91+ Amazing DnD Dwarf Names For You

Last Saturday I was invited to my friend’s place for dinner. It was a reunion of old pals from high school. There we enjoyed a lot and had a touch of nostalgia. But the party reached its highest peak when we decided to play the famous game Dungeons and Dragons, or DnD. We were obsessed with this game in school. We used to bunk classes to play this game too.

But when it came to choosing a DnD Dwarf name, my friends seemed clueless. They were out of practice for years. But luckily, I am still hanging in there. I suggested some dwarf names like Lorg the Thin, Dur Stwulfson, Orthr Vahk, and Orlen Gulgdirth.

Then they all asked me to choose their dwarfs’ names. I chose the names for them happily. And we continued playing the game. This triggered me to write a blog. I thought there are many people who might need names for their dwarfs in Dungeons and Dragons. So, here are the names!

Let’s start!

Male Dwarf Names


Here are some male dwarf names that you can use in the tabletop RPG campaign. I have given names with the meaning of these names. You can use your brain and make your own names reading these ones, or you can just copy and paste these names and use them for your dwarfs.

Lorg the ThinAl’Dan Al’DawnKron BarrelbellyUdg Stonehide
Orlen HulgdirthStwulf DawnnoseDulg NiblockBorjal Sikgwil
Rakkulf FirecoalArgon DeeprockKlond StubblebackOrk Ghostaxe
Dur StwulfsonBargur DurgurLurg StonehideGern Klagdor
Orthr VahkFisthel the LankySmut TorlekKlag Udgson
  • Thrain – This name means “stern,” dwarves with a serious and no-nonsense demeanor are often given this name.
  • Balin – This name means “powerful,” dwarves known for their fighting prowess and strength can be given this name.
  • Kili – This name means “young,” dwarven children or young adults can be given this name.
  • Orik – A name meaning “golden,” dwarves with material goods and gold can be given this name.
  • Thorin – A name meaning “thunder,” dwarves with exceptional battle prowess and strength can use this name.
  • Drogan – A name meaning “dragon slayer,” dwarven warriors who have defeated a powerful dragon can be given this name.
  • Gloin – A name meaning “glowing,” dwarves with a passionate temperament and fiery can use this name.
  • Throg – A name meaning “king’s adviser,” dwarves who hold high-ranking positions can use this name.
  • Farin – A name meaning “traveler,” dwarves who enjoy discovering and exploring new places can use this name.
  • Grimgor – This name means “grim axe,” dwarven warriors known for their unyielding fighting style and fierceness are given this name.

Female Dwarf Names


Like the male dwarves, female dwarves too are clannish. They live together in their clans. They obey the rules of their one particular strongest leader or their chieftains. But unlike male dwarves, female dwarves do not have whiskers on their chins. They have it on their cheeks rather. 

BirnaAldaEbbaSraki Grulkoll
AdminaAgdaCosetteGalka Blackbreath
AbriaAfraWo BattleglideVoddat Tryzmimn
DaniaBaraRill HulworskVogro Simplegleam
BettaAdenMu GreathideThrarbe Gith
Nakrub RockheartMaita CavernridgeBhel GhurdVith Stoneblaze
Lohta GoblinslayerNidar HailstoneSharn BattlebeardBot Yuzwor
Joldrak MountainheartLaegla HillreaverTogur RockshoulderDotty Rockbrick
Karnuul QuicksilverFiriel SuncloakNuggar RingforgeDregur Earthboon
Velzor HornfangRuin StoneboneKalla OrcslayerTibia Mountaincall
  • Hilda – A name meaning “battle woman,” female dwarven warriors known for their unrelenting fighting style and fierceness can use this name.
  • Gunnhild – This name means “warrior maiden,” female dwarven fighters who excel in combat can be given this name.
  • Ingrid –This name means “hero’s daughter,” female dwarves with a strong sense of honor and duty can use this name.
  • Eirlys – A name meaning “snowflake,” female dwarves from colder climates can use this name.
  • Astrid – This name means “divinely beautiful,” female dwarves with exceptional physical beauty can use this name.
  • Gudrun – A name meaning “battle rune,” female dwarves with a talent for magic can be given this name.
  • Brynja – A name meaning “armor,” female dwarves who excel at defensive combat can be given this name.
  • Helga – A name meaning “holy,” female dwarves with a strong sense of religious devotion can use this name.

Funny Dwarf Names

You know what? There are funny dwarves too in the game Dungeons and Dragons. There are dwarves who think he is a giant who has a growth disorder! Yes, dwarves too can be funny. And it will be unfair to them if you do not give them a funny name.

I have given some funny names for the dwarves of the game Dungeons and Dragons. You are welcome to use them as you want.

Kromdren ThickbottomGrenthar PicklenoseKromdren ThickbottomNesrin Softhammer
Tishmera SleepyheadBramdek IronballGrenthar PicklenoseGymlynn Saladtosser
Torthiel StoneeaterGalkum KegstandGalkum KegstandEddelle Boarhead
Nesrin SofthammerHormek DrinkageHormek DrinkageRunglia Gnomefoot
Gymlynn SaladtosserGrengrun BentforkGrengrun BentforkRynma Smugblood
Eddelle BoarheadGaliggs HalfpintTorthiel StoneeaterBralleselle Hornbelly
Bardora LastfrontGernis BafflefaceTishmera SleepyheadLessnera Marthohak
Gruzzon ShortpantsGruzzon ShortpantsGernis BafflefaceDeartyn Brawnward
  • Bjarn Beardaxe – A dwarf who values his beard more than his axe can use this name.
  • Fjorgyn Beardweaver – A dwarf with a long and intricate beard spending time weaving it.
  • Gunnar Ironbeard – A dwarf with a strong beard like iron.
  • Haldor Beardmaster – A dwarf who has perfected the art of beard grooming.

The Final Words

So, now you have 50+ dwarf names for your dwarf character in the game Dungeons and Dragons like Sik Thunderbird, Klag Udgson, Gern Klagdor, Gunther Koboldslayer, etc. Feel free to use these names in your game anytime, any day! All the best! Happy gaming!

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