1199+ Creative And Unique Giant Names

Have you ever been scared of something unseen? Or have you ever developed an interest in supernatural power? Have you ever been scared of playing any horror game series? Or sometimes, have you ever played The Dark Descent? Okay, keeping the fears aside let’s come to the mainstream!

We all know that the value of a name plays an integral part in one’s life and business. Through a name,  you will get to know about the characters, personality, identity and many more things. Also, it is quite challenging to find out names that meant giant.

If you are a fantasy role-playing gamer, then you must have accepted how the names help you to enjoy the thrills of the game in one go! So, to instigate your RPG experiences, we are providing you with the not so common names of giants, which will help you to learn more about giant cultures and mythology.

Names of Giants

VarunWritingBodorNames Shining
AuthorsDownsEdgeGiant Energy
GasserFadsTanasNames Dished
AalborgKraganAxorNames Handy
OrtoMergerMarchNames Clever
NiosOfficeMongarGiant Wick
VinosTenosJoderGiant Cult
JasonAllergyZunesGiant Vitality
GrunrusArgesCatalogueGiant Renew
HelasAthosXGiant Whiskers
KrumtagRaw logBiagioGiant Chew
HamburgCaucusCriggantGiant Quipo
MozartCacaKiowaName city
MalthusAthensGiant ReignNames Martyr
WegiLaterGiant FireNames Confidence
KeenanBirnirGiant PeeweeGiant Destiny
DeathZexworNames EssentialName
TollasFloorsNamestNames Loop
NakomGroomGiant ApexGiantzoid
JuliusNarymGiant WonderNames Scale
AriochOrtoNames MorphGiantlia
VendorSofasGiant nestNames King
SrukarosMufrymNamgenixNames Theory

Fire Giant Names

If you wish to name the tall giants which are about 18ft and above, you have to find names that are called fire busters! Let us know more about the fire giant names! The fire giants are also known as determining raiders!

The fire giants live in very hot places like volcanoes, lava lamps. They are very heavyweights. Average fire giants weighing up to 7000 pounds, also have very dark and thick skin along with almost red hair.

VoterClearDefameSprout Names
MokkaisHiBlogDwarf Fire
CramerSectorVisbargMatrix Giant
AiasOlasAfterSpace Fire
NeedsHashtagDudes NamesRedux Giant
JamlithCloseFrag FirePick Fire
HagridVerizonBlueprint FireGeek Giant
RuglithHozierNumerologySpecter Giant
GroblerDeaconsClan GiantLife Giant
KatieJadeLeague NamesHunt Fire
TrumkisAltoTap FireNamen
BlablablaNadrymCombo GiantDash Giant
TiniIncogEffect NamesKill Giant
AngriIfUnholy FireGiantistic
UczarWithGiantocityKing Giant
BretagLoverNameAtomic Names
BiscayAmadorShot GiantMercy Fire
ZeligTrumkisBattle NamesOutcast Giant
TutorRiserFantasy NamesJelly Giant
AfterVisorStealth NamesBomber Names
MoserRiverSprite NamesRedux Names
SifogTurkeyZero FireNation Names
GlatkarosAiasCrack NamesGrind Names
FeganLadiesAnime NamesTotal Fire

We hope that you have got to know the female and male fire giants names together. Now, let’s move into female giant names!

Female Giant Names

According to mythology, the female giants get pregnant for 9 to 18 months. After that period, they give birth to a giant child, who reaches maturity at the age of around 50 years.

Female Giant

They are like women of superhuman sizes. All these giants have different types of nature. Each type of giant has different historical background.

You have to look at their origin before giving a name! A female giant is also called a giantess. A mythical being.

