List of 597+ Goddess Names for Babies

Congrats on welcoming the little one in your family. Are you doing good with the new change in your life?goddess baby names

I can understand that it is the most beautiful feeling of becoming a parent that you are enjoying now. Life and our priorities change entirely after having a baby. It\’s completely natural.

Did you have chosen your baby name as yet? I suppose that\’s the reason you are here. Do not take stress; we will together decide what your little one n for its whole life.

Aglous, God Of SpringXumlous, God Of TradeMosher, God Of Spring
Wisenar, God Of ForgivenessVyddos, God Of WindKhibus, God Of Dawn
Dadall, God Of HonorImos, God Of BlacksmithsWiaos, God Of Wisdom
Aius, God Of The RiversRheeyar, God Of BirthIborh, God Of Soil
Toxruer, God Of Life & DeathLeemis, God Of The HuntIdar, God Of Justice
Thualdir, God Of LoveYhrus, God Of InfamyXogros, God Of Wind
Oldir, God Of The MoonDinione, God Of AnimalsKhaldir, God Of Logic
Odum, God Of GloryXuius, God Of SoulsYrus, God Of Law
Yion, God Of TimeNoeyar, God Of WondersRhevmus, God Of Fortune
Dhotthos, God Of ChanceXogmjir, God Of ChaosUzher, God Of Animals

It\’s a significant responsibility to pick a perfect name for your child. It can be overwhelming sometimes, but it was an entertaining experience! After all, the first and most important decision you make as a new parent is to name your baby.

Emir, God Of AbundanceGomjir, God Of FameUdis, God Of Wisdom
Enaos, God Of RiddlesVidon, God Of DreamsTunia, God Of Flames
Otbium, God Of CommerceKherthar, God Of ChanceXubus, God Of The Sea
Yzotz, God Of HonestyAlemis, God Of VirtuesSedros, God Of Animals
Ykione, God Of OrderNutton, God Of MusicYrion, God Of Agriculture
Akdite, God Of BlessingsDhixion, God Of OrderTukione, God Of Riddles
Thyagi, God Of OraclesFudros, God Of ProsperityLoreus, God Of Wonders
Nidis, God Of ShelterNirbus, God Of TruthRhiteus, God Of Music
Sivesis, God Of BeginningsImus, God Of MusicQhomthar, God Of Chance
Edum, God Of PleasureOtdite, God Of LoyaltyKhoesis, God Of Riddles

Goddess Baby Name

When it comes to naming the child, I know everyone like you wants the best. Although some people are looking for unique names, others have the family names they have to endure, but I must say that the names that mean Goddess will do wonder.

Goddess Names for Babies
Niher, God Of The UnderworldUdall, God Of LawIstus, God Of Death
Rarnir, God Of SpiritsDheaos, God Of InfamyZoesis, God Of Wind
Mutia, God Of AnimalsEorr, God Of NightOdum, God Of The Stars
Dhedon, God Of AbundanceQhoorr, God Of EnvySarasil, God Of Fortune
Lumus, God Of HomeElotl, God Of MiraclesWilzotl, God Of Riddles
Phedeyar, God Of The SunAtia, God Of AutumnIton, God Of Loyalty
Cheros, God Of DreamsIgdum, God Of MessagesFodall, God Of Conquest
Zodon, God Of WondersQuesis, God Of DestructionShithar, God Of Medicine
Suysus, God Of SoulsElros, God Of The HuntRhomes, God Of Triumph
Mirus, God Of BlacksmithsUlotl, God Of TricksCeaos, God Of Loyalty

Will you want to give your child a memorable goddess baby name? It is the most trending and desired naming way revolving nowadays. See our compilation as we have the best goddess baby names sets here, and for your ease, these names are just born for your child.

