Five Tips to Host a Party that Is Easy to Clean Up

The continent of Australia is considered as the flattest and oldest inhabited landmass in the world. With roughly 7.7 million square kilometres of land area that houses a 25.6 million population, Australia’s population density is 3.3 people per square kilometre. Australia’s major cities, such as Sydney and Brisbane, are all located near the coastal regions, enjoying a mostly sunny climate throughout the year. 

Australians love parties and will look for every excuse to host if not attend one. They host one party after another intending to make the latest party more epic than the previous one. They also love to host themed parties and would go to the extent of looking for decorations to match the theme from any online party store in Australia.

However, there is a downside to hosting parties. Piles of dirty dishes, stains from spilled drinks, and cups scattered on every surface are what the party hosts will face after the guests have gone. Nevertheless, do not let the post-party mess hinder you from throwing the next epic party. Here are some tips for throwing your next party that is easy to clean. 

  1. Use Tablecloths. You may want to display your elaborately designed dining table to your guests; however, it is better to cover this up with a tablecloth when you throw a party. Tablecloths can easily take any mess with them when you remove them from your table. If there are many food scraps and crumbs left on the table, fold the table cloth over the scraps as you remove it then shake the scraps off outside your home. You can wash away spilled stains from tablecloths using the recommended stain removers. Likewise, you can purchase disposable tablecloths from an online party store in Australia, especially for children’s parties, where you may expect a lot of spills and scraps.
  2. Empty Your Dishwasher Before the Party. One way to make after-party clean up easier is to establish a clean-as-you-go policy. However, this plan will not work if you have a dishwasher that is still full. It is recommended to start with an empty dishwasher before the party so that your guests can place their used dishes and glasses in it after using them. 
  3. Keep the Liquor or Drinks Bar Outside. Australia is sunny most of the year; place your drinks bar outside your home. Outdoor bars will prevent beer or wine spills from destroying your carpet or upholstery.
  4. Put Trash Bags in a Discrete Yet Visible Areas. To make your clean-as-you-go party policy going, you have to provide places where guests can throw away disposable cups and plates. Place the trash bags in areas that guests can easily find. However, place them in a discrete area so as not to dampen the ambience of the party.
  5. Protect Your Crystals. Unless you are hosting a very sophisticated and elegant party, leave your crystalware locked inside your China cabinet. Purchase disposable plates and cups to be used during the party. Find the red drinking cup cliché only to college parties. You can find an online party store in Australia, which may have more sophisticated and fancier disposable tableware that you may use. 

Parties should be fun for both hosts and guests. These five tips will make a post-party cleanup easier.