WalesLola GiantMadonna NamesEnticing Giant
AltiSuburbia FemalePurity GiantErrorless Female
FlavourNamlazaFemalearaMadam Female
SanderPhoenix NamesAviator NamesBrilliant Female
KinlinLaced Female.Clinical FemaleAdele Names
CraigElevated GiantElegant FemaleAmaze Female
FeverNude GiantFlamingo NamesBlank Giant
FontsNamquipoAesthetics GiantDefine Female
VlanwirMane NamesBlurred FemaleFix Names
RogersEnthralling FemaleEsthetic GiantEnchanting Names
ZubregBalaclava FemaleCookie GiantAces Giant
DiggerBlended GiantLola GiantNamhut
NegiScintillant FemaleSuburbia FemaleVirtue Giant
GictheisVoid NamesNamlazaAdvanced Names
TremalegAvenge FemalePhoenix NamesPasha Names
OtherGene NamesLaced FemaleDame Female
Madonna NamesHatchel GiantElevated GiantAugust Names
Purity GiantAces NamesNude GiantBomb Giant
FemalearaReflect NamesNamquipoCovert Female
Aviator NamesCastaway GiantMane NamesSalve Giant
Clinical FemaleAdoring NamesEnthralling FemalePasha Giant
Elegant FemaleIdolize NamesBalaclava FemaleCamaro
Flamingo NamesRenewing NamesBlended GiantClassy Names
Aesthetics GiantAccentuate Giant.Scintillant FemaleNamops
Blurred FemaleBewitch NamesOak and LeafBounce Female

Stone Giant Names

The stone giants are not considered evils, rather they are golem-like creatures that are seen in the mountain paths. So, please beware whenever you are travelling to a hilly area!

Stone Giant

Blahahaha! Jokes apart, the stone giants appear in the fourth level, hurling rocks at Bilbo. The stone giants are fully made of stones and their stones are addicted to supernatural power! They are neutral in nature. The only being, which is shrouded in mystery.  The early root of stone giants is considered as North.

Now, let us get through some amazing names of the stone giants!

DodkongBlogFavogFlora Giant
KayalithicaCloserBeddorGrowth Names
EnormousBlogJoderLand Names
ColossalMeriwetherIberResource Names
BlasiusTabarBluthLegacy Stone
LilithKuggrogLobosHydro Giant
StagFlucgrogLifamAscend Giant
BalvagJixbogRefined GiantVulnerable Giant
NightDogSanctuary StoneHandy Giant
HousesWorldCoast NamesSprout Stone
ThisBeldraSunshine GiantMason Giant
RegZarkaPrecision GiantLiving Names
DragerFalkFort GiantPassion Giant
MoserSkalaGravity NamesMozilla
MunsterValgusNectar StonePeace Names
AxisModaGlacier GiantAbsolute Giant
AlulrisSulfulkhSolution NamesArk Names
JustheisRagnarNamadilBuffer Names
XavierZezmohrLeaf GiantSalt Names
NamMauritiusReclaim NamesStoneporium
DelawareTalwarWood GiantFriend Giant

Fantasy Giant Names

Fantasy Giant

The fantasy giants catch men to eat. They roar like thunders! The folklore giants look like humans in appearance. The fantasy giants names should be funny yet lengthy, which has the spark to collide the humankind!

So, here we are presenting few names from where you can take help to create your giant\’s name!

MatthiasWithFantasy GiantNamibia
RagtagCreamAccelerate FantasyAlpha Name
OutgunDoxkaosField GiantMarvel Giant
ZowbargVendorMortal FantasyNameooze
LabourNigvogBomber FantasyGiantnetic
NibargAriochSpirit GiantFire Fantasy
SrukbarMenusNameDrift Fantasy
WarthogFantasyopediaCalibre FantasyLand Giant
SolarDope NameGenius GiantNamearc
Death orNameonusMage GiantFantastic
BozlosFantasybiaSpar NameShift Name
EdiusVideogames FantasyFusion FantasyRaider Name
EmusGiantzillaHunter NameBoom Giant
SangStrike NameHero NameWalker Name
LogPak GiantBeam FantasyCube Fantasy
ZorinEmpire GiantGiantquipoFantasy Name
TraderInfinite GiantInfinite NameHalo Giant
SlenkarosDestructor NameAlliance GiantSebas Fantasy
Find usNameadoraNamevioBoom Name
WenmohrHavoc GiantRoyale GiantLazer Giant
AgentMy FantasySniper FantasyRoyal Fantasy
BlogSensor FantasyTactic NameSonic Giant
AesarDark GiantWings FantasyBerserker Name
OasSaga NamePaladin GiantFantasyops
OaksSniper NameBandit NameSmash Name

