Destiny 2 Mysterious Datapad

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We play so many video games and yet we always come up with some new questions regarding them.

So many things that we don’t know or haven’t discovered yet about the game, when they come up, we usually get stuck there and often lose the game.

How frustrating is that! Specially for a gamer like you, reader.

Yes, we understand your pain and which is why we thought of coming up with a few important answers for you on ‘destiny 2 mysterious datapad.’

Excited to grab some more knowledge on your favourite game? Then take a seat and come along with us!

Here’s your list of contents for the day. Have a look at all what you are going to learn about the game called destiny 2.

  • What does the mysterious Datapad give you?
  • How do you solve the mysterious Datapad riddle in Destiny 2?
  • How do I get the quest for mysterious Datapad?
  • Mysterious datapad reward


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The Mysterious Gaming

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Let’s start our journey towards knowing this game from mysterious datapad quest.

Completely a newbie to the game? Don’t know how to play it or begin with it at-least? Wondering How do I get the quest for mysterious Datapad?

It’s quite simple.

The quest is called ‘The Lost Souvenir’. After you open the Mysterious Box as part of the Izanagi\’s Burden questline and get a Mysterious Datapad, the quest will appear there in your log.

If you really have just started playing this game you also might not know What does the mysterious Datapad give you, right?


Here what it gives you.

As you know, mysterious datapad is a riddle in the game and solving this mysterious riddle gets you rewards.

The ‘obsidian dreams emblem’ is the mysterious datapad reward that you get after solving the riddle.

If you are thinking we are talking about any riddle, you are absolutely wrong.

It’s a special kind of gaming riddle and needs your utmost attention.

Well, the rewards look exciting and reminds us that we should move on to get some more information on this mysterious destiny game and also tell you how to solve the ultimate destiny 2 riddle.

Let’s go!

Journey towards Destiny 2

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Moving onto the next part of the game that includes destiny 2 mysterious datapad riddle. You know you have to solve a riddle to win the reward but what is the riddle all about?

What about the steps that will help you in knowing

How do you solve the mysterious Datapad riddle in Destiny 2?

Well, the information is unfolding for you so hold your breath and read below.

Here the piece of entire datapad riddle for you:

“Our fates are written on the fine parchment of time.

A never-ending cyclone of conflict and character,

We struggle to find times of stillness in the shrine of peace,

And watch for the next new dawn signaling tomorrow.

Our eyes drawn to the sky looking for the brightest constellation,

That we will shape the coming days with our own hands,

And the Black Armory will endure forever.”

After solving the riddle on the Mysterious Datapad, it will lead you to Niobe Labs.

But before you head there, make sure to bring along the Black Armory weapons that are mentioned below:

  • Hammerhead Machine Gun
  • Spiteful Fang Bow
  • Tatara Gaze Sniper Rifle

Once you have reached the Niobe labs with these weapons activate the lost souvenir mission with the help of the leaver that is under the central platform beside the box that starts the Niobe’s Torment puzzle.

Find it, pull it and start the mission, soldier!


So, the mission has finally begun? Then quickly start looking for the following symbols that must be scattered around in the room.

Also, don’t forget to shoot them with the correct Armory weapon that you have brought along with you.

  1. Missive with The Spiteful Fang bow
  2. Storm with Hammerhead heavy machine gun
  3. Shrine with Tatara Gaze sniper rifle
  4. Dawn with The Spiteful Fang bow
  5. Star with Hammerhead heavy machine gun
  6. Hand with Hammerhead heavy machine gun
  7. Black Armory with Tatara Gaze sniper rifle

After finishing the symbol task, kill or defeat the enemies and clear the room before leaving. Once you have successfully cleared out the taken it will lead you to the next step of the game.

And to complete this stage of the game, you need a forge Essence and to obtain this, you have to wear a full set of Black Armory Armor and three Black Armory weapons to complete Volundr, GofannonIzanami, and Bergusia Forges.

Once you’ve completed all four Forges, you will earn the Obsidian Dreams emblem and one Obsidian Accelerator that will mark your end and victory in the mission.

Also, in case you don’t know, you can trade these emblems with Ada-1 for Obsidian Radiance.

It can be used to modify your Black Armory weapons and slightly buff the damage they got in the Forges which looks like the mission was definitely worth it, isn’t it?


Well, we conclude that even though some people consider gaming as madness, there is still a method in it.

Yup, gaming requires method, passion and dedication and we know you have got them all in you.

And now, you also have the blueprint to solve the riddle.