Degrading Names To Tease Your Friends

Degrading Names: Recently I was at a party where we played this table game. We were paired into groups of 2 and given glass and plastic balls. The point was, whoever got to put a ball in the target first, was allowed to come up with a degrading name for the other person. I won the game, Yay! I named my friend \’Bean Bag\’. 

To add icing to the cake, the name was written on a piece of paper and stuck to the T-shirt of my friend. It was a bit insulting for him but good for me, as I dodged a bullet. For the rest of the party, he was called that name. Now we call him \’Bean\’ on occasion, lol. 

Degrading names can be a tad humiliating, but when used among friends to poke fun, it is harmless. If you are looking for a degrading pet name for your friend, here is a selection of the most fun name you will ever find on the internet. 

Cool Degrading Names

The names you come up with can be catchy, degrading, fun, and cool. It can be both funny and cool at the same time. For instance, if your friend is a bad athlete but never stops stying, you can name him \’Sisyphean Scrub\’.  

No matter for what purpose you are searching for a degrading name, you will find the coolest ones below. 


Catchy Degrading Names


Coming up to win any degrading nickname isn\’t tough. But if you want to embarrass your friend in the group, you should make the name catchy. 

Catchy nicknames are picked up quickly by people. If you come up with a really catchy degrading name for your friend, it can be more popular than their first name. 

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Don\’t believe me? Think of a friend you want to name and pick a catchy name from the below table.

Start scrolling to see the catchiest names. 

Toss bagDaze

Best Degrading Names

Degrading names are usually picked without thinking too much. Generally, t

here isn\’t much consideration attached to coming up with a degrading nickname. 

Have a short friend? He turns \’Shortie\’ over the years. Have a bulky friend? He/she is often called \’Elle\’ or \’pumpkin\’.  
The best degrading names are ones that suit your friend\’s physical or mental description.

Check out the best of the best Degrading nicknames you can find online and choose the one that suits your friend the most. 

JerkLunk head

Creative Degrading Names


We aren\’t always searching for degrading names for friends. Sometimes it\’s for a crush. You want to nickname a boy or girl you like but who is rude to you. These pet names come in handy when you want to send your group a message without the whole school knowing who you are talking about. 

With names of secret crushes, you can get creative and come up with a slightly degrading yet fun name. If you not yet know what to call your secret crush, here is a list of creative names just for you. 

PudMother FuckerPud

Funny Degrading Names

Poking and teasing best friends can be outright hilarious. You can give them fun, degrading names without thinking too much about what they would think. This is because the bond is just that strong. 

A degrading yet funny name for your best friend can be just what makes your bond stronger. Who knows that your best friend will not have a comeback with an even funnier degrading pet name for you? 

Air HeadChicken Choker

Amazing Degrading Names


Choosing a degrading nickname for your friend can be fun. If you come up with an amazing pet name that is a tad degrading, it can have just the right spark. 

These degrading names are slightly insulting, creative, and catchy. Here are some of the most amazing degrading names to tease and poke fun at your friend. 


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