Fixes For Fortnite Keeps Crashing On PC (2023)

Are you a passionate Fortnite player who\’s been left frustrated by the infamous \”Fortnite Keeps Crashing PC\” issue? You\’re not alone! This maddening problem has plagued gamers worldwide, disrupting epic battles and causing countless moments of sheer gaming despair. But fear not, because in this article, we\’re diving deep into the world of Fortnite crashes to help you overcome this frustrating ordeal.

An intense match is going on and you are one of the few left survivors, sneaking, shooting, and building your way to oh-so-glorious victory, but unfortunately, you are faced with a crashing issue Fortnite keeps crashing pc

Now you are desperately seeking to know “How To Fix If Fortnite Keeps Crashing PC”

This good read will provide you with all the suggestions and fixes that will enable you to get rid of the exasperating Fortnite random crashes.

The Beginners Fortnite Keeps Crashing Pc

Fortnite presents you with a world that is filled with various experiences. It will tingle your competitive nature as you compete till the very end to be rewarded as the last player surviving or your team for that matter, apply your playstyle and thrive in the world created by you.

You can play Fortnite in four types of game modes, which are, Battle Royale, Creative, and Save the World.

1. Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale is available on PC, consoles, and mobile and the best part is that it is a free-to-play game.

Team up with other players or your friends and battle till you obliterate the other teams, utilize the power at your disposal in the form of bricks, wood, and metal for building structures that will act as protection and increase your chances of winning.

Moreover, you should certainly look forward to special seasons and events, new weapons, items, and vehicles for enhancing your gaming experience

2. Party Royale

If had enough of constant battling and just want to chill, Party Royale is your mode to play,

it constitutes of evolving and experimental space, The attractive features you will interact and engage in are, boat races, aerial obstacle courses, live concerts from various artists, and as well movies.

3. Creative

Love to be in charge of everything in your surroundings? So, the creative is your call to be the organizer of your island, create scenery that reflects your preference, have the authority to create your own rules and games, can even invite your friends to the island.

4. Save The World

Fortnite seems to believe in satisfying the wants of almost any type of gamer because if you are interested in being the hero who explores the vast and destructible world with their teammates and fights with the hordes of vicious monsters then saves the world is the mode that will attract your attention instantly.

Woah! Isn’t this game a complete package, a one-stop to all things that can a gamer ask for?

But the major problem you have encountered as a newbie or as a pro Fortnite player is that lately Fortnite randomly closes. Well that’s why you are reading this article and we are here to provide you with all the valuable info on “how to stop Fortnite from crashing”

Fixes Under Windowed Fullscreen Or Windowed Mode

If you the running Fortnite in windowed Fullscreen or windowed mode, you need quick ways to fix it in the right way! So, here we go!

1. Check System Requirements:

Ensure that your PC meets the minimum and recommended system requirements for Fortnite. Outdated or insufficient hardware can lead to crashes.

2. Update Graphics Drivers:


Update your graphics card drivers to the latest version provided by the manufacturer (NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel). Outdated drivers often cause crashes.

3. Adjust Graphics Settings:

In Fortnite settings, lower the graphics settings to a level that your PC can comfortably handle. Start with low settings and gradually increase them if your PC allows.

4. Verify Game Files:


Use the Epic Games Launcher to verify the integrity of Fortnite game files. This can fix corrupted files that may cause crashes.

5. Disable Overclocking:


If your PC is overclocked, revert it to default settings. Overclocking can sometimes lead to stability issues.

6. Close Background Applications:


Close any unnecessary background applications and processes before launching Fortnite. This frees up system resources for the game.

7. Monitor Temperatures:

Use monitoring software to check your CPU and GPU temperatures. Overheating can lead to crashes. Ensure your PC has adequate cooling.

8. Update Windows:


Make sure your Windows operating system is up to date. Install any pending updates, including critical and optional updates.

9. Reinstall Fortnite:


If the issue persists, try uninstalling and reinstalling Fortnite. This can resolve any software-related problems.

10. Check for Malware:

Perform a malware scan on your PC using reputable antivirus software. Malware can disrupt system stability.

11. Update DirectX and .NET Framework:

Ensure that your DirectX and .NET Framework are up to date, as Fortnite relies on these components.

12. Contact Epic Games Support:

If none of the above steps work, contact Epic Games\’ customer support for assistance. They can provide specific guidance for your issue.

Fortnite Crashing: Fault In The PC or The Game!

If you are interested in learning “Why does my Fortnite keep crashing”. The reasons can vary, as it can be due to power, drivers, temperature, overclocking, or something different completely.

One of the methods that you can rely on for finding out if it’s the computer that is the direct source of crashing is to play some other game that is equally graphically intensive for about an hour or so but not less than that and in one go.

If you notice the game, you are playing is also crashing like Fortnite then there is a high chance that it’s the fault of your computer.

However, in case the other games are working completely fine then Fortnite itself can be the problem if Fortnite keeps crashing.

Those inclined towards being completely sure then you are free to try other games for a significant amount of time to reach a reliable verdict.

And now, if you are positive that Fortnite itself is the reason for your royale battle Fortnite crashing then we can indisputably move towards a list of fixes.

Do you remember, in the above paras we mentioned “overclocking” being one of the loopholes, let’s see how we can prevent that

Cease Overclocking

In some cases, the increased speed of the CPU can be a reason for Fortnite crashing in the startup or even midway. if the issue becomes perceptible once the CPU has been overclocked, setting the speed of the CPU clock to default will solve this issue,

Follow the steps below to get the work done

Step 1: After you have restarted your computers, To enter BIOS, you need to press F2 just when the logo of the manufacturer appears and then move to the Advanced tab

Step 2: Now, to find the overclocking option, first, locate Performance and then disable the option of overclocking

Step 3: Before exiting the BIOS, saving the changes is a must

To see if the Crashing of Fortnite has been fixed, restart the computer once you are through with the above-given steps.

One fix was explained, and now seven more to go.

Summing Up,

We are glad if these fixes have helped you to prevent Fortnite from crashing pc mid-game or in any other time period. All you have to do is meticulously follow the steps given for the fixes and in no time you will have your Fortnite running smoothly without any hindrance of pestering crashes.

We suggest trying one fix after another as then you can assuredly conclude which one works perfectly for you.

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