Bone Tickling Fun: Clown Names

My daughters\’ school has organized a cultural function next week. For that function, my younger daughter, Ezma, and my elder daughter, Raisa, are going to dress up as clowns for a play. So, I was looking for a few interesting and cool names of clowns that can be given to my daughters based on their performed acrobats and stunts. While researching this topic on the internet, I came across a few clown names such as Cornflake, Grubby, Lala, Bluster, and Juicy. Among these names, I liked the names Cornflake and Juicy most.

In fact, my siblings and I would dress up as clowns for the school plays and other fancy dress gigs. Though originally clowns are popular for their theatrics in a circus, a trend began in my childhood when clowns came to entertain kids at birthday parties. Of course, my parents had set up such a gig for me and I was ecstatic!

My fascination with clowns got to me know more about them. I remember discussing the topic with my friends at school and with my siblings at home. As I grew up, I started using the internet to feed my curiosity. It was then I learned that clowns were given different names according to the stunts and acrobatics they did, making them more popular among kids. 

Clowns are still kids\’ favorite and much has not changed in terms of their popularity. However, now they are seen frequently in movies web series, and private shows. Of course, clown appearance in horror movies is disturbing for many. 

The subject of clowns is fascinating, and after years of learning about them, I decided to write a book about a clown\’s life. While all was going as planned, I faced some tricky issues while deciding the name for my protagonist and the supporting characters. 

Since a clown\’s name contributes a lot to its popularity it was crucial to come up with a popping name! During my search for collecting the perfect clown names, I found a few amazing ones that you might use while naming your clown character in games or shows. 

So let\’s begin. 

Funny Clown Names


I will begin with the funny clown names since clowns were the original comedians and their acts were always hilarious! 


Evil Clown Names

Clowns are no more associated with only comedy anymore, especially since horror movies have been made on them. So if you are looking for evil clown names for your character in your book, play, or game, these names will come in handy. 

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Clown Names For Boys


While coming up with clown names for boys you will have to select a name that is funny and creative. If you struggling to find an ideal name for your character, here are a few options. 

PierrotErnie Patches
KnickKnack GlitterbugShalimar 

Clown Names For Girls

Now, coming up with clown names for girls is especially tricky since not many clowns are female. This was one of the challenges I faced while writing my book. Nonetheless, there are a few name options you can explore. 

Ah-ChooCupcake Daffy 
Buttercup DaisyGiggles
Calamity.DimpleHarley Quinn
Coco SmeraldinaBinky

Creative Clown Names


While brain-racking for clown names, your creativity might take a back seat. To ensures that does not happen, here are a few creative clown names that you will enjoy using.

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Baggy BritchesCalamity
CaseyBam Bam

Famous Clown Names

Though many of us may not know some famous clowns became the inspiration for many clown games. 

GrockThe Joker
KrustyLou Jacob

Scary Clown Names Ideas


Finally, if you want your audience to get nightmares for your clown character, here are a few name options you can explore. 


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