Genshin Impact Venti: Age, Height, Skills, Personality[Updated 2023]

A playable character in the well-known video game Genshin Impact is named Venti. He is a bard and the Anemo Archon, in charge of preserving harmony and order in the Mondstadt area.

Venti is renowned for his easygoing and mischievous demeanor, frequently making fun of and pulling pranks on his friends. He is also smart and perceptive, giving the traveler and their companions insightful counsel and wisdom.

Venti uses his bow and his Anemo skills primarily in battle. His Charged Attack charges up an arrow for greater damage while his Regular Attack releases a barrage of arrows. His Elemental Burst, Wind\’s Grand Ode, summons a powerful gust of wind that deals significant Anemo damage and sends foes flying. His Elemental Skill, Soaring Sonnet, summons a gust of wind that sends enemies flying.

Venti is also renowned for his proficiency with the lyre and love of music. He frequently plays music to uplift individuals around him and to calm their souls.

Venti is an all-around sophisticated and multifaceted character that brings variety and depth to the Genshin Impact universe.

Venti\’s age, height, birthday, and skills in Genshin Impact

A playable character in the well-known video game Genshin Impact is named Venti. The following information about him:

Age: 2600 years around

Height: 160cm (5\’2\”)

Birthday: June 16

Element: Anemo (Wind)

Weapon: Bow

Voice Actor (English): Erika Harlacher

Voice Actor (Japanese): Ayumu Murase

Estimated Age Of The Popular Characters In Genshin Impact

As a fan of the Genshin Impact video games, you might want to know the ages of the popular characters in Genshin Impact. As Venti is one of the popular characters, you might be wondering:  how old is Venti in Genshin Impact?

You will be surprised to know the age of Venti in the Genshin Impact video game. In his human form, Venti may look like a young lad whom you may think of 15 years old.

But, originally, Venti is aged more than 2600 years old. So, do not assume him as a mere teenager when you see him for the first time.  

After Venti, there are characters like Diluc, Paimon, Aether, and others. Fans of these video games also show curiosity about their age.  

Heights Of The Other Characters In Genshin Impact

Name of the CharactersTheir Heights
sayuHeight Unknown
Hu tao5’1’’

Ages Of Other Characters In Genshin Impact

Character namesAges
Zhong Li28/6000+

Genshin Impact Venti Skills

Normal Attack: Venti\’s Normal Attack uses his bow to shoot a number of arrows. Its move consists of six quick shots that each deal nearby foes Anemo damage.

Charged Attack: Venti\’s Charged Attack, which deals more damage than his Normal Attack, charges an arrow before releasing it. When fully charged, the Charged Attack hits a smaller area than the Regular Attack and causes more damage.

Elemental Skill: Venti\’s elemental skill, Skyward Sonnet, creates a wind gust that sends foes flying and causes Anemo damage. This skill has a tiny area of impact and can be charged up to increase its duration and damage.

Elemental Burst: Venti\’s Elemental Burst, known as Wind\’s Grand Ode, releases an arrow that causes a powerful wind gust, delivering a significant amount of Anemo damage and sending foes into the air. Moreover, this ability lowers the enemy\’s Anemo resistance and briefly raises Venti\’s own Elemental Mastery, enabling him to deliver even more Anemo damage.

Passive Talent: Embrace of Winds Soaring Sonnet, Venti\’s initial passive talent, has a duration increase of 2 seconds and a cooldown reduction of 2 seconds thanks to Embrace of Winds. Venti\’s second passive talent, Stormeye, raises the pace at which his energy recharges by 15%.

Constellations: Obtaining copies of Venti\’s character will allow you to unlock six of his Constellations. The damage and duration of his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst are increased, as well as their duration, by these Constellations. They also shorten the cooldown of his Charged Attack.

Genshin Impact Venti personality

In Genshin Impact, Venti is a jovial and carefree character who is renowned for his naughty personality and love of music. He enjoys pulling practical jokes on his pals and making fun of them frequently, yet he always has the best intentions and is a dependable friend.

Venti is a wise and perceptive individual despite his easygoing demeanour. His wisdom and knowledge have frequently aided the Traveler and their friends. He has a profound awareness of the world and the people who inhabit it.

Venti has a special love for music, and he frequently plays his lyre to calm people\’s hearts. His demeanour, which appreciates spreading joy and happiness to others around him, reflects his love of music.

Venti is a rich and multifaceted character overall, blending his cheeky and lighthearted side with his wisdom and compassion. To those who know him, he is a great ally and friend, and his bubbly personality adds levity and happiness to the Genshin Impact universe.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who Is The Tallest In Genshin Impact?

The fan community of Genshin Impact says that the new tallest hero in the game is Wedge Itto.

But he wears high heels. So, if you measure barefoot, Zhong Li is the tallest character in Genshin Impact. His age is more than 6000 years and his height is 6’1’’.

  • How Tall Is Kaeya And Diluc?

In the role-playing video game Genshin Impact, the heights of both Kaeya and Diluc are 6’1’.  So you can say that both Kaeya and Diluc are of the same height as Zhong Li is.

  • How Old Is Scaramouche Genshin Impact Age?

In the video game Genshin Impact, Scaramouche is a character who is a male human.

The fact is that you can’t determine his age because he is a character in the game who is immortal. As for his height, Scaramouche is 5’4’’ or 1.63 m tall.

  • Is Venti A Teenager Genshin?

Well, Venti may look like a teenager in Genshin Impact but he is not a teenager at all. He looks like a young male in the form of a human. But Venti is thousands of years old. Venti himself says that his age is more than 2600 years old.  

  • How Old Is Paimon Genshin Impact?

Paimon in Genshin\’s impact is a little girl whose age is just 7 years old. Her birthday is on 1st June and she is only 2 feet tall. But you must not ignore her by seeing her tender age and little height. She is wise and knowledgeable, though she is just a young girl.  

To Sum It Up

It is totally justified to gather all the details regarding your favorite characters in an action role-playing a video game-like Genshin Impact.

Also, if you are completely aware of the small details of the characters like their ages and their heights, you can choose your avatar wisely.

So, now that you are aware of these things regarding Genshin Impact and its characters, I hope that you can now play the game with ease and comfort. All the best.

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