Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker: Best Classes

Discover the best classes for the unique archetypes that appear in Final Fantasy XIV.

Even if you’re in the process of making a new FFXIV account, you should know that this MMO comes with too much content. One of the most significant elements of any video game from this genre is how many new updates appear now and then.

Developers get the opportunity to give us better ways to experience the game with new activities. Besides the updated elements from the FFXIV store, we find new ways to use our gaming sessions. First, you’ll find that the story continues, and you’ll soon meet new NPCs as you follow the lore. Therefore, you have the opportunity to experience more plot twists and new enemies.

Secondly, you get new maps to explore and enemies to defeat. Sometimes, the developers take this chance to show their mastery of the game’s engine. Hence, we get to see better graphics or more creativity as we travel between places.

Lastly, we often see new ways to experience the game with unique classes or races. As a result, we discover new abilities and gaming mechanics. Similarly, we see some gameplay chances that try to “adjust” the old classes. In other words, the “META” chances and people try to find which options outshine the rest.

This article will focus on the best classes for the latest expansion of Final Fantasy. Most noteworthy, for a beginner, you should uncover what can make the game easier for you. Moreover, veteran players might use this valuable information for their alternative characters.

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker: Best Classes

Best Tanks

The most challenging character that makes the Tank role a little easier is the Paladin. Indeed, many players already had an idea that the Paladins might get some “love” with the latest expansion (Endwalker). Still, every expectation became wrong when we saw how many buffs they gave to this class.

Due to their properties and new capabilities, the paladins are now the best choice to fulfill this role. But remember, you’re still playing as a “Tank” when you’re completing quests yourself. Hence, you’ll find it challenging to progress in a fast phase due to ability complexity and low damage outcome.

Overall, you’ll shine when you form a group and move through the challenging instances of the game. When you create a party, everyone else might find you capable of withstanding ridiculous amounts of damage.

Best Physical Ranged DPS

If you were betting all your FFXIV Gil, the Bard is the best option for this category, bullseye. The Bards in this game have many advantages that make them the best option for Endwalker. Their mixture is between outstanding “Damage Over Time” (DOT) and damage buffs that enhance your entire party.

Plus, you have the fantastic option to control the flow of the battle in a safe place. Indeed, since this is the Physical Ranged category, they naturally attach from far. As a result, you have a nice view between the enemies and your entire party.

Lastly, they can give you great options if you want to complete some content by yourself.

Best Magical Ranged DPS

When it comes to the best spell caster in Final Fantasy XIV, the award goes to the Summoner. Even though this particular class came with tons of ability reworks, people were fast enough to discover their potential. Therefore, you’ll soon find how to fulfill your role quickly when you join a party.

The gimmick behind any Summoner is to spawn creatures that tend to make your job easy instead of you calculating the spells and cooldowns. Additionally, you get extra mobility and many other options that make this class unique and fun to play.

Most noteworthy, you’ll have fewer troubles if you plan to travel solo and complete random activities to earn FFXIV Gil.

Best Melee DPS

Whenever you get to play with your Reaper, you’ll soon discover why it’s at the top. Besides the good-looking characters and astonishing abilities, you’ll find it easier to overpower any other Melee DPS in the game.

Also, due to the different capabilities of the Reapers, you’ll find it easier to complete solo tasks.

Best Healers

At the moment, the best class in this category is the White Mages in Final Fantasy XIV. Due to their multiple healing capabilities, you’ll always have something to keep your party alive. Indeed, with this characteristic alone, you’ll find that White Mages do the best job for the archetype.

Sadly, traveling by yourself might become tedious. Even though all of the enemies find it hard to kill you, the damage output from your class might be too low as well.