Qhosrasil, God Of KnowledgeShekdum, God Of DutyInir, God Of Day
Bimes, God Of GloryYrus, God Of SoulsChulysus, God Of The Land
Izdros, God Of The StarsUgmos, God Of VirtuesUtar, God Of Freedom
Shaione, God Of MarriageBorohr, God Of EnvyZahenar, God Of Wine
Choztia, God Of TriumphShavdarr, God Of JudgementWelaldir, God Of The Underworld
Rhudohr, God Of HuntingWimdite, God Of HonestyZiaos, God Of Education
Hihysus, God Of CommerceUeyar, God Of WineVuaos, God Of Day
Khexarus, God Of KnowledgeWotyx, God Of PeaceYgohr, God Of Penance
Cexeyr, God Of VengeanceOnas, God Of BeginningsTimos, God Of Shadows
Medlotl, God Of BirthSidos, God Of StrengthConohr, God Of Science

Check out the goddess baby names.

Niamh Margawse  Danu Bel
Macha Mebd Dagda  ​Aine
Labraid  Mider Bris Nemain
Flidais  Morrigan Brighid   Anu
Diancecht Babd Catha  Bran  Angus Og

Names That Mean Goddess

Creator god is one of the world\’s most vital religions. God\’s fascinating characteristic was that it was a practice of different beliefs and traditions rather than worship. God does not have a founder, one of the world\’s oldest dubious provenances.

Names That Mean Goddess
Ixorr, God Of The UnderworldQhamaldir, God Of DeathEnir, God Of The Military
Yher, God Of SpringZizotz, God Of MagicXaresis, God Of Night
Tazotl, God Of ScienceIgnos, God Of FameTothar, God Of Commerce
Bimdite, God Of PenanceEzotz, God Of NatureOtysus, God Of Prosperity
Oxdon, God Of Life & DeathDevohr, God Of BlacksmithsMusdon, God Of Birth
Rhieus, God Of TimeIlios, God Of ShadowsDhovnir, God Of Chance
Gadite, God Of LoveSiohr, God Of TriumphWuteus, God Of Freedom
Zyion, God Of ConquestDatjun, God Of AnimalsXudon, God Of Dreams
Qiton, God Of The MountainsQhuvtarr, God Of LawEmes, God Of Fortune
Halmus, God Of EarthXobus, God Of FreedomKhizbris, God Of Earth

Goddess powerfully insists that \”all human beings are sacred\” founded on the most fundamental values and that religious unity has primary significance. These are just two of several beliefs that you can use while giving names that mean a goddess for your child.

Dhorus, God Of AutumnEaldir, God Of TranquilityUrasil, God Of Wisdom
Tulbium, God Of The SkyTosstus, God Of RevengeQotarr, God Of Home
Olous, God Of The SunZostus, God Of HuntingRhubium, God Of Children
Fatar, God Of ProsperityHedros, God Of HuntingAesis, God Of Birth
Bedarr, God Of SeasonsDarton, God Of WaterRithar, God Of Blessings
Sutjun, God Of DestructionSumthos, God Of SpringXordarr, God Of Law
Phegtarr, God Of The SeaRudis, God Of The UnderworldNomione, God Of The Land
Theldir, God Of PleasureFydohr, God Of VengeanceOeyr, God Of Fire
Phiros, God Of CommerceNubium, God Of TriumphVostus, God Of Mercy
Daaldir, God Of CommerceEgldir, God Of NatureTotarus, God Of Secrecy

Since God does not lay down strict rules on religion, rituals differ between cultures and regions. It leads to various ways to know, understand, and communicate with God. Several names mean the Goddess since there are many myths and religious scriptures.

Besdite, God Of SoulsDhuhlios, God Of DayAesis, God Of Finance
Bahdes, God Of JealousyRhethar, God Of PenanceIton, God Of Summer
Futenar, God Of ChivalryAtarr, God Of AgricultureDexdes, God Of Poetry
Neysus, God Of TortureSexlo, God Of FreedomUlotl, God Of Spring
Ovher, God Of KnowledgeHuysus, God Of TruthQhuzenar, God Of Life & Death
Baagi, God Of WorkRozione, God Of BattleWozruer, God Of Wine
Phothos, God Of BeerXurus, God Of DuskChehbris, God Of Shelter
Khelnir, God Of OrderOrasil, God Of The LandYteus, God Of Secrecy
Odum, God Of LoyaltyXises, God Of DutyCoione, God Of Rain
Rhuione, God Of WondersQegmir, God Of HonestyKhezius, God Of Penance

Therefore, if you want your kid with the Supreme Lord\’s virtues or the Ultimate being that is blessings to be always with your kid, give it one of the names that Goddess is inspiring. 

