Choosing the Right ESV Bible for Beginners

When going to church or attending a bible seminar, it is a must to bring a bible at all times. You would bring the old bible that your grandparents gave you when you were young. The bible might look too worn out to be presentable, which is why you need to buy a newer one that you 

can bring anywhere. 

If you are looking for ESV bibles, you need to know what you are looking for because there are different variations. You might think that looking for an ESV bible is easy. That is where you are wrong because some look identical if you do not have enough knowledge about the bibles. You can follow the tips on how to choose an ESV bible for the right use. 

1. Text Bibles

The first type of ESV bible you need to know about is text bibles. They are your usual bible that features words from Scriptures without any notes or added commentary into them. It is the most common bible that you will see in churches, spiritual meets, or bible studies. You can choose the text bible in a wide margin, large print, or double column, depending on what will suit your needs. 

2. Study Bibles

If you want to get a bible that leans more towards the educational side, you can always choose study bibles. It is another type of ESV bible that provides illustrations and supplementary content. Some key features you can find with a study bible are maps, articles, book introductions, and study notes that can help you understand the meaning and context of the Scripture. 

Usually, young adults and above would prefer study bibles since it gives them more information and visual presentation that helps improve their Scripture knowledge. 

3. The Reader\’s Bible

If you simply want to sit on your study chair, relax, and enjoy reading the word of God, you have the option to choose the reader\’s bible. It is designed to extend your time in God\’s Word, meaning that it will be easier to read and not confusing. They are optimised to make it easy to read for many since many verse numbers and chapters are removed. 

The reader\’s bible also has larger texts to make it more readable from a distance. Besides the large texts, the book also has thicker paper to make it last longer with the reader since they will be flipping through the pages most of the time. 

4. Kids Bibles

If you have children at home that you want to be involved with the Word of God more, then the kids\’ bibles are the best option. They feature child-friendly illustrations, and all of the texts are translated to make them understandable for children. It also comes in different styles, such as a hardbound book or a printed cover. 

Young children will love reading kids\’ bibles because they are also full of beautiful pictures that help them visualise what it was like during the time of Jesus and His great works. It will make them want to read more about God\’s Word, which will help them transition to studying or Scripture bibles in the long run. 
Since you now know the different variants of ESV bibles, it should not be a problem anymore to look for the right one. Whether you give it to your friend or family member as a gift or for yourself, keep in mind the different types.