300+ Epic Drinking Team Names That Deserve A Toast 🍻

Hey Party Animals! 🎉

Welcome to the ultimate guide for naming your drinking team! If you\’ve ever thought that your drinking squad deserves a name as epic as your nights out, you\’re in the right place. So grab a drink, and let\’s get this party started!

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Why Your Drinking Team Needs a Killer Name

Listen up, folks! A killer name isn\’t just for rock bands and superhero teams. Imagine walking into a bar and announcing, \”The Tequila Mockingbirds have arrived!\” Trust us, you\’ll own the room. So let\’s get you a name that\’s as legendary as your drinking skills.

🍹 Tip: Use alliteration or rhymes to make your team name catchy and memorable!

Types of Drinking Teams You Didn\’t Know You Were Already a Part Of


You might not know it, but your drinking team already has a vibe. Are you the \’Weekend Warriors\’ who only emerge on Saturdays? Or maybe you\’re \’The Pub Quiz Failures\’ who are just there for the booze. Knowing your vibe helps pick a name that fits like that old college hoodie you still wear.

🥳 Hack: Use your favorite drink as inspiration for your team name. Love margaritas? How about \”The Margarita Marauders\”?

25 Types of Drinking Teams:

  • The Weekend Warriors – For those who save all their energy for Saturday night.
  • The Pub Quiz Failures – You\’re not winning trivia, but you\’re winning at life.
  • The Margarita Marauders – Tequila lovers, unite!
  • The Whiskey Wisemen – For the sophisticated drinkers.
  • The Beer Belly Brigade – Proud of that gut and not afraid to show it.
  • The Vodka Vixens – For the ladies who love their vodka as much as their gossip.
  • The Wine Time Moms – When it\’s always 5 o\’clock somewhere.
  • The Shot Clockers – You\’re always counting down to the next shot.
  • The Gin Geniuses – You\’re smart, but you\’re also a gin lover.
  • The Rum Runners – For the pirates at heart.
  • The Sake Samurai – For those who love Japanese culture and rice wine.
  • The Champagne Champions – Because you\’re always celebrating something.
  • The Cider Sippers – For the autumn-loving, flannel-wearing crew.
  • The Boozy Book Club – Where the only thing you read is the drink menu.
  • The Lager Lads – For the guys who keep it simple.
  • The Cosmo Girls – You\’re fabulous and you know it.
  • The Tequila Sunrisers – For those who start early and finish late.
  • The Pina Colada Pals – You like getting caught in the rain.
  • The Old Fashioned Folks – You like your drinks like you like your music: classic.
  • The Mojito Misfits – You\’re a little minty, a little sweet, and a lot of fun.
  • The Jäger Bombers – You\’re the life of the party, literally.
  • The Bourbon Brothers – You\’re as smooth as your favorite whiskey.
  • The Fuzzy Navel Navigators – You like your drinks sweet and your nights wild.
  • The Screwdriver Squad – You\’re practical but know how to have a good time.
  • The Bloody Mary Bunch – You\’re the reason brunch was invented.

So, which one are you? 🍻 Cheers to finding your perfect drinking team name! 🥂

The ABCs of Boozy Naming

A is for Alcohol, B is for Booze, and C is for… who cares, let\’s get to the names! Your team name should be catchy, easy to remember, and most importantly, it should make people wish they were a part of your squad.

🥂 Fact: The term \”toast,\” meaning a wish of good health, started in ancient Rome, where a piece of toasted bread was dropped into wine.

20 Boozy Team Names That\’ll Make You the Toast of the Town:

  • The Chugonauts – For those who boldly go where no drinker has gone before.
  • The Sip Sisters – For the ladies who prefer to savor their drinks.
  • Booze on the Rocks – For the team that\’s as cool as their drinks.
  • The Pint-Sized Heroes – Small but mighty drinkers.
  • The Quaff Quorum – Because every decision is made over drinks.
  • The Tipsy Turners – For those who dance as well as they drink.
  • The Ale\’s Angels – For the heavenly beer lovers.
  • The Gulp Gods – When you\’re practically divine at downing drinks.
  • The Liquor Luminaries – For the enlightened drinkers.
  • The Buzzed Buddies – Friends who get buzzed together, stay together.
  • The Frothy Fellas – For the guys who love their beer with a good head.
  • The Spirit Seekers – For those always in search of the next great drink.
  • The Cocktail Cartel – When your mixed drinks are criminally good.
  • The Draft Dodgers – For those who prefer bottles over draft beer.
  • The Boozy Brunchers – Mimosas, anyone?
  • The Kegstand Kings – For the acrobats of the drinking world.
  • The Shot Sheriffs – You lay down the law, one shot at a time.
  • The Wine and Diners – For those who appreciate the finer things.
  • The Brews Brothers – You\’re on a mission from hops.
  • The Sober Sailors – Just kidding, there\’s nothing sober about you!