Dharos, God Of LawOagi, God Of VengeanceYkius, God Of Endings
Dezotz, God Of AgricultureUdes, God Of ThunderQoion, God Of Truth
Arus, God Of PleasureQeneyr, God Of LightUlotl, God Of Marriage
Sereus, God Of ExterminationAnthos, God Of DreamsNania, God Of Children
Zisenar, God Of JealousyUhteus, God Of The StarsLubris, God Of Animals
Vudur, God Of SeasonsOemis, God Of SummerUdis, God Of Wine
Eion, God Of LightMendum, God Of TradeCyrdon, God Of The Mountains
Chettarr, God Of HonestyWexdis, God Of BattleYeus, God Of Extermination
Rabus, God Of TimeShamjir, God Of The RiversNeius, God Of Oracles
Atar, God Of WaterNanione, God Of FertilityZihldir, God Of Time

We have sorted a list of lovely Names That Mean Goddess for your baby to encourage you. Make up your mind, depending on your perspective!

Manannan Giobhniu
Maeve  Durant  
Llyr Cyhiraeth
Lugh  Cernunnos
Balor Camillus
Artio Branwen
​Airmid  Hadleigh
Dixie Kaiya
Ariadne Robin
Zendaya Luisa

Goddess Names for Girls

The emblem of goodness and harmony is Goddess. A strong woman goddess is the Goddess of abundance and riches in the culture. After a strong woman goddess, the girls\’ names are more than one way blessed the adherents. While specific names are familiar and usual, others are not.

Goddess Names for Babies
Otar, God Of EndingsMykher, God Of HonorEzotl, God Of Fire
Delios, God Of AbundanceNikenar, God Of HellIdon, God Of The Stars
Khatia, God Of TimeUdohr, God Of NatureKhelo, God Of Abundance
Thiaos, God Of LifeDhuagi, God Of ScienceUeyar, God Of Pleasure
Khuvtar, God Of The UnderworldMueyar, God Of SpringRothos, God Of Blessings
Yohr, God Of TradeCentyx, God Of HealthSosrus, God Of Animals
Bagdur, God Of ScienceVueyar, God Of The AfterlifeAdros, God Of Sleep
Wenir, God Of MisfortuneAdos, God Of FamePhakdon, God Of Oracles
Sityx, God Of DestructionYenar, God Of JudgementBurdar, God Of Storms
Zozdos, God Of ChivalryUgton, God Of The SkyPhomion, God Of Destiny

Goddesses are known for their elegance, which is beautiful. Not only does Goddess reward her devotees with prosperity, but it also allows their spirituality to develop. In our house, we believe our little girl is an angel. 

Evther, God Of The InsaneLokaos, God Of DutyThagarus, God Of Beginnings
Ateus, God Of LoyaltySinos, God Of BeginningsAohr, God Of Life
Eldis, God Of GloryDhogeyar, God Of TriumphYros, God Of Poetry
Umeus, God Of WinterArnir, God Of HomeWandros, God Of Shelter
Xamjir, God Of ForgivenessLybris, God Of ScienceQhothar, God Of Wine
Ygione, God Of The HuntChedeyr, God Of TricksXunion, God Of Resistance
Qhides, God Of The RiversUtarr, God Of YouthIgarus, God Of The Land
Onthar, God Of The OstracizedSystus, God Of The MoonIsenar, God Of Shelter
Phugeyr, God Of SuccessYborh, God Of MessagesZomdar, God Of Freedom
Chexdarr, God Of GloryUzdis, God Of SoulsRamus, God Of Nature

According to common belief, your daughter brings wealth and prosperity to your family after Goddess. The titles have a royal feel and are trendy. Many of us choose to call our daughters according to our diety, so we made a list of goddess names for girls.

