExtensionRadius Extension
Verse HairHairfluentMajor ExtensionLoud Extension
ExtensionLight ExtensionSpark ExtensionRave Hair
ExtensellaExtenstasticArk ExtensionSessions Hair
Publish HairBlues HairHairadoraLimitless Hair
Radius ExtensionExtensisHarioBallad Extension
Loud ExtensionCanon ExtensionCannon ExtensionFusion Extension
Rave HairPlug ExtensionCore ExtensionRide Extension
Sessions HairExtensologySharp HairHair
Limitless HairDream ExtensionMastered HairRate Extension
Ballad ExtensionExtensionAssembly ExtensionExtensnetic
Fusion ExtensionVibration HairMix ExtensionExtenslada
Ride ExtensionSynth HairRaw ExtensionMagnet Hair
HairLift HairShotgun HairHow Extension

What kind Of Hair Extensions Do Celebrities Use?

Customers Clip-insShout HairChampion HairEnjoy
Keratin IndividualsChampion HairBlackoutAlto
Beaded WeftsLimitless HairClick CelebritiesMuseum
Limitless HairMeasure UsePickup HairLegion Celebrities
Measure UseCanonSplit UseUseoryx
CanonTenorFosterUnion Celebrities
TenorPlay CelebritiesClick ExtensionsMachine Extensions
Play CelebritiesSupreme UseVibePublish Use
Supreme UseShare CelebritiesChange CelebritiesMix Hair
Share CelebritiesMasteredTrust HairSongbird Celebrities
MasteredHairaholicBlank CelebritiesEnjoy Extensions
HairaholicChoir HairMovement UseTrust Extensions
Choir HairCelebritiquipoCrash CelebritiesTone Use
CelebritiquipoSiebelCelebritiadriSonic Extensions
ExtensionsneticFret CelebritiesLightGhost Celebrities
Fret CelebritiesVerse ExtensionsHamaraExtensionslia
Verse ExtensionsBeatsVerseNote Extensions
TapProsper CelebritiesTribe ExtensionsDigi Use
Prosper CelebritiesUnited UseRaw ExtensionsMore Extensions
United UseBig ExtensionsTide UseExtensions
Big ExtensionsExtensionsscapeAssemblyLoud Celebrities
ExtensionsscapeSplit ExtensionsRise CelebritiesPlay Use
Split ExtensionsShout HairMode HairPlay Celebrities

To Sum It Up

Hair extension is quite popular nowadays. People love to have attractive hair. That is why opening and run a hair extension business is quite a good idea.

Hope, these hair company name ideas help you to come up with an interesting name for your business. All the best.

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