So, which name has you ready to toast to your team\’s future? 🥂 Cheers! 🍻

SEO, Schmeo! But Seriously, Make It Google-able

Alright, quick detour to serious town. If you want your epic team name to go viral, make sure it\’s unique enough to be Google-able. You don\’t want to get lost in a sea of \”Beer Buddies\” or \”Wine Warriors.\”

📱 Trick: Use a hashtag with your team name on social media to make it easily searchable and to track your legendary nights!

20 Google-able Team Names That\’ll Make You Internet Famous:

Team NameDescription
#TheBoozyUnicornsBecause you\’re as rare and magical as a unicorn.
#GuzzleGurusFor the experts in the art of guzzling.
#LushLegendsYou\’re not just drinkers; you\’re legendary.
#TheViralVinosFor the wine lovers aiming for internet stardom.
#EpicAleAdventurersYour beer quests are the stuff of legends.
#TheSippinSavantsYou\’re not just smart; you\’re drinking smart.
#TipsyTitansGoFor the larger-than-life drinkers.
#TheLiquorLiberatorsFreeing the world, one drink at a time.
#ChardonnYAYTeamFor those who say \”YAY\” to Chardonnay.
#TheTrendingTequilasYou\’re not just drinking tequila; you\’re making it a trend.
#TheMemeMimosasYour team is as shareable as a viral meme.
#TheGinfluencersYou\’re influencing the world, one gin at a time.
#TheRetweetRumsYou\’re so cool; people can\’t help but retweet you.
#ThePintasticPintsFor the Pinterest-worthy drinkers.
#TheSnapchatSchnappsYour nights are as epic as your Snapchat stories.
#TheInstaAlesYou\’re Instagram famous, and so is your ale.
#TheFacebookFireballsYou\’re the talk of Facebook, and so is your love for Fireball.
#TheTikTokTipplesYour drinks and dance moves are TikTok famous.
#TheRedditRagersYou\’re upvoted in real life and on Reddit.
#TheLinkedInLagersBecause even professionals need a drink.

Remember, the key to going viral is being unique. So pick a name that stands out, slap a hashtag on it, and watch your team become the stuff of legends! 🥂 Cheers! 🍻

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Location, Location, Libation!


New York Drunk Skunks or Texas Tequila Titans? Rep your hood in your team name for that local flavor.

🌍 Tip: If you\’re a group of travelers, how about a name that nods to your wanderlust? \”The Globe-Trotting Guzzlers,\” anyone?

15 Location-Based Team Names That\’ll Make You the Talk of the Town:

  • New York Nightcaps – For the city that never sleeps (or stops drinking).
  • Texas Tequila Titans – Everything\’s bigger in Texas, including the shots!
  • Vegas Vodka Vagabonds – What happens in Vegas, stays in your team name.
  • Miami Mojito Mavens – For the lovers of sun, sand, and minty drinks.
  • Chicago Chugger-Windys – When the Windy City meets the chugging challenge.
  • Boston Beer Patriots – For the revolutionary drinkers.
  • San Francisco Soma Sippers – Named after SF\’s hip Soma district.
  • Nashville Nectar Nomads – For the country music and whiskey lovers.
  • Denver Draft Dodgers – High altitude, high spirits!
  • Orlando Orange Crush – A nod to Florida\’s famous fruit and a killer cocktail.
  • Seattle Sazerac Society – For the coffee city that also enjoys a stiff drink.
  • Austin Ale Avengers – Keeping Austin weird and well-lubricated.
  • The Parisian Pernods – For those who love the City of Lights and anise-flavored liqueur.
  • Tokyo Tipple Titans – For the lovers of sake and all things Japan.
  • The Globe-Trotting Guzzlers – For the wanderlusters who\’ve turned drinking into a worldwide sport.

So, whether you\’re repping your hometown or your favorite travel destination, these names will make sure you\’re the life of the party, no matter where you are! 🥂 Cheers! 🍻

What Does Your Squad Think?

Before you ink it on a T-shirt or get it tattooed (we don\’t judge), maybe ask your mates if they like it. A team name is a democracy, not a drunk-tatorship!