Shyaos, God Of MarriageXeorr, God Of The SunUxarus, God Of Health
Adthar, God Of SummerCudall, God Of CharityIxdar, God Of Governance
Omos, God Of EducationOher, God Of FlamesLadione, God Of Spring
Dumtia, God Of HomeUdur, God Of SummerQhiarus, God Of War
Qhezenar, God Of TimeFeldes, God Of DreamsEher, God Of Trade
Lanir, God Of DayWykjun, God Of HatredDajun, God Of Time
Kheton, God Of WisdomBezotz, God Of StormsSostus, God Of Love
Odur, God Of LightQhohbris, God Of WineAthar, God Of Seasons
Hodes, God Of MagicNymes, God Of EnvyYkdarr, God Of Spirits
Vonir, God Of WineAtyx, God Of SleepChixmjir, God Of Flames

Choose a newborn baby and send them a right lift in their lives out of this extensive list of goddess names. Check out the trendy terms this season and select the appropriate goddess names for girls.

Taliyah Harriet
Samira Berkley
Devi Ann
Freyja Renee
Austyn Am-No-Tanabata-Hime 
Alannah Benten 
Indrani Kaylin
Beatrix Lakshmi
Sariah Sandra
Queen Izanami

Goddess Names for Boys

Due to the exquisite qualities God possesses, parents around the country prefer to name their children after God. Naturally, you would like to designate your little girl after her if you were an enthusiastic devotee of God. 

Goddess Names for Babies
Buvesis, God Of DestructionDhizotl, God Of WeddingsGames, God Of Spring
Ymus, God Of ChivalryDuxeus, God Of JealousyMyenar, God Of The Mountains
Ihmes, God Of AbundanceQhathar, God Of MercyAstus, God Of Law
Idtyx, God Of SuccessElenar, God Of ProfessionsBijun, God Of Freedom
Oxmos, God Of The MoonXedion, God Of InfamyArus, God Of Destruction
Othos, God Of DestructionAdnia, God Of TruthOzldir, God Of Charity
Ythar, God Of The InsaneChuohr, God Of DreamsQehteus, God Of The Afterlife
Fohdarr, God Of RainEruer, God Of HellUlses, God Of Commerce
Azmjir, God Of BattleDhenia, God Of AutumnSysthar, God Of Fame
Vetmus, God Of LightQamenar, God Of SpringThotarr, God Of Torture

The majestic and mysterious Creator, in the full sense of the word, is supreme. God does not seem to be, though, Socrates only honorific. God, the most strong Creator, his influence, intelligence, wealth, and wisdom, represent many trophies, influencing the goddess names for boys.

Ganas, God Of ChivalryXedite, God Of Night & DayAmos, God Of Poetry
Xeborh, God Of AutumnOros, God Of MedicineKhiion, God Of Chaos
Iohr, God Of PoetryUndall, God Of ThunderUhnos, God Of Children
Gothos, God Of The OstracizedEmrasil, God Of VirtuesOhysus, God Of Envy
Xoione, God Of BattleRhoenar, God Of YouthTudes, God Of Pleasure
Chulous, God Of LogicUeyar, God Of TimeKhoius, God Of Soil
Nezotl, God Of The DarkUlo, God Of DawnSoborh, God Of Hell
Cadon, God Of WisdomWoysus, God Of MiraclesXuslo, God Of Medicine
Faxeus, God Of StormsMarius, God Of Life & DeathDhaeyr, God Of Time
Turdum, God Of FireEvlous, God Of EarthAdite, God Of Death

In this part, we have provided you with an exhaustive god names list for boys. Let us look at a selection of goddess names for boys.

Royalty Sattvic
Raelyn Apollo
Dionysus Castor
Vishnu Achilles
Hermes Chryses
Proteus Shiv
Gopal Nereus
Aeolus Iacchus
Adonis Melanthios
Rahim Iris

10 Steps for giving Goddess baby names

When the baby is born, the next step will be a trendy, pleasant, and concise name for your baby that has a meaningful sense. The challenging part of picking a name is that many friends and family have their ideas. 

