Error Code: i2501 Unveiled: A Step-by-Step Fixes Guide

What you should do if you get the Square Enix error code: i2501? Find the most useful solutions to this particular error from my article and know how I solved this error. One thing I can assure you is that if you follow my methods, then you will be able to solve this error very easily, and that too on your own!

To tell about Square Enix, they are one of the most popular game publishers in the world. Some of their popular games are Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy Series, and Life is Strange. However, there are reports that while playing these games on Square Enix accounts, players are facing the Square Enix error code: i2501.

So. let us stop all these introductory talking and start to talk about the solutions to this error of these games.

What Is Error Code 2501 On Square Enix?

The error code i2501 on Square Enix indicates a problem with the payment information. Most probably the payment information is incorrect. Or, the issuer of your credit card has detected any suspicious transaction on your card.

When gamers encounter this error code, it\’s imperative to take prompt action. This error typically arises due to inaccuracies in a player\’s payment details, often because the user\’s profile is not registered in their current country. Gamers will become aware of this issue when the following message is displayed on their screen: \”Access to this function is not possible.

For further information, please get in touch with the SQUARE ENIX Support Center. Error Code: i2501.\” Typically, this message surfaces when players attempt to make a purchase or log in, especially around the time their subscription is scheduled for renewal.

You cannot use this function. Please contact the SQUARE ENIX Support Center for additional details. Error Code: i2501

Error Code: i2501: How To Fix It Step By Step


There are 5 ways to fix this error code i2501 on Square Enix. below I have stated all of them and have elaborated on them as well. Just read them apply them and see how fast the problem vanishes.

1. Turn VPN And Proxies Off

If you are getting i2501 on Square Enix, then the first step you should take is to turn the VPN or Proxies off. See the below-mentioned process to know how you can do it.

  • Press Windows + I and open Settings.
  • Click Network & Internet.
  • Click the Proxy tab.
  • Turn off the option saying Use a proxy server.
  • Now check if the problem still persists.

2. Turn Off Ad Blockers

If you have installed any Ad Blocker and if it is still active, then turning the Ad Blocker off can help you to get rid of this issue of ffxiv error code i2501.

3. Pay Using Your Mobile

This is another method to get rid of this annoying error called i2501 on Square Enix. use the browser that is installed on your mobile phone to make the payment. Though the rate of success is not too high, it is worth trying.

4. Turn Incognito Mode On

If the normal mode of your browser is not allowing you to open your game and you are continuously getting the error code i2501 on your Square Enix account, then try to do the same using the Incognito Mode of your browser. This can be helpful to remove this error from your Square Enix i2501 account.

5. Contact Support

This is the last option that you can use. If nothing works for you and you are helpless, seeing this annoying error every time, then you have nothing to do but contact the customer support of Square Enix. only they can help you out with this issue if everything fails.


Square Enix NFT

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Square Enix Careers 

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Square Enix News 

The breaking news about Square Enix is the sale of their games has gone down to 12.2%, though there are multiple high-profile releases from the side of the company. In the Financial year 2022/23, they faced this loss. They are expecting FY24 to be a profitable year as they are planning many more exciting games that will blow up the gaming industry of the world.

Square Enix Bridge 

If you do not know what is the Square Enix Bridge, the Square Enix Bridge is nothing but the online hub for the browser games and smartphones of the company Square Enix. here you will find mobile smartphones and browser games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the error code i2501 steam wallet?

The error code i2501 is an indication of incorrect or wrong payment information. Or, if the issuer of your credit card has noticed some suspicious transaction done by any unknown or suspicious source on your card, they can block it from being able to complete any transaction.

Q2. Can I unlink my Steam account from Square Enix?

Yes, you can unlink your Square Enix account, and then link a new Square Enix account.

Q3. What if I linked the wrong Square Enix account to my Steam account?

If you have linked the wrong Square Enix account to your Steam account, then you have to contact the support team of Square Enix and let them know about this problem by filling up a certain form. Then they will take it over from there.

The Final Words

As you have finished reading his article, I can assume that now you know how you can solve the error code i2501 of your Square Enix account. This error indicates a problem related to the payment system.

Either the payment information that you have provided is wrong, or the issuer of your credit card has noticed any suspicious transaction from any unknown source, therefore they have blocked all transactions. To get rid of this error, you can apply the methods that I have mentioned above in my article.

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