🗳️ Hack: Create a poll in your group chat to vote on the top name choices. Majority rules!

50 Names So Good, They Deserve a Toast 🍻

Get ready to screenshot, these names are pure gold! From \”The Lager Legends\” to \”The Sippin\’ Sidekicks,\” we\’ve got you covered.

Raise Your Glasses to These Epic Names:

  • The Lager Legends – For the beer aficionados who are legendary in their own right.
  • The Sippin\’ Sidekicks – Every hero needs a sidekick, especially at the bar.
  • The Boozy Buccaneers – For the pirates of the party scene.
  • The Shot Sherlocks – Solving mysteries, one shot at a time.
  • The Whiskey Whisperers – You speak the language of whiskey fluently.
  • The Martini Mystics – For those who find enlightenment at the bottom of a martini glass.
  • The Gargle Gurus – Masters of the fine art of gargling… and guzzling.
  • The Pint-Size Prophets – Small but full of wisdom (and beer).
  • The Rum Renegades – Breaking all the rules, except the one about always having fun.
  • The Tequila Mockingbirds – Literary and lit!
  • The Vodka Valkyries – For the fierce warriors who love their vodka.
  • The Gin Jesters – Because life\’s a joke and gin\’s the punchline.
  • The Cognac Connoisseurs – For those with a taste for the finer things.
  • The Bourbon Bandits – Stealing hearts and shots.
  • The Fizz Fanatics – For lovers of all things bubbly.
  • The Booze Brothers – You\’re on a mission from the gods of alcohol.
  • The Ale Alchemists – Turning hops into gold.
  • The Liquor Luminaries – Shining bright in the world of spirits.
  • The Wine Wizards – Conjuring magic with every pour.
  • The Chardonnay Charlatans – You may not know wine, but you sure can drink it.
  • The Beer Barons – Royalty of the keg kingdom.
  • The Scotch Scholars – Educated and inebriated.
  • The Port Poets – Waxing poetic over a glass of port.
  • The Brandy Bards – Singing the praises of a good brandy.
  • The Cocktail Cosmonauts – Exploring the universe, one cocktail at a time.
  • The Mead Mavericks – For the rebels who prefer the drink of Vikings.
  • The Absinthe Artists – Creating masterpieces with the green fairy.
  • The Sake Senseis – Masters of the Japanese art of drinking.
  • The Cider Citizens – For the apple of your drinking eye.
  • The Mojito Maestros – Conducting symphonies of mint and lime.
  • The Pisco Pioneers – For the adventurers who love this South American spirit.
  • The Daiquiri Dukes – Royalty of the rum world.
  • The Negroni Navigators – Charting a course through a sea of Campari.
  • The Mimosa Matriarchs – The queens of brunch.
  • The Caipirinha Captains – Leading the way to Brazilian fun.
  • The Old Fashioned Officers – Keeping it classy and classic.
  • The Spritz Spartans – For the warriors of the aperitif world.
  • The Manhattan Magnates – For the tycoons of the cocktail scene.
  • The Paloma Pilots – Flying high on tequila and grapefruit.
  • The Aperol Adventurers – For those who seek thrills and chills.
  • The Tiki Titans – Masters of the tropical drink universe.
  • The Highball Heroes – For the simple yet effective drinkers.
  • The Bellini Bosses – Because you\’re the boss of brunch.
  • The Kamikaze Kings – Living life on the edge, one shot at a time.
  • The Cosmo Crusaders – For the warriors of the cocktail cosmos.
  • The Jäger Juggernauts – Unstoppable when it comes to Jägermeister.
  • The Amaretto Alphas – Leading the pack in almond-flavored fun.
  • The Liqueur Legionnaires – For the soldiers of the spirits world.
  • The Fireball Fiends – For those who like it hot.
  • The Sambuca Sultans – Rulers of the anise-flavored empire.

So, which name has you ready to toast to your team\’s future? 🥂 Cheers! 🍻

📝 Did You Know? The longest name of a place is a hill in New Zealand called \”Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu.\” Try fitting that on a T-shirt!

The Final Chug – How to Make It Official

Got the name? Here\’s how to make it as official as last night\’s bar tab. Custom T-shirts, social media announcements, and maybe even your own theme song!

🎶 Hack: Use a free jingle-making app to create your team\’s anthem!

The Ultimate Drinking Games for Your Team


So you\’ve got the perfect team name, but what\’s a team without some epic drinking games? From \”Beer Pong\” to \”Kings,\” here\’s a list of games that\’ll make your team the life of the party.