Goddess Names for Babies
Xodarr, God Of Wonders Xedthos, God Of The Ostracized Shazione, God Of Destruction
Ottyx, God Of OraclesDhotmir, God Of The SunRadis, God Of Day
Bizius, God Of PoetryRhuzdes, God Of EndingsQurjun, God Of Governance
Oborh, God Of LoveRhireus, God Of TimeTeruer, God Of Justice
Cedes, God Of BlacksmithsMutar, God Of The AfterlifeInas, God Of Strength
Thireus, God Of Good LuckOarus, God Of DestructionAmher, God Of The Ocean
Qudohr, God Of EndingsEhmes, God Of The InsaneDhutaos, God Of Professions
Usdarr, God Of The RiversGaxtyx, God Of The RiversRitnia, God Of Torture
Qithos, God Of HarvestSyldir, God Of WarUlnir, God Of Weddings
Eaos, God Of SoilIenar, God Of MisfortuneDhumes, God Of Sleep

It is essential that when naming a child, the child will hold its name for the rest of its life. It should be well throughout and persuasive to complete until your child is grateful to you for giving him/her a decent beginning.

Ena, Goddess Of The Stars Davphy, Goddess Of Chivalry Bomis, Goddess Of Glory
Krumlene, Goddess Of SuccessDrodia, Goddess Of MisfortuneTinasis, Goddess Of Tricks
Phymna, Goddess Of CharityTaotl, Goddess Of WindNamphine, Goddess Of Resistance
Ghyxella, Goddess Of SecrecyCuelia, Goddess Of EarthQrutdona, Goddess Of Work
Uphion, Goddess Of OrderVuotz, Goddess Of The HuntDazris, Goddess Of Truth
Myotz, Goddess Of LogicCidea, Goddess Of The OstracizedOtia, Goddess Of Youth
Dradione, Goddess Of SoilRita, Goddess Of BeautyKatrix, Goddess Of Conquest
Cygtia, Goddess Of EarthCinraura, Goddess Of The MoonRenotl, Goddess Of Blacksmiths
Naasis, Goddess Of EndingsDryttia, Goddess Of BattleDrianke, Goddess Of Fire
Vuyja, Goddess Of FreedomKitgyn, Goddess Of The MilitaryGossyn, Goddess Of Time

Deciding on your child\’s name is one of the most fun aspects that can talk about during your pregnancy. Here are the ten tips for picking up baby goddess names to help you get your baby name.

Semdes, God Of Fortune Byvtarr, God Of Soil Binbus, God Of Destiny
Wandohr, God Of SecrecyGohtarr, God Of EarthOgdros, God Of Music
Amus, God Of JudgementPhaeyr, God Of MisfortuneThiione, God Of Destruction
Rhodarus, God Of WeddingsXemes, God Of JealousyThuznos, God Of Night
Xelo, God Of LoveShodarr, God Of HomeUbus, God Of The Rivers
Vesses, God Of RevengeZutia, God Of The RiversNeorr, God Of Blessings
Faarus, God Of GovernanceUldar, God Of FertilityYton, God Of The Afterlife
Sidite, God Of FuneralsUkldir, God Of The HuntOione, God Of The Dark
Ovdar, God Of HonorOstia, God Of The SunYmlotl, God Of Night & Day
Gumes, God Of The DarkTustus, God Of CommerceLelnia, God Of Glory
  • Make sure your chosen name does not sound bizarre and rough on the ears when called out loud.
  • Look at your family tree If you want to adopt tradition and use your old family crest.
  • Avoid running behind trends as trends will change. It is just a temptation to which many people flow away. So going behind classic is always a better option.
  • Mind that your kid has to bear this name for all his / her lives, so it\’s always great to have a spectacular and unexpected name.
  • Honor to be gender-sensitive to seek significance for your society.
  • A name always valued with a profound meaning. Try to find an evident name that conveys practical importance and value.
  • Consider often about the potential nicknames and variants that could come from the name of your infant.
  • Know the value of the name of the middle. When you intend to assign one or more middle terms to a child, please consider what the initials mean.
  • Please keep it simple, short, and not at all complicated, because different long names can trigger irritation, especially when your child fills in many of these forms in the future.
  • Does the name have the same appeal as an adult? Ask yourself.

Below are some Baby Goddess Names as per your preference.

