Ghost Of Tsushima: Where To Find The Gosavi Armour Keys

We help you find all the keys to unlock the Gosaku armor in Ghost of Tsushima, a team that will come in handy to finish the rest of the adventure.

The legendary Gosaku armor set you will be able to find after finding 6 special keys that are spread throughout the map, where all of the keys are located.

The good thing is that you will be able to previously find all these keys before you unlock the relevant mission, to save you having to retrace your steps.

Where to find the Gosaku armor keys in Ghost of Tsushima

Once we start the mythical tale to unlock the Gosaku armor, the keys will be marked on the map, but not before. Before you can begin this search we must advance to act 2 of the story and once there we must go to the town of Akashima to locate a musician located south of this same place.


After talking to him, he will tell you the story of the armor and will invite you to visit several farms in various regions to find the keys.

As soon as we reach an area where a key is found, we must first release it, and this is achieved by killing all the guards and saving the three hostages, and the last is the one who will give us the proper key.

Location of the six keys

You have four keys in the Izuhara region:

  • Yamagata Farm
  • Ohama fishing village
  • Aoi Village
  • Kuta farm

You have the last two keys in the Toyota region:

  • Iijima Farm
  • Koshimizu Farm

Once you have found all six keys, a mark will appear on the map to which you will have to go to finally unlock the armor. Obviously, we must go to the top in Akashima taking care of the Mongols that we are going to meet along the way.