Game NameDescription
1. Beer PongClassic tossing game with cups and ping pong balls.
2. KingsA card game with fun and often hilarious rules.
3. Flip CupRace to flip cups after downing the contents.
4. QuartersBounce a quarter off the table into a cup of beer.
5. Never Have I EverShare funny or embarrassing life experiences.
6. Drunk JengaRemove blocks from a Jenga tower with challenges.
7. Power HourTake a shot of beer every minute for an hour.
8. Pictionary DrinkingPlay Pictionary with alcohol-related clues.
9. Truth or DrinkAnswer personal questions or take a drink.
10. Kings CupA card-based drinking game with various rules.
11. ThumperNon-verbal, fast-paced game with rhythmic claps.
12. Ring of FireCard game with different rules for each card.
13. Edward 40-HandsDuct tape 40-ounce bottles to your hands.
14. Civil WarA larger-scale version of Beer Pong.
15. Flip, Sip, or StripGuess the outcome of a coin flip or strip.
16. Buzzed Spelling BeeSpell words while taking sips of your drink.
17. Movie Drinking GameDrink when specific events happen in a movie.
18. Sotally ToberRoll dice and follow the corresponding rules.
19. CenturionTake one shot of beer every minute for 100 mins.
20. Russian RouletteSpin a revolver with one chamber loaded.

🎲 Tip: Always know your limits and make sure everyone is of legal drinking age!

The Best Bars to Debut Your Team Name

You\’ve got the name, now you need the venue. Whether it\’s a dive bar or a swanky rooftop, we\’ve got recommendations for the best places to take your newly-named team for a night out.

  1. \”The Team Toast Tavern\”
  2. \”Name Drop Lounge\”
  3. \”Debut Drinkery\”
  4. \”Rooftop Rendezvous\”
  5. \”Game Night Grotto\”
  6. \”Team Triumph Taproom\”
  7. \”Cheers & Champions Club\”
  8. \”Name Unveil Oasis\”
  9. \”Night Out Nexus\”
  10. \”Bar Name Reveal Hideaway\”

🍹 Hack: Call ahead and see if the bar can offer special deals for your drinking team\’s debut night!

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DIY Team Merch: From T-Shirts to Tattoos

Want to make your team name official? Here\’s a guide on creating your own merchandise, from custom T-shirts to temporary tattoos.

  1. Design Your Team Logo: Create a unique team logo or emblem.
  2. Custom T-Shirts: Choose a style, print, and follow DIY or online service options.
  3. Personalized Accessories: Consider keychains, pins, or buttons.
  4. Temporary Tattoos: Design, print, and apply custom temporary tattoos.
  5. DIY Banners: Craft banners or flags for team events.
  6. Online Printing Services: Explore custom merchandise options.
  7. Uniformity and Branding: Maintain a consistent look for all items.
  8. Distribution: Hand out merchandise to team members.
  9. Promotion: Encourage team members to proudly display the merchandise.
  10. Foster Unity: Building team spirit and community identity is all part of the fun!\”

👕 Trick: Use online design tools to create professional-looking logos and merch!

The Do\’s and Don\’ts of Drinking Team Etiquette

Being part of a drinking team is fun, but there are some rules to follow. From tipping your bartender well to knowing when to call it a night, here\’s your guide to drinking team etiquette.

💡 Fact: Tipping well not only makes you popular with the staff but also increases the chances of getting served faster!

Cheers to More Resources!

Want more? Here are some apps to track how legendary your night was, and maybe even find a designated driver.

🚗 Tip: Always drink responsibly and know your limits.

So, What Do You Think?

Ready to turn this guide into the life of the party? 🎉 Whether you\’re a \”Lager Legend\” or a \”Sippin\’ Sidekick,\” we\’ve got you covered from A to Z. So grab your team, pick your name, and let\’s make this a night to remember! 🍻 Cheers!

And there you have it! A more comprehensive and interactive guide to everything you need to know about drinking team names. What do you think? 🥂🎉


From naming your squad with the coolest moniker to decking out in custom gear and conquering the night with legendary drinking games, your team is ready for the ultimate adventure. Whether you\’re \”The Chugonauts,\” \”The Lager Legends,\” or \”The Martini Mystics,\” each sip and laugh is a memory in the making.

So, assemble your crew, raise your glasses, and let the good times roll! May your nights be filled with laughter, unforgettable moments, and a touch of legendary mischief. Here\’s to your one-of-a-kind drinking team—may you always be the toast of the town. Cheers! 🍻🎉\”

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