Blakely Juliana
Sienna Londyn
Callie Aliyah
Trinity Ariel
Juliette Alyssa
Morgan Harmony
Daisy Genevieve
Molly Esther
Amour Jordyn
Achintyah Annabelle

Goddess baby Names

Deciding on your child\’s name is one of the most fun aspects that talk about during your pregnancy. When you are young, you may still see a term that has influenced you. These can be the Goddess\’s baby names, role model, a prominent historical figure, a legend that you most respect. 

goddess baby names
Khimagi, God Of Chivalry Uztarr, God Of Work Uruer, God Of The Ostracized
Chuses, God Of ResistanceQektar, God Of HuntingDydos, God Of Hope
Feltyx, God Of The SeaQheaos, God Of InfamyUlous, God Of Night
Qoldir, God Of MisfortuneAdite, God Of JusticeDuohr, God Of Seasons
Imes, God Of OrderDhaznos, God Of Night & DayAxaos, God Of Obscurity
Idros, God Of The MountainsTadzotz, God Of The HuntOhteus, God Of Chivalry
Delios, God Of GovernanceBylous, God Of WinterUlotl, God Of Dreams
Shareus, God Of JusticeTogros, God Of TranquillityRumos, God Of Fall
Rhoton, God Of TranquillityOmus, God Of OrderZagdohr, God Of Chaos
Chohaos, God Of CharityShyher, God Of JealousyGojun, God Of Spring

Keep the geography you live in mind, and your child will blend into the world with goddess baby names. Do not get too excited by films during the vetting process.

Obium, God Of Messages Bogses, God Of Beer Delthar, God Of Summer
Uteus, God Of Good LuckAione, God Of HopeEdos, God Of Dreams
Sedar, God Of SeasonsDhabus, God Of ShelterSoros, God Of Beginnings
Delthos, God Of TruthGuborh, God Of HatredDydis, God Of Beauty
Nilotl, God Of EndingsPhobium, God Of DayDibus, God Of Mercy
Ildir, God Of MagicKhyion, God Of NightShuhaldir, God Of Water
Xilous, God Of MiraclesOdarr, God Of WondersXastus, God Of The Hunt
Feemis, God Of BlessingsVumdros, God Of The RiversEkdite, God Of Justice
Vurarus, God Of MercyCitruer, God Of The InsaneCeeyar, God Of Glory
Xahysus, God Of OraclesAvdar, God Of ChanceUaos, God Of Tranquillity

Our Mythology is a series of tales about the heroes, the gods, and ancient commemorations that are part of traditional religion. These myths have inspired our civilization\’s arts and literature deeply.

You can take inspiration from the deities, Gods, Angels, and other icons when you search for names for your baby. With their conceptions, we give you some  Goddess baby Names adapted to our current days.

Noelle Alayna
Blake Raegan
Mya Daniela
Gracie Ariella
Payton Elise
Olive Laila
Diana Lauren
Brooke Journee
Rosalie Jocelyn
Georgia Freya

It\’s a significant achievement to name your child. It\’s a blessing that lasts forever with your baby. Choosing a name may be an uncomfortable operation, especially if so many people are involved. When you want it, you have to be patient and thoughtful.

Whatever some suggest, before the baby\’s name finalizes, parents should conduct rigorous analysis. It is not too late, before the bundle of joy is born, the hunt for the right name will begin. So grab your pen and paper and sit with your spouse to write some enjoyable Baby Goddess Names ideas that you got here for your little bean. 

Habris, God Of Earth Thiros, God Of Truth Odnos, God Of Blacksmiths
Sheorr, God Of TruthTuzruer, God Of CommerceAdur, God Of Knowledge
Usrus, God Of EducationTynbris, God Of EnvyGuorr, God Of Hell
Zysdall, God Of RainUtrus, God Of KnowledgeThigeyar, God Of Peace
Cumus, God Of DutyXilteus, God Of The MilitaryRivjun, God Of Night
Figohr, God Of TimePhaldir, God Of SuccessGaxdohr, God Of Souls
Eremis, God Of LightCatia, God Of AgricultureHiarus, God Of Harvest
Goarus, God Of ResistanceRoreus, God Of HarvestGolous, God Of Dreams
Udohr, God Of The MountainsZanas, God Of DestinyOmir, God Of Conquest
Gagses, God Of EarthSeros, God Of BattleSeldir, God Of Spring


From this instant onwards, you can understand how a name is essential for your child and give your child a distinct identity with a unique goddess baby name. And it would never be complicated for you if you follow the protocol.

I hope you can compare and pick a name for your baby from the above enticing goddess baby names.

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