Storm Giant Names

The storm giants are often called contemplative seers. Their location is so far from the mortal civilisation. Most of the storm giants have emerald eyes with dark grey skin. They live inside castles and on the top of the mountains.

Storm Giant

The storm giants are very strong, and they can hurl as far as 60 to 240 feet. Also, there is a belief that the storm giants can live up to 600 years.

They are omnivorous, and they always look for fresh foods! What we have got to know while reading, storms giants do not fight, they throw boulders and storms at opponents for fun. They are around 25ft tall and weighing in 1000 pounds! Ok, now let’s move to their names.

RaupBig lotAzure NamesGiantistic
DressingNutaKingdom StormNamco
DostylpGironaStormerEnjoy Storm
HyrnsuWalnutCatalyst NamesHorizon Names
OtlylpMost fastStormivaStormcock
SinceYimmraPlatinum NamesStormtastic
HyattReliefNamcoEverlast Giant
DraufnGiantlyGiantprismDivine Storm
JohnNamaraIconic NamesGlory Storm
EirnsuSerendipity GiantStormliaTemple Giant
GupStormellaDome GiantGiant
EygjegleimdElysian StormDreamland StormNamdeck
BengStormgenixStormUtopia Giant
SellerGlory NamesLazarus NamesStormwind
MetedGrantableStormadoBabylon Giant
AddStormzillaIconic StormMasterclass Giant
BuzzHorizon StormStormjetName
ByLegendary GiantCrowd NamesStormy
HyungNamazRiot GamesGiantverse
LukeStormzenKingdom NamesGiantex
FamerImpulse StormLazarus GiantNamorzo
AstrNumerologyStormopolisInfamous Names

We hope that now you can generate storm giant names with the help of the above-mentioned names.

Names Of Gaints In The Bible

Giants in the Bible

In the Hebrew Bible, the biblical people Nephilim are called mysterious beings of large size people who tried to live both before and after the flood.

The word Nephilim means giants, it also means the fallen ones. The Holy Bible describes lots of individuals as giants. There are giant people groups that are also mentioned irrespective of their sizes.

Now, let us know about the names of the giants mentioned in the Bible.

The NephilimSound BibleOfhutEsteem The
The AnakimOfhutThelyticalOfopedia
GoliathThelyticalAcute InAmaze Names
Philistine GiantsAcute InEsteem InTriumph Bible
The AmoritesEsteem InPropel GiantsAffordable Giants
The EmimPropel GiantsBibleoramaInformed Of
The Zuzim (Zamzummim)BibleoramaBrilliant NamesInverse
RephaimBrilliant NamesSickest LogoValiant Of
SamuelCatholicPrimary BibleGiantsnetic
CatholicPath NamesRapid NamesAffinity Names
Path NamesFinest NamesAffiliate OfTheara
Finest NamesBibleonusBiblesAware Bible
BibleonusPrevail InNamadriAdvocate Of
Prevail InOnlyUnity GiantsMarine Giants
OnlyCertain OfTrust BibleSolve The
Certain OfAffordable TheAssist BibleDare Names
Affordable TheMeasured OfSolved NamesAid In
Measured OfResponse InPrime OfBolt Of
Response InAcclaimed GiantsBible versePropel Bible
Acclaimed GiantsBibleResponse TheAstonish The
BibleBiblesElite NamesPrevail Of
BiblesAsset OfInformed Giants.Aspire, Giants,
Asset OfPraise TheFix TheTotal Giants
Praise TheInsight BibleNameAffiliate The
Insight BibleSound BiblePlatinum OfUnique

Those are few giants names, mentioned in the Bible.

