Fall Guys: Charity Big Ends To Create $1 Million Costumes

In the end, it was a joint bid of 1 million dollars between G2 esports, Aim Lab, Ninja, and MrBeast, who will see their costumes in the game

Not a month ago, Fall Guys hit the market and there have been countless times that we have said that it has been one of the biggest surprises of the year and that it has become a simply spectacular success. Their community of gamers has grown incredibly large, thus filling up with well-known gamers and content creators, and casual gamers. But they are the first of both who have starred today afternoon.

You may already know that a charity bid started recently where the winner of the auction could see their own costume in Fall Guys. The money from the auction will go to Special Effect, a non-profit organization that tries to help those with difficulties to play video games. The bidding ended today and with surprise. The end result is $ 1 million.


For several days, the highest bet was more than $ 500,000 by Youtuber FGteev, but just two minutes before the auction period ends, it was G2 esports, Aim Lab, Ninja, and MrBeast who have decided jointly bidding the large sum of a million dollars.

It should be remembered that the four had been bidding, especially at the beginning of the auction.

And what about those costumes they promised? Well, indeed, they will include no more and no less than four costumes, one for each bidder who finished the auction. It only remains to see them soon, so we will keep you informed when they are revealed.

So far everything we know at the moment about the \”Fall Guys\”. We will update this article as new details become known so if you want to stay up to date, stay tuned to \” Nintendo inquirer\”.

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