Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. As it makes the day or breaks the day. 

According to dietarians, you should start your morning with a healthy meal.

But you don’t know the unique healthy breakfast recipes? So, we are here for you. 

It’s time to add some quick and healthy breakfast recipes to the list to satisfy your taste buds along with keeping yourself healthy.

In this article, we will know about the delicious porridge. 

Let’s get started. 


It is important to fuel your body with nutrients. And, if you are a working person, it becomes more important to stay healthy. In the morning you have to rush to the office and you don’t have time to make a long breakfast. 

Well, then this recipe is for you. And, this recipe will take a maximum of 15 minutes in the morning and after that, you can enjoy your tasty and healthy breakfast. 

Want to know the recipe for the delicious porridge? 


The recipe for the porridge is so easy and quick. But what are the items that will make your porridge amazing? 

The items that are included in the porridge is: 

  • Oats
  • Milk
  • Berries
  • Banana 
  • Chia seeds 

Now, let\’s know the recipe: 

  1. You have to take a bowl
  2. Add oats to the bowl
  3. After oats, add milk then, simply stir the oats 
  4. After stirring add some berries, banana, and chia seeds to make it healthier and tastier. 

Want to know the benefits of porridge and why we are adding berries, bananas, and chia seeds? 

Let’s know the benefits of porridge.


According to the dietarian, porridge has some amazing health benefits. 

  • Oats are rich in antioxidants and contain powerful soluble fiber which improves the digestion system. 
  • Chia seeds are high in Omega -3 Fatty Acids and contain high-quality protein.
  • Banana is a major source of vitamin C, manganese, potassium and helps in digestion and helps beat gastrointestinal issues.
  • The addition of berries is good for the skin and helps in fight inflammation and protect against cancer.
  • It is filling and helps you to lose weight


Q1. Is it OK to eat porridge every day?

Ans. Yes, it is ok to eat porridge every day because it contains oats and oats are rich in fiber. So, you can consume porridge every morning. 

Q2. Is porridge better with water or milk?

Ans. Porridge with water makes porridge less delicious and you are missing all the proteins and calcium that you will get from milk. 

Q3. Is it OK to have 2 bowls of porridge a day?

Ans. Yes, it is ok to have 2 bowls of porridge a day as it is rich in fiber and protein. 

Q4. Do oats with milk increase weight?

Ans. It is largely dependent that how is porridge is prepared. If you add peanut butter and chocolate it will lead to weight gain. 

Q5. Are oats and bananas good for weight loss?

Ans. Oats are very healthy as it is gluten-free and contains vitamins. It is said that it has some benefits and one of them is weight loss. 

To summarize

So, treat yourself to a tasty and healthy porridge. As it is vital to have a good and healthy breakfast. 

We hope you liked the benefits and recipe for porridge. See you next time with more exciting recipes and benefits.