Following the Lead of Johnslots and Peers – 5 iGaming Business Ideas

If you’re searching for ways to expand your iGaming business and capitalise on the opportunities available online but finding it challenging to navigate through the abundance of information we understand. Standing out in a market can be difficult especially when competing against companies with larger teams and budgets which is particularly true in the iGaming industry.

In this article we will examine some insights we\’ve gained from industry leaders like Johnslots, who have successfully implemented innovative and effective strategies. Johnslots has established a niche with its entertaining and engaging slots games along with its groundbreaking platform. We will delve into some of the methods they have employed to achieve this success. So if you aspire to follow in the footsteps of iGaming companies as an aspiring gaming entrepreneur here are five strategies worth considering.

1. Create Your Specialised Slots Platform

A significant factor contributing to Johnslots growth has been their extensive collection of high quality slots titles. If you aim to compete with players, in the industry it is worth exploring the development of your own unique slots platform. This approach allows you to customise games and features specifically tailored for a target audience.

There are White Label providers available who can provide a comprehensive solution so make sure to explore different options. One crucial step is selecting a theme that resonates with your target market. You have a range of choices, including sports, pop culture or sci fi; the possibilities are endless. Moreover, consider partnering with software providers to obtain licences for game content. Differentiate your casino by offering promotions or providing free spins and leaderboards to create an engaging slots experience that adds value for your players. Take a look at your competitors and observe their strategies – identify what works well and find ways to incorporate them into your offerings.

2. Have you considered Fantasy Sports?

Companies like DraftKings and FanDuel have achieved success by introducing daily fantasy sports contests to mobile users. The industry\’s growth in the USA has attracted businesses aiming to grab a share of the opportunity but it\’s those who innovate and deliver exceptional user experiences that truly thrive. These businesses primarily rely on their app interfaces ensuring engagement, for users who wish to participate actively.

To effectively tap into the Fantasy Sports market it\’s important to have a user app that allows fans to create line ups using their favourite sports leagues. If you\’re aiming to compete in this market your app should have an interface for MLB and NFL contests along with real time stats integration from various leagues. Two important strategies to consider are offering sign up bonuses and running refer friend promotions to boost user acquisition and engagement.

3. Live Dealer Casino Games

Another avenue worth exploring is incorporating live dealer games into your online casino. While popular casino brands such as JohnSlots focus primarily on slot games, introducing casino games with real human dealers can be highly rewarding. Providers like Evolution Gaming have achieved success by streaming live dealer action directly to players\’ devices. However it\’s essential to bear in mind that running a live dealer operation requires investment in broadcasting technology studios and dealer staffing. This might not be suitable for every budget. Valuable lessons from this approach include providing VIP tables with limits and implementing geo targeting; this can help in marketing efforts to attract players from key markets.

4. Working With Affiliates

Furthermore building an affiliate network can greatly contribute to user acquisition in the iGaming industry as demonstrated by JohnSlots and many others.

That means there is a chance to create a next generation affiliate platform. Consider providing tracking and analytics tools for affiliates while optimising promotions to help them earn more from each referral. There are affiliate platforms available such as Everymatrix, which offers a ready made solution. Collaborating with influencers and deal aggregator websites can also expand your reach. The key is to create a service that both affiliates and iGaming brands genuinely enjoy using.

5. Focus on Specialising in eSports Betting

The popularity of video gaming and betting on eSports matches and tournaments continues to rise. While platforms like Betway and Unikrn already offer eSports betting there\’s room for a sportsbook that specialises in this niche. If you\’re considering an eSports approach, offer bets specifically tailored to gamers and fans of games like League of Legends and CS;GO. Create communities around these titles by providing news, statistics and forums. With the execution you can establish yourself as a top destination for eSports enthusiasts.


The keys to success in the iGaming space include an obsessive focus on product, continual platform innovation and aggressive customer acquisition. Following the lead of Johnslots and others in these areas is the perfect place for aspiring gaming entrepreneurs to start. The opportunities abound for those with the vision and drive to claim their share of this booming market.


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