70+ Cool & Catchy Hacker Names

There comes a point in life when everyone wants to settle on their career paths. While most of my friends were set, my best friend, Richard was confused about how he could proceed with his career in the hacking world.

Well, he is one of the best hackers I know who with his love for coding has won so many hackathon competitions since high school and has even been given recognition by some MNCs for helping them in securing their systems!

However, he wanted to be on his own as a white hat hacker, hence, to get him going, we needed some pretty cool hacker names and inspiration to establish him on all the social media pages! While I was helping him out, I made many lists of names for wanna-be hackers.

Famous Hacker Names 

Well, despite all the fictional heroes, there is always a real-life inspiration behind our goals! All throughout the world, people are familiar with well-known hacker names. Some of them are well-known for their notoriety, while others are famous for the cyber-safe practices they employ to protect the online community.

Savant (54V4N7)Oblivion (0BL1V10N)
Kid (K1D)Crunchy DOOM
Smog (5M06)Wolf (W0LF)
Patriarch (P47R14RCH)Oddity (0DD17Y)
Moonlight (M00NL16H7)Quad (QU4D)
Mime (M1M3)Phobia (PH0B14)
Saber (54B3R)Nix (N1X)

So, I asked Richard if he knew any famous hackers of the world who he is really fond of and as it turns out, there are many! You must know ‘Dan Kaminsky’, for his research on DNS attacks, or ‘John McAfee’, who has invented many famous antivirus software.

I collected many such names for Richard to see and choose his favorite so that he could use that name as a token of respect!

Hacker Group Names

While we decided on the perfect hacker name for Richard, his other hacker friends approached him to know whether he was interested to join their hacker group.


Well, a team of technically proficient, daring, and computer fanatics can be a potent weapon and cause serious harm, and this way, he could also increase his networks in this area! Now, they needed a cool hacker group name.

Well, there are many famous hacker groups out there with huge success. Along with those famous names, I also made some names based on what hacker groups do and curated a pretty big list from which they choose their group name to be ‘Legion of Doom’.

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Hacking Names From Movies 


We have all seen how modern movies have highlighted the role and importance of hackers, be it for solving crimes or committing them!

I always remembered how Richard\’s love for coding and hacking began from movies only and every time he saw some sci-fi movie, he would just keep bragging about it.

That\’s why I thought it would be just perfect for him to take some hacker names from his favorite movies to acknowledge the characters that led to his liking for hacking!

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I compiled all his favorite hacker names from movies like Adrian, Alan, David, etc. If you are also a fan of hacker movies, check out the full list!

The Italian Job(1969)The Signal (2014)
Antitrust (2001)The Circle (2017)
The Great Hack (2019)Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011)
Revolution OS (2001)Prime Risk (1985)
The Social Network (2010)Risk (2016)
Algorithm (2014)Anon (2018)
The Imitation Game (2014)The Hacker Wars (2014)

Cool Hacker Names From Books 


Richard is an avid reader in addition to being a film buff. He can\’t get enough of the written word! He consumes a great deal of science fiction and technological riddles, and he finds himself becoming increasingly preoccupied with the manner in which hackers are portrayed in such works.

Luckily, I happened to know a lot of books that have received a lot of praise for accurately portraying the life of hackers and the culture of hackers.

So, I also compiled a list of all the cool hacker names from Books so that he can compare that from the movie list and select the best name possible!

Harry Caul, the surveillance expert is hired to follow a couple from \’The Conversation.\’
Hash, a techie from \’The Algorithm.\’
Ismailov is known for using the internet for his crimes from \’Password.\’
Jack Stanfield, a security executive who is blackmailed to thieve from his workplace from \’Firewall.\’
James McKay, the youngest from the group of hackers from \’Debug.\’
Julian Assange, the infamous founder of Wikileaks from \’Risk.\’
Kaida, the lead programmer from \’Debug.\’
Kevin Mitnik, a convicted computer hacker from the documentary \’Freedom Downtime.\’
Krystal, a female hacker from \’Reboot.\’
Lara Riley, an eco-terrorist from \’Debug.\’

Good Hacker Names

On second thoughts, nowadays, tv series have taken the place of movies and books! To be a hit in today’s times, we needed names that rule today’s generation! Characters with hacking backgrounds have appeared in a wide variety of TV shows, both as leads and as supporting parts.

Hence, this would also help clear the negative image of hackers, since now hackers are shown in most web series helping judicial services, or finding important information for case-solving agencies rather than describing them as people with the malicious intent of committing fraud.

We discovered many names like ‘Abigail’, ‘Bryce’, ‘Alex’, and Harold!

Silicon ValleyIntelligence
Halt and Catch FireSalvation
CSI: CyberScorpion
CounterpartYou Are Wanted
Black MirrorNikita

Best Hacker Names List

CastrateBeginners and Learners
DisableEvil Hackers Group
DisfigureMy Loot Wala
DismemberAnnonymous Group
HackBlack beard hackers
HarmTurkish Cyber Warrior
Tech Masterhacking and Learning
Hacker XHackers 2060 Group
Unknown HackerAnonymously Hacker’
Carders loveCoding hackers Group

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