199+ Pretty & Unique Greek Girl Names

There was a young woman who visited Greece on vacation. She was captivated by the country\’s beauty and culture and decided to adopt a Greek girl.

As she walked through the winding streets of a coastal town, she saw a little girl playing by the sea. The woman approached her and asked for her name.

She was alone and did not even have her own name. She took the little girl back home with her. After coming home and getting done with the formalities of adoption the woman realized the girl needs a name. That woman was my aunt and she approached me for help.

I have helped naming babies earlier too. This time it was different as I was given the job to come up with Greek girl names to honor the roots of the new member of our family.

After brainstorming a lot I came up with some of the best Greek girl names like- Erini, Anna, Sofia, Eleni, and Maria. All the names had deep importance in Greek history and mythology but the name that stood out most was Anna which is related to Channah, a biblical female character.

As I was done with the naming process I realized I am really good at recommending Greek girl names. So, I decided to help people to come up with Greek girl names by writing an article. If you want to give a unique Greek name to your baby girl make sure you read the complete article.

Top Greek Girl Names



Greek culture has been around for centuries and has influenced many cultures and countries around the world. The Greek language is known for its rich history and unique alphabet that is used today as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Greek girl names have become popular due to their meaning, beauty, and uniqueness.

Popular Greek Female Names

Greek baby names have become well-known and cherished around the world because of the country\’s outstanding literary achievements. Greek girl names have a strong connection to Greek mythology and history, making them unique and meaningful choices.

Each name has its own significance, which can add a special touch to the identity of a baby girl. According to legend, Shakespeare loved Greek feminine names.


Traditional Greek Girl Names

Greek names for girls have been known for their deep cultural roots. These names are widely acknowledged to this day, many of which were conceived in ancient times. It is common practice to choose a Greek girl’s name due to its symbolic representation or association with aesthetics.

Whether looking for a conventional name or something truly unique, parents will find many appealing choices among traditional Greek girl names. This list of traditional Greek girl names will surely win your heart.


Ancient Greek Girl Names

Rich in history and mythology, Ancient Greek girl names have carried on through multiple generations and are still popular today. The goddess of wisdom and war, Athena, as well as Demeter – the embodiment of agriculture and fertility – represent just a couple of commonly chosen Ancient Greek girl names with strong significance.

Beyond their lovely meanings, these enduring names also remain emblematic of Greece\’s numerous contributions to world civilization. We know the value of greek history so we have accumulated some of the best ancient Greek girl name, which are worth checking.


Greek Mythology Girl Names

Are you searching for a name for your daughter, then Greek mythology is home to an abundance of captivating narratives and figures that manage to captivate our imagination even today.

The female figures in Greek mythology deservedly hold powerful and unique identities imputed by their names. As we delve into these revered tales, it becomes evident that these names hold deeper meanings for each character. If Greek mythology holds your interest these suggested Greek  mythology girl name will hold your interest too.


Girl Greek Gods’ Names

In ancient Greek mythology, many gods and goddesses existed, each with their stories, of particular interest are the female deities that hold immense power understood as the Greek goddesses
who played important roles in societal affairs back then and continue to enchant modern-day imaginations with their multifaceted behaviors so, it is common practice to choose a Greek girl’s name due to its symbolic representation. We have got you some well selected ideas of Girl Greek God\’s name.


Pretty Greek Baby Girl Names


Parents who want to give their daughters unique and pretty names often look towards Greek baby girl name for inspiration. These names have deep roots in history and mythology, which give them a timeless and significant quality.

It\’s easy to see why so many parents worldwide opt for pretty Greek girl name considering there\’s such an extensive assortment from which to choose.

Honey BunnyBaby SharkCorsairierRobeauty
CindergalSplash TouchHoneybloomFrizzydino
DeluxeRedstone ArtfulFlashydonkeyZachflame
ColdCharmLive ChicCult
Solar PowerDelatinSensitiveWacky
IdealShadesGlisten SkinComely

Unique Greek Girl Names

Parents who are searching for something special and different often gravitate towards selecting unique Greek girl name. The mythology and rich history of Greek culture has shaped much of their naming conventions with people feeling particularly drawn to the compelling meanings behind each name.

When it comes to selecting a meaningful name worthy of standing the test of time, Greek baby girl name make an excellent option.

ColdCharmLive ChicCult
Solar PowerDelatinSensitiveWacky
IdealShadesGlisten SkinComely


We hope we have made you a step advance in the process of naming your baby girl. All the names mentioned are unique, powerful and cute. Greek names also provide people with inspiration.

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