GoGoPDF: Your Best Buddy in Converting Document Formats into PDF Files

Turning your documents into high-quality PDF files may take a lot of work. But that was before. Today, conversion tasks became much manageable, more efficient, and faster with online converters. These web-based services are created through the latest technology, allowing everyone to handle their PDF files across the internet in a more advanced way. 

One of the best tools to mention is GoGoPDF. This platform offers various services, from managing PDF files to converting them into the respective formats you needed. In this article, let’s highlight three of the best document transformation services that you may avail of when using the GoGoPDF online converter. 

An Easy Route of Transforming Microsoft Excel to PDF

One of the best ways to interpret and present your data is through Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. With this document format, you may insert tables, charts, and graphs to illustrate the information you want to relay. However, there are some instances where viruses will attach to macros, which refer to the mini-programs inscribed into an XLSX spreadsheet. When this case happens, the details you encoded on your Excel file may be corrupted. 

Good thing GoGoPDF has a solution to make your spreadsheets more understandable and easy to read — that’s by helping you convert Excel to PDF instantly. This online converter will let you turn your MS Excel documents into high-quality PDFs in just a matter of minutes. 

It will extract all the data from your spreadsheets and convert them into polished and readable Portable Document Format files. With GoGoPDF, you can make sure that your XLSX will be converted accurately, keeping its original quality and features intact. 

How to turn Excel spreadsheets into high-quality PDFs?

  • Open your device, then choose the XLSX you wish to be converted into PDF and upload it to the GoGoPDF conversion box. 
  • After you have transferred your file to the platform’s server, it will begin the transformation process instantly. 
  • The entire conversion process will only take a minute or two. So, just sit back, relax, and sip a cup of tea. 
  • Once the conversion process is completed, you can download your freshly converted PDF to your computer or copy the link to share it with your social media accounts. 

Turn Your JPG Image File into PDF Instantly

Images downloaded on computers are often saved as JPG files. However, these high-quality photos may contain large file sizes and may be difficult to upload or share online.  

In times like this, GoGoPDF can be your helping hand. Its conversion tool will transform your JPG images into a Portable Document Format file to make it easier to send documents across the web. 

As a result, you won’t go through the same trouble whenever you need to upload or send necessary images through electronic mails. If you think your file contains confidential contents, using GoGoPDF is your best decision. Its latest technology will keep your documents secured and protected. 

How to convert your Joint Photographic Group images into easy-to-read PDFs:

  • Prepare the JPG files you wish to convert into PDF and upload it to GoGoPDF’s server. You can also apply the shortcut method, which is to drag and drop the images to the conversion box directly. 
  • Next, choose an output format from the options given by the GoGoPDF. Then, tap the button so the converter will start the transformation process.
  • From there, let the tool do its part and wait for the conversion process to be completed. 
  • For the final touch, download your newly converted PDF file or share it with all your social media accounts and online storage.  

A Fast Way to Convert Your HTML into a Readable PDF File

Creating a website is a difficult task. But protecting the framework of your project is equally challenging. Surely, nobody wants other people pirating the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) source codes they used. One of the best ways to protect your codes is by transforming your HTML documents into readable PDFs. 

With that said, GoGoPDF can be your best buddy for such a conversion task. This online platform offers automatic conversion features that allow you to turn your HTML file into PDF without customizing settings. You will only have to follow four easy steps to give this web-based service a try. 

Here’s how to get started:

  • Copy your HTML file’s link and paste it to the conversion box. 
  • Once you’re done transporting your file to GoGoPDF’s server, this converter will autostart the conversion process. 
  • Here, you just need to wait for a couple of minutes or less. 
  • After GoGoPDF finishes the conversion task, you can download your PDf file containing your HTML document’s contents and save it on your computer. 


For conversion tasks, GoGoPDF is your best buddy to finish it as fast as you can. The three document transformation services mentioned above are just some of the best features offered by this efficient online converter. Thus, if you want to know more about GoGoPDF, check out all the services listed on their official website.