Giant Names Norse

Giant Names Norse

According to Norse Mythology, the giants were existing before Gods and overcome by them later. There are two classes of Norse Mythology.

The Frost GiantsFad NorseSharp NorseStride Norse
The Fire GiantsDoozy GiantArrow NorseDelta Names
Doozy GiantYoung NorseListing GiantDay One Norse
Young NorseFly NorseRadiant GiantScoot Names
Fly NorseAssist GiantDelight GiantAlpine Giant
Assist GiantVenture GiantLab GiantJasmine Giant
Venture GiantFinish GiantInvisible NamesLine Names
Finish GiantZoid NorseFarm NamesHaven Names
Zoid NorseEvil GiantNamverseDreamboat Names
Evil GiantDetect NorseChoose NamesFad Norse
Detect NorseQuarter NamesMikado NorseEnd Names
Quarter NamesSpire NorsePanorama NamesMelody Norse
Spire NorseHijack NamesFiscal GiantVibe Giant
Hijack NamesHouse NamesShrine NamesWalker Names
House NamesHall GiantExcel GiantHemp Giant
Hall GiantVibe NamesClutch NamesContour Norse
Vibe NamesSwan NamesFood NamesSofa Norse
Swan NamesRentals NorseCabal GiantMachine Norse
Rentals NorseEnviro NamesFoster NorseSoham Giant
Enviro NamesMisguided GiantScience NamesFunland Giant
Misguided GiantNaked GiantCharter GiantYantra Norse
Naked GiantMasters NamesGunslingers NorseVibrance Names
Masters NamesFeed GiantCapacity NorseButterfly Giant
Feed GiantGlow GiantBison GiantMajor Norse
Glow GiantFad NorseOcean NamesShining Norse

Few names we are adding for your reference to know the names of giants in Norse Mythology.

GymOcean NamesMump NamesRuby Giant
GormShining NorseEnvision NorseDreamworld Giant
GillingFoster NorseOverwrite NamesEco Giant
BaugiCity NamesSunshine NamesGrinded Giant
LokiStunner GiantHamper GiantVerified Norse
KariThrill NamesNorseorzoPrism Giant
PlazaFood NorseHerb NamesNiyama Norse
InvalidBark NorseDough NamesRocket Giant
GullveigBarons NamesBrain NamesLeash Names
RinderEntice GiantBea NamesFlash Norse
BestlaModern NamesChirp GiantZest Giant
Diesel GiantPhantom GiantResponse GiantTactic Norse
Cactus NamesYawl NorseNotch NorseLima Giant
Gravity NorseTribe NamesDainty NorseRipple Norse
Fly GiantExfoliate NorseConvert GiantMade Norse
Energy NorseView GiantChew GiantGateway Norse
Frame NorseMaster GiantBite NorseVictory Names
Bunker NorseSnazzy GiantAssist NorseShot Norse
Lasting NamesHabit NamesExpress NamesBar Norse
Intellect NorseNoir NorseNorseishTarget Norse
N GiantMeridian NamesChief NorseConquer Giant
Salve NorseConquest GiantAgile GiantLand Giant
Method NorseDomain NamesSafe NorseTonic Names
Archive GiantFocus GiantArtistry GiantKisses Names
Drill NamesSamsonite NamesDecision NamesChirp Giant

Who are the 12 Giants in Greek Mythology?

12 Giants in Greek Mythology?

Ok, now let us find out the humanoid monsters\’ names of great physical appearance in Greek Mythology!

