CoD Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles: Fire Staff Code (2023)

The game COD Black OPS 3 Zombies Chronicles has the adventures of eight Zombie maps from the classic era to explore different regions in the game at different timelines. In these explorations, you will have to gather the elements like fire along with destroying the zombie hordes. Gaining fire is a tricky business among the four elements.

But if you have got hold of fire, then you can upgrade to the blood of Kagutsuchi. To acquire the fire, you will have to go through a series of puzzles and explorations. We will give you a complete guide in this blog on the Fire Staff Code and how you can upgrade it in the game.

Let’s Explore Fire Staff Code in COD Black Ops 3 Zombies


To achieve the Fire Staff, you need to gather the three different fragments of the staff and the crystal element. So, to start this journey, you will have to collect the Gramophone and other records to get to the bottom of the level and to the Crazy Place. On top of that, you will also have to gain the gem for the Fire element and the parts to design the Staff of Fire in the Game.

Here are some of the places where you will find the necessary items for creating the Staff of Fire in COD Black Ops 3 Zombies:

  • In the first step, you need to charge up Generator 6 and open the reward Box near it with the help of the Generator. You will find out a fragment of the Fire Staff inside the box
  • If you have got access to the road to the church, annihilate the plane that\’s following you from the sky. You can trace the plane by its distinct bright orange color near the excavation site on the pathway in the middle of two gigantic footprints. You will find a part of the fire staff beside the soul box.
  • The last part can be found after conquering Panzar Soldat in the game of Round 8. After you defeat it, you need to pick the part that Soldat has dropped.

Other than the parts of the Fire Staff Code, you need to also find the other necessary items to progress in the game with the Staff. One of the compulsory items is the Gem for the element. The elemental gems are in abundance inside the Crazy Place.

A pedestal inside the Crazy Place opens with a bright red light, and the gems come out from the spot. Collecting the elemental gem and other items along with the staff parts will allow you to design the staff at the bottom level of the excavation. You can design your Staff of Fire on the Red Pedestal.

Last but not least, the Gramophone is something you cannot do without building your Fire Staff. You can get the Gramophone in the vicinity of the church. You will see the Gramophone spawning somewhere amidst the staircase going upwards and the tank. You will find it inside a box in that area.

You can also locate the record somewhere around Generator 6 or across the basin. Another place to find the Gramophone is at the bottom levels of the site where excavation is taking place.

Origins Fire Staff Upgrade Steps – Zombies Chronicles


Upgrading the Staff of Fire is a bit tricky but fun in terms of playing the game. You need to complete two puzzles in the region of the Crazy Place and also have to kill a bunch of Zombies to charge up the Fire Staff Code you created.

Riddle No. 1

You need to pass a mini-game in order to complete the first riddle. The riddle is really interesting and requires you to strategize your game. You will have to fill the cauldrons in a room, and there are generally four of these cauldrons used for fire.

To achieve this, you need to fight 30 zombies. If you kill the thirty zombies, you win, and you are allowed to get to the next riddle.

Riddle No. 2

The second riddle is completely based in the basement of the Church in a place of the Original realm. The riddle is programmed to generate random numbers (RNG) using a numbering system that is quite complicated to understand for a layman. As the number combinations can be anything, each player playing the game will come up with a unique solution.

  • You will get seven torches in the basement with a number attached at the bottom. Along with the torches, you will see a bunch of symbols inscribed on the walls.
  • You have to find the solution to the riddle from this information. The puzzle uses a system of ternary numbers. To solve it, you need to light the right torches to match the symbols with the numbers.
  • If you have figured out the torch to symbol equation, interact with Samantha.
  • Go to the site of excavation and get the floating rings in the right order. Rotate the levers so that the rings are lit bright red.
  • The levers are located at the bottom of the excavation site. You will find two of them on the pathway and the other two around the temporary wooden structures.
  • Once all the rings are placed in the right ordered and lit, you will see the orb inside them appearing. You need to shoot the orb with the Fire Staff Code.
  • Put the Fire Staff code in the Red Pedastal of the Crazy Place and eliminate the 30 zombies to recharge the Staff of Fire using the Zombie Souls.
  • Samantha will tell you everything about the availability of the firepower once you interact with her.
  • Return to Red Pedastal and get the upgraded Fire staff Code which has now become the Kagutuchi\’s Blood.

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