Fortnite x BTS: A New Destiny Gaming & Music?

As you don’t survive under a rock, you are maybe aware of what Fortnite and BTS are all about. They are the tremendous famous names in music and video gaming at present. Epic Games have always made the news with their symbolic collabs. However, they seem to have struck the top prize with this one. 


Epic games finalized today of an amazing video appearance on the game’s Party Royale Island. The appearance will characteristic BTS’s dance video for their latest world strick, Dynamite. So, the moment will breeze on Party Royale’s main floor at 12 PM GMT on the 25th of September. 

Moreover, a part of the moment is two new emote that will go on sale in the game from the 23rd of Sept. Epic has replica these emote after BTS. They will cost 800 around in total.

For those of you who do not know, Party Royale is a company new social space that the game set afloat earlier this year. It is situated on a secluded island from the rest of the game. Also, this island is free from fight and players cannot carry any implements or weapons to the area. 


Future Plans for Party Royale

Epic’s plans for party Royale are huge indeed. Nate Nanzer, brand’s head of world partnerships said in an interview with The Verge that they have plans to turn Party Royale into a full-fledged effective venue for the artist. 

They are also watching to start a series of musical performances to make this happen. So maybe, BTS is just the initial name on a star dotted myriad. If recent hints are anything to go through. 

If recent points are anything to go through, fans should expect to see their best-loved music stars in-game frequently.

Epic is trying in the direction of what could become an entirely new flat for multimedia. No brand has, as of yet, test with the idea of video gaming and original music.