Cricket Tournaments: General List and Features for Betting

Cricket as a sport originated in the 16th century in the south of England. The match itself involves a competition between two teams, each represented by eleven athletes. Cricket matches can be played according to one of the common formats. There are currently two main types: first-tier cricket and limited overs cricket. The general list of tournaments for betting on cricket is as follows:

  • T20 tournaments;
  • Indian Premier League;
  • Test matches;
  • One-Day matches.

The game is played on an ellipse-shaped grass pitch. In the centre of the pitch is a rectangular ground called the pitch. There are wooden wickets at the ends of the pitch. The playing areas at the ends of the pitch are separated from its main space by special strips, crises.

T20 tournaments

This type of tournament is a form of limited overs cricket. In fact, here the duration of the match is not determined by a time limit, but by a set number of pitches. This tournament lasts for one day and also includes two innings. In one innings, a team pitches 20 overs (each over includes six pitches). Each team pitches in turn, one after the other. As a rule, players spend no more than 3 hours on the field. The fast pace of Twenty20 tournaments has made this format popular at the national championship level.

Indian Premier League

Such a tournament is also known as Vivo Indian Premier League, for that is the name of the sponsor. The IPL founded the Board of Control for Cricket in India. The initiator is Lalita Modi. The competition is organised in April and May every year by eight teams. IPL is the most attended cricket league in the world, while ranking sixth among all sports leagues in the world. Each team plays each other twice in a round-robin system: they play one match each home and away. At the end of the round-robin stage, the top four teams advance to the playoffs. The two teams with the best results play against each other in the first qualifying match. Whoever wins this match goes to the final, while the loser gets another chance by playing in the second qualification game.

Test matches

This type is a special match play format, one of the three main formats. These tournaments limit the duration of a match by time, not by number of serves. Test cricket is the oldest form of international competition in the sport. Matches of this kind can only be played between full members of the International Cricket Council. It currently has twelve teams of this level. A match can only be recognised as a Test match by representatives of the board. Test match participants compete over four innings, with one team batting in two of the innings and the other team batting in the other two innings.

One-Day matches

The full name is One Day International. ODI is a form of limited overs cricket. Here the duration of a match is not determined by a time limit but by a set number of pitches. An ODI match can also be terminated due to running out of time. For example, it could be bad weather or injuries to team members. In general, an ODI match may end with a win for one of the teams, a tie by injuries (tie-tie) or no result.

What is the right way to bet on a cricket tournament?

Literally any user can place bets. The main thing is to have an account created and verified. Otherwise, you can refer to the following instructions for help:

  1. Open the website or mobile app of your chosen company;
  2. Log in to your gaming profile;
  3. Make a deposit;
  4. Go to the sports betting section;
  5. Select cricket and then decide on the tournament;
  6. Place a bet, specifying its type, size and odds;
  7. Confirm the action and wait for the tournament to end to find out the result.


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