Fortnite: How To Get Secret Skin In Season 4

We show you what are the final outfits of the different Marvel characters of the current season of the battle royale

Now that things are a little more settled after the premiere of a Fortnite Season 4 that has not stopped updating after its premiere both with new locations and with leaks of the content that it will receive in the future, we can take a break to return to look at the Battle Pass that the current season has brought with it or, more specifically, at those secret skins that we can get from the different Marvel characters.

We talked, how could it be otherwise, about that handful of specific outfits that Epic Games reserves for those who reach the highest levels throughout a specific season and, precisely, the current Season 4 of the game were not going to be an exception to this same custom.

Luckily, not only can we see what each and every one of them look like, but thanks to the leaker known as fire monkey we also know what level we must reach in the current Fortnite season in order to unlock them.


Fortnite Season 4 Final Skins and How to Get Them

  • Silver Thor: Level 105
  • Thor Gold: Level 145
  • Holographic Thor: Level 185
  • Jennifer Walters Silver: Level 110
  • Jennifer Walters Gold: Level 150
  • Jennifer Walters Holographic: Level 190
  • Silver Groot: Level 115
  • Gold Groot: Level 155
  • Holographic Groot: Level 195
  • Silver Storm: Level 120
  • Storm gold: level 160
  • Holographic Storm: Level 200
  • Doctor Doom Silver: Level 125
  • Doctor Doom Gold: Level 165
  • Holographic Doctor Doom: Level 205
  • Silver Mystic: Level 130
  • Mystic Gold: Level 170
  • Holographic Mystic: Level 210
  • Silver Iron Man: Level 135
  • Iron Man Gold: Level 175
  • Holographic Iron Man: Level 215
  • Silver Wolverine: Level 140
  • Wolverine Gold: Level 180
  • Holographic Wolverine: Level 220

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