Fortnite: Will There Be A 13.50 Patch Before Season 4?

Fortnite update 13.40 arrived just a few days ago to bring the long-awaited new cars from Season 3 to the battle royale; something that has already been established as one of the best news that the Epic Games game has received in recent months.

However, we know that the human being is an animal incapable of not paying attention to the future no matter how much he is enjoying the present. Which is why there is a frequently asked question within the fan community: Will there be another big update before Season 4 premieres?

The reasons that support this uncertainty are based on the fact that the next season of Fortnite is increasingly just around the corner since the current one already has a specific expiration date: next August 26.


Luckily, the data miner community is always aware of these kinds of questions in order to give them a more than a simple answer. Thus, it has been the data miner known as Lucas7yoshi who has been in charge of diving into the lines of the game\’s code to find out if said 13.50 update will become a reality.

And, precisely, the answer he has obtained has been clear: Epic Games does not have any more updates planned for the remainder of Season 3, since the next one is identified in the game files as patch 14.0 (which will correspond with the premiere of Season 4).

However, it would not be unreasonable that Epic Games was keeping a minor patch up its sleeve that was aimed at correcting minor errors in Fortnite or to further polish its gaming experience; something to which we will be extremely attentive to inform you about how this possibility evolves in the coming days and weeks.

We will update this article as new details become known so if you want to stay up to date on the gaming news, stay tuned and keep reading \” Nintendo inquirer\”.