Contra Returns Mobile Game May Be Getting a Worldwide Release

If you have played 90s games, then you will be familiar with one of the most popular shooting games named Contra. Today, technology has changed the entire world, and due to its evolution, this super famous game is coming to smartphones in a few countries. Contra Returns is a new mobile game that has been adapted from the original Contra. Continue scrolling, to find more about this new iconic game.

Contra Returns soon to launch worldwide

Recently, TiMi Studios, who are Contra developers, gave a clue about a possible worldwide launch of Contra Returns. They also took it to their Twitter stated that they are looking forward to releasing it in every part of the country. They want to provide the best features and animations for gamers.


So they added a short survey link for the fans to help them to make the game one of the best in the world. The survey will surely help the developers to learn what kind of device it will be played, and where it has to improve to meet the needs of the global audience.

The survey contains 8 questions which ask the gamers to choose the games they have played before. They have to pick one or more games from the list of 20 plus games. It seems like the game developers are planning for better device suitability for the forthcoming version of Contra Returns. However, the game is currently unavailable on Apple App Store and Google Play Store in India.

In the initial launch of Contra Returns, it became successful in countries where it was released. Now, the developers are planning to release the game all over the world and gain more popularity. They are all set to take the international gaming market by storm by the worldwide launch.

Sadly, we have no idea when the company is planning to launch the game in the country. If it releases the game in India, it will surely gain more fame because they have a large young population. Plus, there is a huge craze for such games among this generation. Also, some of the Indian gamers were even hooked to the arcade version of the game.

More details about Contra ReturnsĀ 

Contra Returns was first released on June 6, 2017, in China. Followed by the release, it launched to Taiwan in 2018. Later on, it released in the English version in other Southeast Asian countries. The game has become a massive hit on smartphones in these countries. The new game has similar gameplay as the original game. The game is named as Garena Contra Returns on the Google Play store worldwide except in India.

When will TiMi Studios launch the game in different countries?

TiMi Studios hasn\’t disclosed the release date of Contra Returns yet. Also, they haven\’t shared the list of regions it will be released in the future. But we are sure that the possible launch will happen before the end of 2020. We will have to keep an eye on their Twitter to find out more updates about the game. Also, come back soon to our website to read more articles related to games.