Fall Guys: New Changes Are Here! Skins And Much More

One of the biggest surprises of the year in terms of videogames is undoubtedly Fall Guys, thus becoming a work that aspires to be very transcendental.

It has built up such a large community that they are showing their great talent for imagining skins. It is logical, then, that all these players wait with infinite desire for constant updates from Fall Guys that will serve, among other things, so that the Battle Royale stays well over time. And today it is not that they have updated it, but they have made some adjustments.

As announced on the Fall Guys official Twitter account, they have made four important changes to the game, which we will review as under.

  • Players Fall Guys on PS4 will now be able to see the skins that only appeared in the store version of the game Steam. Two good examples are the skins of Scout, Team Fortress, or the Portal.
  • The maximum number of players has been increased to 15 for the Montaña Majareta test, the test where we must reach the top before anyone else and go for the crown.
  • The time that two tests last has been modified: Take the team queue and Crazy Ball. They will now last 1 minute and a half.
  • This is something that many users requested since they were frustrated when participating or playing as a team with people who did not put too much on their part: there will never be two consecutive team events.

As they clarify on Twitter, these changes have been clearly aimed at satisfying Fall Guys fans, as they have been inspired by the thousands of comments they receive every day. Lastly, we invite you to take a look at the current items in the Fall Guys store until August 22.

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