Crafting Fun: The Best Sticker Crafts You Need to Try

Stickers are a great, versatile way to add personality and decoration to almost any object. With thousands of options and categories of stickers to choose from, they are the perfect embellishment for anyone.

However, you didn\’t buy stickers just to look at them on the sheet. Hoarding stickers and being unsure of ways to use them can be overwhelming!

If you\’re looking for fun ways to use your stickers, but aren\’t sure where to start, keep reading for some of the best sticker crafts!


One of the most popular and versatile ways to use up stickers is through journaling! As journaling grows in popularity, more and more stickers are being released to fit every type of journal.

Whether you\’re creating a bullet journal to plan out your days, weeks, and months, or you want to create an art journal, adding stickers is a great way to spice up pages. 

You can specifically add planner stickers to a dot-grid bullet journal or, if you\’re looking to be extra creative, you can even make your own stickers. When it comes to decorating your personal journals with stickers, there are no limits. 


Adding stickers to shirts and tote bags is one of the best ways to easily personalize your closet. Try to look for waterproof stickers, as they will hold up the best in the washing machine.

Need a shirt for spirit week or Halloween? Stickers are the way to go! Similarly, if you want to transform an old tee-shirt, adding fun, trendy stickers and decals is an easy way to upgrade your wardrobe.

From adding letters to spell out your name for a jersey-inspired shirt to creating a custom logo for your backpack, the options for adding stickers to clothes are endless.


If you\’re looking to change up your plain old manicure, add stickers to your nails! Cute stickers can complement a pastel mani while adding stars to black polish can create a custom cosmic look.

You can easily place any small stickers on your nails or cut them to size. This is a great way to get cute nail art without the frustration of trying to paint tiny designs by hand.


If you\’re looking for fun ways to teach your little one different topics, stickers are a great way to provide hands-on activities!

From creating storybooks to learning colors, using stickers is an easy way to get your child learning and playing at the same time. 

One idea to create art through stickers is to encourage your child to \”color\” with stickers by placing groups of the same color sticker next to each other to form an image. You can even draw basic shapes to help guide them.

Get Creative With These Sticker Crafts

Don\’t let your sticker collection go to waste! Break out your crafting tools and get to work putting your stickers to good use.

One of the best ways to personalize any object is with stickers you created on your own. Whether you draw them by hand or create them digitally, there are so many different sticker crafts you can choose from.

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