Gotham Knights To A Continuation Of Arkham Game Saga

Warner Bros. Games Montreal itself has clarified it so that there is no room for doubt.

Last Saturday the new WB Games Montreal game, Gotham Knights, was officially presented, which did so with a very revealing presentation trailer and with an atmosphere that many thoughts were a continuation of the Batman Arkham games. However, although it may seem that way, it is not at all.

It\’s easy to assume that Gotham Knights is a direct sequel to the Arkham universe, particularly Batman: Arkham Knight. The presentation trailer commented with a posthumous message from Batman, which, although characterized by an actor other than the Arkham games, perhaps sounded after Arkham Knight.


But that has already been clarified by its developer, Warner Bros. Games Montreal, which has confirmed that Gotham Knights will not follow the story of past games but instead focuses on its own DC universe. Gotham Knights is an original story that is set in its own DC Batman Universe and is not connected to the Arkham saga.

These were the words that WB Games Montreal indicated to the Comic Book medium in a statement. In this way, the fact that the saga created by Rocksteady Studios remains on one side is confirmed, while new ways of playing with Batman in this case with related characters such as Robin or Batgirl are being presented on the other.

Although at first glance this may be a bit disappointing, it makes sense that Warner Bros. Games Montreal has not wanted to remain anchored in the same universe, Therefore, expanding and telling new stories with well-loved characters is always a good option.

What he called the attention of the trailer and subsequent gameplay of Gotham Knights.

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