Evolution and needs: from luxury goods to commodity food

TOHands off those who would easily give up on pizza: the most popular preparation in the world is a real pleasure for the palate and which brings together people of all ages and culinary tastes.
It is sufficient to say the word pizza to imagine tempting scenarios, which include both a comfortable dinner on the sofa, in the company of a movie, and a perfect solution to please the whole family, in a short time and with the utmost satisfaction for the palate.

To date, eating pizza is a constant habit for millions of people all over the world; Italian tradition, for example, has it that Saturday evening is generally dedicated to a pizza-based dinner.

The exceptional value for money of such a complete food also manages to give birth to new relationships or to consolidate existing ones: how many times, to say goodbye, do you pronounce a sentence like \” If you want, one of these days we could meet to eat a Pizza\”? , which sounds undemanding but, at the same time, very tempting: hard to say no.

Pizza as it is currently understood, however, has not always been within everyone\’s reach, so much so that in the early twentieth century, until the massive spread of Neapolitan pizza after the First World War, it was a rather expensive food , especially as regards the seasoning.