Fixes Of Error Code Val 62 (2023)

No matter which video game you play, chances are you have faced errors and bugs sometimes or the other. You will see an error message and a code. Even if you are playing a high-quality game like Genshin Impact, there’s no escape from occasional errors.

Valorant, the most popular game of the Riot Clients, also comes with a bunch of error codes. You will be at an advantage if you are aware of the bugs and the codes. Knowing the reasons for errors like “Vanguard Reboot Required” or “Riot Client Process Closed” will help you to fix them faster.

One such bug is Error Code Val 62. This code refers to “NoGamePodsToPing Failure,” which happens mainly due to network issues and problems in connecting to the server. In this blog, we will tell you everything about the error code 62 and ways to fix it.

What Is Error Code Val 62?

You will generally encounter the Valorant Error code 62 at the beginning of the game. But there’s a chance you may see the error while playing the game, also. 


The Error Code Val 62 or the “NoGamePodsToPing Failure” indicates that your network is having difficulty connecting to the server. The obvious steps you can take once you see this error message is to restart your game or go through the path of the reboot. If the same error keeps coming even after trying these steps, you may need to submit a ticket for the support team to look into it.

What Causes Error Code Val 62 In The Valorant?

Before knowing the cures, let\’s diagnose the cause of the disease. Most of the time, Error code 62 is not the fault of the gamer.

  • At the beginning of the game, you may encounter the Error Code Val 62. The most common reason for this can be an available update. You may not have updated Valorant for a long time, and now your game cannot run without the update.
  • The next possible reason can be a major update that has happened while you are playing Valorant. In this case, you will see the error message with code 62 in the middle of your game. 
  • The third reason for a Valorant Error Code Val 62 is a generic Server down situation. You need to wait for the server to restore if this happens.

Common Ways To Fix Valorant Error Code Val 62

Let’s jump right into the possible fixes to solve this error code 62 by following these steps.


1. Restarting Riot Client

As per Riot Games\’ recommendation, restarting the Riot Client should be your first approach to fix Error Code Val 62. More often than not, the Riot Client causes problems with multiple error codes. Code 62 can also happen because of this.

To restart the Riot Client, you need to go to the Task Manager and Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc. After that, select the Process tab and find the Riot Client. Once you find the Riot Client, select it and then click on the End Task option to end the process.

If restarting doesn’t fix the problem in the Valorant game, you can try out some other ways, as follows.

2. Verify The Riot Servers

Most of the time, the Error Code Val 62 is a result of server errors. Major error codes generally have clear information on the problem and its solution, but error 62 is an exception. 

Navigate to the official Riot Games Support site Banner and check on the server. For this, you need to select the Service Status tab and go to a new page where you need to select the Riot ID registered for your region. If there’s a mention of server maintenance or any other problem from their end, you need to wait until it’s fixed by the Valorant support team.

You can also check the Twitter handle of Valorant, where they announce any maintenance taking place.

3. Flush Your DNS and Try to Restart Router

If all the above-mentioned fixes fail, don’t worry. There’s still one way left. 

The problem may not always lie with the game’s server. There can be problems with your network too. So, you can try flushing your DNS and restarting your system and the router. In most cases, this hack works for Valorant Error code Val 62.

4. Contact The Support Team

If nothing else works for Error Code Val 62, you must consider connecting to the support team and telling them clearly your problem. Submit a ticket mentioning the error and wait for the team to work on the issue and fix it.

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