Epic Games Wants Fortnite To Go Back To Apple

Epic Games has requested that Fortnite return to the Apple App Store after noting a loss of more than 60% of battle royale players since the game was retired.

The war between Apple and Epic Games was one of the most interesting story arcs of last August. Although we have not known anything about this plot for a few days, it seems that it is still far from over.

In the latest petition posted by The Verge, Epic Games requests that Fortnite return to the App Store arguing that daily active users on iOS have decreased by more than 60% since the game\’s removal from Apple\’s digital store.


Undoubtedly, the figures that have been presented are to take into account and are that Epic claims that iOS is the largest platform for Fortnite with more than 116 million registered users, almost a third of its 350 million total users. His petition makes it clear that Epic is concerned that \”I will never see these users again\” and that their Fortnite community has been \”shattered.\”

In turn, Apple issued a statement ruling on this matter: The court recommended that Epic complies with the guidelines of the App Store while its case progresses, the guidelines that they have followed for the last decade until they created this situation. Epic has refused. Instead, they repeatedly send out Fortnite updates designed to violate App Store guidelines. This isn\’t fair to all the other Store app developers and it\’s putting customers in the middle of their fight. We hope to be able to work together again in the future, but sadly that is not possible today.

Meanwhile, Season 4 of Fortnite progresses in the same way as the others.

For further updates, stay tuned and keep reading \” Nintendo inquirer\”.