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My sister, Roshni, was writing a story where the tale moves around Druid who who were basically ancient Celtic times priest and worked as healers and advisers. But for her tale, she was looking for a few interesting Druid names that can make her story more engaging and exciting. So, we started searching on the internet and liked a few names: Ficus, Homogenized, DRUID Blend, and Metrobull.

Many of us have heard stories about Druid Names in our childhood from our grandparents and we used to get so fascinated by them. They are the members of the learned class among the ancient Celts.

Their name has the origin from the Celtic word which means “knower of the oak tree.”  They acted as priests, teachers, and sometimes judges. It is also said that druids believed that souls which were immortal were passed from one to another after death.

Classic Druid Names

Druids who were the priests of the ancient Celtic times also served as healers and advisers. Looking for some classic druid name, well we\’re here to help you with that. Right below we present you with a table of druid names.


Funny Druid Names

Are you trying to come up with really funny druid names? Then you have come to the right place. Today I am going to tell you some of the funniest yet cool druid names which you can find perfectly suited for your character.


Ancient Druidic Names


Did you come here to look for a very unique yet ancient name for your character? Then I have just the right Druid Names for you. Here is a table of ancient Druid Names that you can find perfect for your fictional character. Check it out.


Best Druidic Names

Are you tired of searching for just the right name for your fictional character which matches its personality? Then I have just the right names for you.

Right below you will find a table full of the most creative and attractive druid names that might suit your character perfectly. You can choose any of these names that you like the best.


Male Druids Names

We all know how powerful and brave a druid has been, so while naming a male druid we always keep keeping in mind its personality and nature.

Taking into consideration their brave nature, here’s a list of names that might help you find the right name for it. Have a look at it.


What Gods Did The Druids Worship?

Here\’s something you need to know about the druids. The druids used to worship a number of gods and goddesses. I am listing a few for you to know.

  • Amine – goddess of love, summer.
  • Agathon- God of agriculture, animal, and husbandry.
  • Award- God of the dead, hunting, revenge.
  • Arianrhod – goddess of beauty, fertility, the sky, weaving, reincarnation, and enchantment.
  • Lyle- God of the sea, water, the underworld.
  • Nada – gods of harper.

Female Druids: The Forgotten Priestesses

The female druids were often called the forgotten priestesses because of the common misconception that druids were only male. But there was historical evidence to prove that there were female druids also who were called Bandura or Bandura.

Many wrote about these druids that they were not much like Roman and Greek women. Unlike them, the female druids actively participated in treaties and wars and were very intelligent, they organized intellectual life, and many legal processes were decided by them. 

Female Druids Names

Keeping in mind their intellectual nature and the personality of the female druids, we have come up with a list of female druids\’ names. So, if you are smacking for a perfect name for your female character, then this can make your task easier.


Druids Names And Meaning

While naming our own fictional character, we always want to choose a very unique name so that it can be set apart from the rest. We want the name to reflect its personality, so it has to carry a deep meaning.

Names hunting and coming up with really creative yet unique names is quite a tough task. But we are here to make your task a little bit easier. So, we are presenting you with a list of unique names with its meaning.

Now you can just choose the one which fits perfectly your character.   

Amaris – promise by GodKyrie – the lordBalfor- pasture
Aoife – beauty and radianceKrisfina – God will incaseWynna – fair
Camma – attendant of a religious ceremonyNoorie – lightVeleda – inspired intelligence
Celestina – heavenlyOriana – goldenValmoria – strong destiny

Gender Neutral Druid Names And Their Meaning

Refer to the list below if you are looking for more gender-neutral names with unique meanings for your character.

Acheron – river of sorrow or woeLapetus – to woundLir – ruler of the sea
Aed – ruler of the underworldErebus – the land of deadsNikephoros – to carry a bear
Boreus – north windEcho- soundNova – holy water
Cypress – adaptable or long livedDike – justicePerfir – miracle

Tauren Druids\’ Names And Their Meaning

Taren druids are a peaceful race of Zeroths. So, the names of the Taren druids should reflect their nature and their divine culture. You can find some Taren druid names right below in the chart.

Adad – storm and flood godMario – hammerMiko – who is like God
Adlar – eagleKent – borderOlliei- elf army
Arturo – bearEnzo – home rulerSylvan – the forest
Ballar – person who lacks hairDruce – wiseTripp – my brother

To Wrap It

While naming a fictional character, besides considering the personality and the nature of the character, we also need to name it something unique that carries a deep meaning perfectly suitable for the character.

So, keeping all of these points in our mind we have prepared for you a few lists of Druid Names. We hope you find the perfect one.

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