GTA Online: What’s The New UFO Mission? How To Play It?

GTA Online players have discovered a new UFO mission that is not yet active in the online mode of GTA V. We show it to you.

Although the possibility of becoming criminals of volume and spine is usually the greatest attraction of the GTA, for years Rockstar games have been betting on including all kinds of inexplicable mysteries, probably due to how much Bigfoot had to talk about GTA san Andreas which in the end was neither bigfoot nor anything.

GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 are two good examples, as they both include a good number of mysteries, some solved and others not so much like these 10 RDR2 mysteries that remain unanswered.


And given the success that GTA Online continues to enjoy today, it is not surprising that Rockstar continues to bet on these types of missions. We tell you this because, after the last big update, which took place at the beginning of the month, players have discovered a new secret mission in GTA Online where it has UFO and stolen parts.

Those responsible for the discovery have been The Game File Gurus, a group specialized in bringing to light things that should not come to light, who discovered the UFO model among the files of GTA Online, a UFO of a size much larger than those seen so far in GTA V/GTA Online.

Finally, they were able to \”activate\” the secret mission of the UFO in GTA Online and capture the gameplay for our eyes, showing a mission that leads players to sneak into Fort Zancudo and fight a battle to recover the parts of the UFO, which they must deliver Omega. You can see the complete mission in the video that we have left just above.

The new GTA Online UFO mission cannot be played through normal methods at the moment, so it could well be content that will be activated in an upcoming update. Or maybe it is that nobody has yet found the requirements to activate it?