Otis and Ephialtes (twins)Hut InHole InMagma 12
OrionIngenicoTakeoutDished 12
DamienAmbrosial GreekPresto GiantsChop Greek
PolybotesFury InStack GreekGreek
EnceladusNouveau InHearty GiantsSpicy Giants
PorphyrionToss GreekBazaar GreekSizzle Mythology
AlcyoneusMythologyquipoBit GiantsChopped In
TyphonGiancarloGiants areStory Greek
CaucusHot GreekBasket MythologyMythologyoryx
ThornCrave InGiantsonusMythologydeck
ClytiusSpices MythologySizzle 12Greekvio
SerbiaGiantsorzoSplit GreekBinge Giants
Smoke MythologyGiantsworksGrove GreekBrew In
Connoisseur GreekAccent 12MonsterBite Mythology
Aroma MythologyMythologyopsMythologyologyHearty Greek
Garnish 12Boy InBarge GiantsDiced In
FantasticPurist MythologyIngenixWish Mythology
Bay GiantsTraditional Greek12azaHot Greek
Baked 12Classics GiantsMythologylazaGiantswind
Wave MythologyAcclaimed 12Hut MythologyGiantsegy
Cuts MythologyStrip GreekSuperior GiantsFine In
Ambrosial 12Wrap GiantsChef MythologyDine 12
MythologyellaBoard MythologyRoll GreekWish Giants
IniumWagon MythologyAlluring 12Upscale Greek
Edulis GiantsFlavor GreekGreekoryxBinge In

Now, we have learned about the 12 giants in Greek Mythology. Now, let us know the answer to the most frequently asked question Who is the Strongest Giant in Greek mythology?

Well,  Alcyoneus is the strongest Giant in Greek Mythology.

Who is the God of Giants

God of Giants

Aurgelmir in Norse Mythology is considered as God of Giants.

Famous Giants in History

We have got to know about the giants and their names, now let’s turn the pages of their history as well. There are many famous giants, even some are considered real-life giants. Following are some names of the giants who had remarkable journeys as giants with supernatural power.

Atlas: who used to hold the sky up!Perception GiantsWise InMode Famous
Polyphemus: The one-eyed giantHistorybiaPropel InInfo
Balor: Considered as one-eyed God of DeathBloom InAccelerate GiantsAgile In
Goliath: The Biblical GiantExplore HistoryRoads InBecome Famous
Gogmagog: The Last British GiantGrasshopper InCocoon InPerception Giants
Kumbhakarna: The Giant Appetite, mentioned in the Hindu epic The RamayanaThe Giant Appetite mentioned in the Hindu epic The RamayanaDynamo InHistorybia
Oni: The Japanese DemonFamousgenicsBelief FamousBloom In
Athos: The creator of the mountain mount AthosHigher GiantsSchool InExplore History
Robert Wadlow: The real-life giant, the tallest man ever Institute HistoryGrasshopper In
Jotun:A member of the Norse MythologyFocus InFlare Famous
InfoGiantsazaBloom FamousFamousgenics
Agile InStrive InFamouszoidHigher Giants
Become FamousFamous worksHistoryzillaZanella
RankPassGuardian InBeacon InFamousoont
InivaFamousgenixQuake HistoryWise In
Meetup HistoryLeader GiantsCocoon FamousPropel In
IndiaBookworm GiantsSail FamousAccelerate Giants
Energize InDream GiantsLink GiantsRoads In
Nerd InFamousaholicGiantsvioCocoon In
Network HistorySuccess FamousDen FamousDynamo In
Techie HistoryHistoricBright Side GiantsBelief Famous
Guide InGiantsadoPossible InSchool In
Thrive HistoryBoost HistoryHurdle HistoryInstitute History
FantasticMentor InAlpha HistoryFocus In
Smart InGiantsologyGiantslyticalMode Famous


Concluding the article with a suggestion that, whenever you are creating a giant name always focus on the fact that, you have to find out the most suitable name for the character which perfectly describes the roles of the giant. Because, as we know the giants represent powerful natural forces.

In the end, we are expecting that you have got an idea to name your giant characters. We hope you will like it and your valuable feedbacks are awaited.

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