Quickly Steps To Fix Diablo 4 Code 316719 ( Updated 2023 )

While playing the Blizzard RPG game, many players encountered Diablo 4 code 316719. Error code 316719 is a beta error.

To fix Diablo 4 code 316719, you may try the following troubleshooting methods.

  • Verify the server status of Diablo 4. 
  • Have a stable and strong network connection.
  • Restart the game Diablo 4.
  • Restart your device.
  • Turn off the VPN services. 

The moment the error code 316719 shows up, players are randomly booted to the main menu of the game. Also, they are unable to play the game again. More precisely, this error leaves the players stuck in the queue once again. That is why, error codes such as 316719 are considered extremely frustrating.

This article discusses everything about the Diablo 4 error code 316719 including the causes and fixes. So, keep reading. 

Causes Of Diablo 4 Code 316719?

As mentioned earlier, Diablo 4 error code 316719 is a problem that does not let players play the game and kicks them out of the game at the same time. Diablo 4 code 316719 is an error that can be triggered when players level up in Diablo 4.  

When players have reached the levels like two or three, error code 316719 can show up on the screen. Thus, it forces players to stand in the queue again. The time for standing in the queue can range from two to 105 minutes. 

Now, there are some general causes of Diablo 4 code 316719. Here they are-

  • Diablo 4 error code 316719 can be caused by an influx of players in the game server. Thousands of people try to log in to the game at the same time every day. This can bring multiple error codes on Diablo 4. One of them is error code 316719. 
  • A poor internet connection can also be a reason for Diablo 4 code 316719. 
  • If there is any glitch in the game, it will cause the error code 316719 on Diablo 4. 

However, let me inform you that developers are still in doubt whether it is a server-side or client-side issue. Meanwhile, you can try some troubleshooting methods to fix the issue at hand. In most cases, if you restart the game, it will solve the network-related issues. 

Fixes For Error Code 316719 In Diablo 4

So, here I present some possible troubleshooting methods that can help players solve the error code 316719. 


Verify The Server Status Of Diablo 4

If you want to know the server status of Diablo 4, you have to go to the official Twitter Page of Diablo 4. You will see a Tweet if something wrong happens to the game server. If you wait for some time in the game queue to subside and try again to join, the error code 316719 can be resolved.

Have A Stable And Strong Internet Connection

If the network connection is poor, players can encounter this issue. So, I recommend having a stable and strong network connection while playing the game. 

Restart The Game Diablo 4

As I have said earlier, restarting the game will solve many glitches including many error codes such as 316719. Close the game Diablo 4 first. Sit back for 2 to 3 minutes. Launch the game again.

Restart Your Device

If restarting the game won’t solve the Diablo 4 error code 316719, you can try restarting your device and solve the error code. Close all your apps on your device. Choose the Restart button from the Windows menu. This will restart or reboot your device.  

Turn Off VPN

Here is how you will be able to turn off your VPN services so that they can’t prevent you to join the game server.

  • Open Settings first.
  • Move to the option ‘Network and Internet’.
  • Click on VPN that you will see in the left menu bar.
  • Click on the VPN service that you wish to turn off.
  • Choose the ‘Disconnect button. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why can\’t I connect to Diablo 4?
Ans. If you are unable to connect to Diablo 4, there may be some issues in your network configuration settings and with your firewall. You should go to the network configuration settings to see whether there is any problem with the firewall. In case you are utilizing the VPN services, try disabling it. You can also check the port settings of your device to connect to Diablo properly. 

Q2. How do you flush DNS in Diablo 4?
Ans. Flushing the DNS cache will solve many glitches and error codes such as 30008 or 316719. So, here is how you will be able to flush DNS in Diablo 4.

  • Go to the Windows button and click on it.
  • Write the following: Command Prompt.
  • When the window shows up, select the ‘Run as Administrator option.
  • Choose ‘yes’ if you are asked to allow Command Prompt to make adjustments in your device.
  • When you see a new black screen, write the following: ipconfig /flushdns. Hit enter.
  • Write ipconfig /registerdns. Hit enter. 
  • Write ipconfig /release. Hit enter.
  • Write ipconfig/ renew. Hit enter. 
  • Write netsh winsock reset. Hit enter.
  • Once finished, reboot your device. 

Q3. What is the Diablo 4 issue on Sony?
Ans. There is a licensing issue in Diablo 4 on Sony. Players may face error messages and they indicate that Diablo 4 has issues with the validation of licenses. Thus players are prevented from accessing the game so Sony.  

Final Thoughts

Therefore, these are the possible causes and troubleshooting methods for Diablo 4 error code 316719. But, I have already told you that the developers of Diablo 4 are still confused about the actual cause and definite fixes for this error. We can hope that soon they will figure out something and we don’t have to face the error code 316719 again. 

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